switch back lip

“C’mon, bud! You said you wanted to be in a threesome with us.” Dirk stated as he let his hands linger to their guest’s ass with a slight growl. “Yeah, I did! But not as a piece of rubber around your dick, man…” Brian stated as he tried to talk himself out of the idea of being transformed into the couple’s condom. Dirk’s partner, Ivan, walked through the bedroom door barely clothed as he rubbed Brian’s shoulder with a firm hand, kissing and nibbling on his ear. A small “You’ll be okay, dude. Just trust us this one time and you’ll get to have an actual threesome with us right after we switch you back.” escaped his lips. All while Dirk continued to squeeze Brian’s rear with a strong hand as he kissed and sucked on his neck with soft hums. Brian, being the youngest of the three by far, melted as the two older men teased and toyed with him. Letting out a slight sigh, Brian looked up into Dirk’s eyes and nodded “Just this one time.”

Dirk gave Brian’s ass one last squeeze before shutting his eyes and rubbing the necklace hanging around his broad neck, continuing that same humming as a weird feeling came over Brian. It happened in an instant but it felt like forever as his form quickly constricted into a small rubber condom with a plastic covering around his new form. Brian was conscious but he didn’t feel right, though went he felt the need to stop he had no way of telling that to the man holding him. Dirk tore Brian’s wrapper open with his teeth before slowly pulling out the slick red condom, letting the wrapper fall to his feet as he looked over what was once an eager college student. “Man, they always look better like this.” He said with a chuckle before he began stripping down to nothing and slowly rolled the condom over his thick cock. Brian’s body was stretching as the slick lube only made his pleasure intensify as he was rolled down to the base of Dirk’s shaft.

Brian was shivering with pleasure as Ivan began sucking and nibbling at his rubber flesh before he slowly entered the massive man’s warm hole. Slow thrusts at first but Dirk picked up the pace. Faster and faster for what seemed like hours of agonizing pleasure, Dirk pounded away inside of Ivan before he let out a low grunt “Fuck, I’m gonna shoot!” He said as he pulled out of Ivan and began jacking his cock furiously. Just as he shot his load, the condom ripped and tore in half, letting the thick cum fall on his lover’s hairy back before Dirk raised a brow while a chuckle escaped with a deep exhale, trying to catch his breath. “Fuck, I thought he was tougher than that.” The man said as he rolled the condom off his cock and, with a shrug, threw what was once Brian in the trash before joining his partner back in bed. All that was left of Brian laid there broken and soaked in cum, doomed.