swiss trains



Merlin’s getting so much better with other dogs ever since we switched doggy schools. Two months ago he’d just bark at whatever dog came by cause he was so scared and insecure, today we can go for walks with 10+ dogs and nothing. He’s so perfect and I’m so so proud. Whenever he gets into a situation where he doesn’t know what to do he’ll come running to me and I’ll solve it for him. 

Also, the lady with the two collies gifted us the bed you can see on one of the pics cause she didn’t need it anymore. Seriously, she gave it to us for free! I mean how cool is that?? Merlin can’t get enough of it. All in all changing school was really the best thing I could have done. We’ve both made so much progress and all of the people there are so amazing.

Yay us! 




No info on the upper pic… THE LOWER IS A SWISS TRAIN 😍 Source :FB

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An older reservist practices his marksmanship in May, 1940. The large box magazine would indicate he is armed with a rather aged Schmidt-Rubin 1889/96, a sign of just how long ago he first began his service.

The Swiss Military’s full-time, professional force was only a tiny core, augmented in times of need by the armed and trained militia composed of the male population. Instruction in shooting began in school, and upon reaching the age of twenty, a Swiss male underwent military training for induction into the Army. With his uniform and rifle stored at home for use at a moment’s notice, and a three-week refresher course required every year, his service continued until the age of 48, after which he was allowed to go into the inactive reserve. During World War II, this was pushed back to the age of sixty however, to ensure that the maximum number of men were kept trained and active.

(Motorbuch Verlag)