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West Stave was in chaos. Mister Crimsons were everywhere, fifty, sixty, seventy of them in red masks and cloaks, tossing coins into the air as tourists and locals alike pushed and shoved, laughing and shouting, crawling on hands and knees, completely oblivious to the stadwatch officers trying to get past them.

“Mother, Father, pay the rent!” shouted a crowd of girls from the doorway of the Blue Iris.

“I can’t, my dear, the money’s spent!” the Mister Crimsons chorused back, and tossed another cloud of coins into the air, sending the crowd into freshly delirious shrieks of joy.


Paris de l'Orient, Naissance et extension de la concession française à Shanghai, de 1849 à 1946 edited by Amaury Hamon

An edition documenting the birth and extension of the french concession in Shanghai during the two last centuries. Using sources from government archives, litterature and research through libraries, it shows how Shanghai have been affected by its immigration: the economy, the politics, the transport, the locals the wars.

Text written in french.

Printed in black and white on Munken Paper 100gr and Cyclus recycled paper 300gr (cover). Font in Use: Theinhardt designed by François Rappo. 66 pages.

Under the supervision of Robert Huber and Pierre Girardin, printed at Ecal, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2015.

The sexualities as represented by dishes
  • Heterosexuality: Silver spoon, representing hetero privilege.
  • Homosexuality: Fork, because for a long time both were considered to be of the devil.
  • Bisexuality: Spork, because it's considered weird and everyone forgets it exists.
  • Pansexuality: Swiss Army type dealymabob that has a fork, a spoon, a knife, a corkscrew, and a small saw.
  • Asexuality: Plastic toy frying pan, perceived as wanting to be used for food but in actuality wants nothing to do with food.
  • Demisexuality: Plastic bowl that is NOT microwave safe; can be used for some food, but not others.

This country legend’s letter to the president spawned a new typeface.

Swiss type foundry Milieu Grotesque has just released an update for Chapeau – their tribute to a 1974 letter written on an IBM typewriter. The design for Chapeau mimics the letter’s typeface, Doric, which “was one of the rare proportionally aligned typewriter faces supplied by IBM in the later 1960s”. It’s a beautiful classic made modern.

See which legend inspired a new typeface →


Angelica Schuyler’s Costumes in Hamilton

I actually ended up throwing this photoset together because I’ve been putting more thought into her bow design, which means thinking about which of her costumes is the most immediately recognizeable (probably the one she wears during “Schuyler Sisters”)

But also I do love seeing how the copper hued taffeta runs through all of her costumes in the show save for the first one and that all three sisters wear empire waisted gowns with the same swiss dot type overlay by the Finale. 

Edit: So the purpose of this photoset was initially different from all the costume round ups I’ve been doing, but her wardrobe is similar to Eliza’s and she gets an entirely different bodice for when she sails off to England as well as a mourning coat for Quiet Uptown, it’s not a full length picture, but you get an idea of the difference in little details!