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Went on an extended walk with 8 doggos organized by our dog school today. I was really excited to go for Merlin to get some positive exposure, seeing as we’ve had a couple of not so nice dog encounters in France. And he was so great! We worked on and off leash and worked on our recall with distraction (there was a bitch in heat and a bunch of deer tracks). 

More impressions of the meet up. Merlin did so well, I’m so proud of my little bug. Whenever he was overwhelmed by the situation he came right to me and let me solve it. This would have been unimaginable even 2 months ago - he would have run right in the middle of it all and would’ve barked non stop.


Had a great day, started off by sleeping in and giving the pupper all the cuddles. Then we drove to this new mall pretty close to where we’re staying and had rolled ice cream for the first time. Merlin got to lick the cup clean. The boyfriend then shopped at H&M and meanwhile we practiced down stays and ignoring annoying people (cause I kidd you not, every second person made kissy noises). Also the guy at the vans shop asked if Merlin was Ghost from GoT.

EDIT: ohh I totally forgot; when we went on our afternoon walk a car pulled up behind us and the guy was like “c'est le meme! c'est the meme” and pointed to his back seat and there was a WSS bitch perched up on the seat and then Merlin saw here and was wagging his entire butt like crazy and when the guy drove away Merlin wanted to run after the car and the bitch was looking out the back window and it was sooo cute. That’s all. K bye.



No info on the upper pic… THE LOWER IS A SWISS TRAIN 😍 Source :FB

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Dog trainers?

Does anyone know of reputable dog trainers in the PNW/Puget Sound area? I plan on owner training a SD for my anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, and dissociative episodes but I still want to take obedience classes and consult with a professional trainer, preferably one that has experience with medium/large breeds (Berger Blanc Suisse). We won’t be getting the dog until the end of this year so I guess it’s not an emergency but any help is much appreciated! Also, does anyone have any advice for locating gear? I’m trying to be as prepared as possible and it’d be nice to have someone to converse with about these things.