switch bh


I’ve heard snippets of the role switcharoos happening between the characters, especially between Flug && Black Hat so here’s my ideas for Alt!Black Hat:
Alt!Black Hat is obviously a Dr Flug version.

• He creates eldritch horrors / monsters for evil villains to use, rather than inventions

• These monsters are bloody cool; sharp teeth, super strength, all that jazz that he could come up with – but they either end up acting like 505, undisciplined, or that BH just wants to keep them instead of selling ‘em

• He has the same aesthetic as original Black Hat but he just wears a black labcoat and a red shirt with a picture of a top hat torn in half (editable, just a spur of a moment thing i came up with)

• The evilest thing he could probably think of would be fizzy drinks or those popping candy things

• He puts sketches of his monsters around his laboratory (?) and his most favourite ones he takes selfies with


Katelyn- BHS-BHS-Layout 1/1, Switch Ring + Beat Jump, BHS-LOSO-Full Twist Dismount
Madison- Front Aerial + Sheep Jump, Side Aerial, Double Twist Dismount
Peng Peng- 3 Flying Flairs, BHS-Back Pike, Double Turn + Beat Jump

@ russian gymnastics coaching staff, here’s a beam routine for angelina melnikova!!

double wolf turn (D)
switch leap ©
front aerial+split+straddle (D +0.2)
side somi (D)
front tuck (D)
split ring jump (D)
L turn+turn (C +0.1)
ro+double pike (E)

only 5.4 D, but she can do pretty much all the skills deduction-free!! imagine that!!