Zain’s - Fruit Loops Inspired - Overnight Oats

Ok I’ll admit it, as a kid, I had a minor obsession with Fruit Loops, yep, Fruit Loops.  Saturday morning was all about brand new episodes of Jem and the Holograms and Fruit Loops with 2% milk in my favourite plastic Wonder Woman bowl.

What didn’t kill me made me stronger I suppose.  Once, recently, I was at a friend’s place and low and behold, on top of the fridge, there he was…Tucan Sam himself, smiling his creepy smile at me.  I just HAD to try one…and then spit one out.

Gross! Luckily, my palate has since developed and I wanted to bring you guys MY version of HEALTHY Fruit Loops minus the 30+ grams of sugar, food colouring and digestive tract clogging starches.

Overnight oats are the holy grail when it comes to clean eating breakfast options on the go! 

I made this recipe in honour of one of a new friend who has recently fallen in love with my signature SWISS SUMMER OATS RECIPES and enjoys fruit of all kinds!

*Veganize this recipe like I do with Dairy-Free Yogurt and Stevia! 


½ Cup Slow Cook Oats

1/3 Cup Unsweetened Milk of Your Choice (I use homemade unsweetened almond milk, you may choose to use skim, brown rice, soy)

¼ Heaping Cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt OR Coconut Yogurt

11/2 Tsp Chia Seeds OR Hemp Seeds

fruit of your choice I like: 

¼ Cup Strawberries (sliced), 1/8 Cup Blueberries, 1/8 Cup Raspberries

¼ Apricot Sliced, ¼ Banana Sliced, ½ Kiwi Sliced

½ Tbsp Unsweetened Fruit Jam of Your Choice (I use Raspberry)

½ Tbsp Coconut Butter (Optional but amazing)

½ Scoop SUNWARRIOR VANILLA OR protein of your choice (Optional)

5-7 Drops Liquid Stevia (I use Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme Flavour) OR Sweetener of Your Choice (Honey, Agave, Stevia Powder etc.)


1. Using a half pint glass jar or mason jar, combine oats, milk of your choice, yogurt of your choice, seeds of your choice, protein powder if you wish and sweetener of your choice, cover and shake vigorously

2. Add coconut butter, fruit jam and stir until mixed well

3. Refrigerate overnight and serve the next morning chilled, topped with fruit of your choice.