switch  [Theme 62]

in which i tried to do a combo fansite style/container theme… this is what i came up with O_O


Features - —

  • 350px wide posts 
  • centered container theme
  • left or right aligned info bar
  • description + additional/more info section in info bar - unlimited text ( auto scroll )
  • optional hover tags
  • optional show/hide captions
  • optional side banners ( left banner, right banner or both ) 
  • side banner images are 80px wide by 440px high
  • sidebar title images are 180px wide by 20px high
  • permalink image is 350px wide by 20px high
  • background image is centered on theme ( included as example template )
  • customisable colours
  • up to 5 additional links

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3
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*please make sure to view all available options in the basic editor!