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I’ve heard snippets of the role switcharoos happening between the characters, especially between Flug && Black Hat so here’s my ideas for Alt!Black Hat:
Alt!Black Hat is obviously a Dr Flug version.

• He creates eldritch horrors / monsters for evil villains to use, rather than inventions

• These monsters are bloody cool; sharp teeth, super strength, all that jazz that he could come up with – but they either end up acting like 505, undisciplined, or that BH just wants to keep them instead of selling ‘em

• He has the same aesthetic as original Black Hat but he just wears a black labcoat and a red shirt with a picture of a top hat torn in half (editable, just a spur of a moment thing i came up with)

• The evilest thing he could probably think of would be fizzy drinks or those popping candy things

• He puts sketches of his monsters around his laboratory (?) and his most favourite ones he takes selfies with

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I just finished BV2 episode 1! I am total Jikook trash (Proud jikook trash). I noticed at the end when they were eating ice cream (~44:30), Suga sat next to Tae, & JK went to go sit in the seat next to JM. Then it cuts to the next scene, JK & Suga were switched with JK next to Tae & Suga next to JM. Am I the only one that finds that sketch? Maybe it was a t/kook & yoon/min thing where they wanted to switch? or maybe BH made them switch... Or maybe i'm reading too much into it haha WDYT?

i noticed that too! when i first watched the ep i focused on jk’s movements and as jikook trash myself i smiled proudly when i saw that he seemed like he didn’t know where to sit at first but then went next to jm.. and then something happened and suddently they weren’t next to each other anymore smh.

but tbh since we’ll never know why they did that i wouldn’t worry too much about it. i mean, they basically sat next to each other pretty much everywhere else lmao

So I was bored and decided to calculate Cata’s potential D-score with all the upgrades she’s been training (i compiled them all here). Obviously we don’t know if she’ll compete all of the upgrades but if she does:

Roundoff layout mount (F)

BHS (B) + LOSOS © + LOSO © cv = 0.2

Switch ring leap (E)

Wolf jump (A) + Sissone (A)

1/1 Turn (A)

Switch leap © + BHS step out 1/1 (D) + Stretch Jump 1/1 © cv = 0.3

Aerial walkover (D) + Split leap (B) + Omelianchik (D) cv = 0.3

Onodi (D) + Ring leap (D) cv = 0.2

Roundoff (B) + Full-in (G) cv = 0.2

F + D + G + E + C + D + D + D = 3.7

CV = 1.2

Total: 6.9

Again, who knows if she’ll compete all the upgrades (plus I may have messed something up because I tend to do that with the code lolol) but if she does that’s huge!

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Why is your dscore for Onyshko wrong?

For her beam? Do you want to full details of how I got to that scores?

Okay, here we go. This is the routine I checked:

And these are her skills:
BHS (B) + back tuck ©
Y turn © + switch leap © + side aerial (D) + split jump full (D)
split jump (B) + wolf jump (A)
front aerial (D) + switch half (D) + split ring jump (D)
switch ring (E)
BHS (B) + BHS (B) + layout (A)

Now, she is obviously planning on upgrading that dismount and she usually does a double tuck, so I assumed that would be her dismount in Montreal. Also, she has been doing the BHS to tuck full (F) for ages so I guess that is also a very likely upgrade.

So in terms of skills we have:
acro: FDDD + dance: EDDD making a total of 3.5

In connections we also have a ton of points:
BHS (B) + tuck full (F) = 0.2CV
Y turn © + switch leap © + side aerial (D) + split jump full (D) = 0.1SB + 0.4CV
front aerial (D) + switch half (D) + split ring jump (D) = 0.1SB + 0.4CV
BHS (B) + BHS (B) + double tuck (D) = 0.1SB
making a total of 1.3

Now if we add together 3.5 (skills) + 1.3 (CV) + 2.0 (requirements) = 6.8

Are we clear now? Yes, she may miss a connection or two but this is her POTENTIAL SCORE! If she has the routine of her life and hits everything, she could realistically reach that 6.8


Katelyn- BHS-BHS-Layout 1/1, Switch Ring + Beat Jump, BHS-LOSO-Full Twist Dismount
Madison- Front Aerial + Sheep Jump, Side Aerial, Double Twist Dismount
Peng Peng- 3 Flying Flairs, BHS-Back Pike, Double Turn + Beat Jump

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Hey could you calculate the D Score for this beam routine? Onodi Mount. Switch ring. Split jump+ split ring. Bhs+Loso. Switch half+ rulfova. Double turn. Ro+ triple twist. And floor: Memmel+double turn+ stag ring (my dream turn combo!). Whip+whip+ triple twist. Gomez+ illusion. Double back. Switch ring 1/1 (Ferrari leap I think?). 2.5 + front full. Thanks!

Onodi Mount(F)

Switch Ring(E)

Split jump(B)+Split Ring(D)


Switch ½(D) + Rufolva(D) +0.2CV

Double turn(D)

Ro(B)+Triple twist(F) +0.2CV

Dance - EDDD = 1.7

Acro - FFDC = 1.9

CV = 0.4

D-score = 6.0

*The Ferrari is actually a split 1/1 to ring, not a switch 1/1 to ring. A switch 1/1 to ring has never been done (to my knowledge). It would probably get an E rating, but I just went with the Ferrari here, which is a D, since the other hasn’t been performed before.

**Also, you need to connect two leaps to fulfill a composition requirement, so I added a regular split 1/1 since someone who can do a Ferrari can almost certainly do a split 1/1 as well

Memmel(D)+Double turn(B)+stag ring(B) +0.1CV

Whip(A)+Whip(A)+Triple twist(E) +0.2CV

Gomez(E)+Illusion(B) +0.1CV

Double back(D)

Split leap 1/1© + Ferrari(D)

2.5 twist(D)+front full© +0.2CV

Dance - EDD = 1.3

Acro - EDDC = 1.6

CV = 0.6

D-score = 5.5

@ russian gymnastics coaching staff, here’s a beam routine for angelina melnikova!!

double wolf turn (D)
switch leap ©
front aerial+split+straddle (D +0.2)
side somi (D)
front tuck (D)
split ring jump (D)
L turn+turn (C +0.1)
ro+double pike (E)

only 5.4 D, but she can do pretty much all the skills deduction-free!! imagine that!!

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Beam Start Value please... Free Walkover + Standing Front Tuck + Stag Jump, Flick Flack + Full Twisting Tuck Back Somi, Tour Jete Half, Full Twisting Straddled Split Jump, Full Turn, Free Cartwheel + Full Twisting Korbut Swing Down, Split Jump + Sissone + Switch Ring Leap, Back Handspring + Flick Flac + Double Twisting Laid Out Salto Dismount.

Free walkover(D)+Front Tuck(D)+Stag Jump(A)* +0.2CV

Flick(B)+Back tuck 1/1(F) +0.2CV

Tour Jete ½(E) 

Straddle Jump 1/1(D)

Full turn(A)

Free cartwheel(D)+Rufolva(D) +0.2 CV

Split jump(B)+sissone(A)+switch ring(E)*

bhs(B)+bhs(B)+Double twist© +0.1SB 

Acro - DDFDDC = FDDDC = 2.0

Dance - EED = 1.4

CV - 0.7

D-score = 6.1

The connections with an asterisk could be easily rearranged for more bonus. For example, replacing the stag jump in the the free walkover to front tuck to stag jump connection with a B-level jump would give you an extra .2. For example, Free walkover(D)+front tuck(D)+ring jump(B) is 0.4 in CV. Also, switch ring+split jump+straddle jump would get you .1. So, the following routine would be worth 6.4:

Free walkover(D)+Front Tuck(D)+Ring Jump(B) +0.4CV

Flick(B)+Back tuck 1/1(F) +0.2CV

Tour Jete ½(E)

Straddle Jump 1/1(D)

Full turn(A)

Free cartwheel(D)+Rufolva(D) +0.2 CV

Switch ring(E)+split jump(B)+straddle jump(B) +0.1SB

bhs(B)+bhs(B)+Double twist© +0.1SB