I just realised it’s been about 25 years since watching MacGyver made me study physics, chemistry, and maths at first high school and then Uni…

…and I STILL haven’t had the chance to prevent a nuclear meltdown with nothing but a paperclip and some gum.  I feel kinda disappointed, like science catfished me  ;)

On the bright side, where there’s life there’s still hope?!  ;)

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Muser Tag

I was tagged by mapofyourhead99 ❤️ thank you!

1. When did you become a Muser?
Some time in 2009. Before The Resistance came out because I remember waiting to buy the album on the release date.

2. How did you hear about Muse?
I was watching late night TV (Rage), and they were having a summer special & Sunburn by Muse came on and I loved it so I started listening to them on YouTube and I saw HAARP footage and fell inlove instantly. The rest is history.

3. Do you know any other IRL Musers?
Yes, I know a lotttt of people. Most of my current friends/people I talk to most are Musers/met them irl from concerts & I’ve met a lot of Musers irl from Tumblr. Ily all.

4. Favourite Muse song?
This is really hard. It was Sunburn for years since it was my first Muse song. I feel like recently it’s Fury.

5. Favourite Muse album?
It’s difficult for me to decide between Origin of Symmetry and Absolution. They’re both perfect. I feel like I enjoy Absolution as a whole album but OoS songs more individually idk.

6. (For some reason not here)

7. Fave bands/artists besides Muse?
Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, Jeff Buckley, QOTSA idk idk I love music so much. There are too many bands!

8. Been to any Muse concerts?
Yesss only 5 though. 3 in Australia & 2 in the USA.

9. Any Muse merch?
LOL. Let’s just say I own every album & DVD + more. Also have stacks of magazines, books… My most prized position is Matt Bellamy’s guitar pick & my signed Muso & OoS CD booklet by the band ❤️

10. What’s your favourite cheese?
ahh I don’t really eat cheese like ever so I don’t know!

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