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Denim Jacket Layering

It was a cold Spring day today here in Switzerland, so I decided to try and layer my denim jacket underneath my blazer. I think it turned out looking quite nice, and surprisingly it was not that bulky. The denim jacket added a nice weight to it all, and I could have gone out like this without requiring another coat, even in colder temperatures. The striking difference in texture is what makes it work better with a navy blazer and a light blue shirt. A simple linen pocket square with a blue border (though a red or yellow border would have worked just as well with this tie) keeps it all quite fresh and spring-y, as do the chinos. This pair is from PRL, and have a rather nice taper to them after a trip to the tailor’s. The no-break look is something I will be going more towards as Spring and Summer arrive, if they eventually do here! The material is what causes the creases at the knee here I think as opposed to the tailoring. As the denim jacket already dresses it all down, this is not a problem. Three patterns are present in this outfit; micro-houndstooth shirt, repp striped tie, and striped belt. However, these two accessories do not clash as the style, width, and of course color of their respective stripes are quite different. Finally, some simple brown cap-toe oxfords complete the look quite well I feel.

Keep Styling,