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Happy Flight Log

Request: Omg I love your Turn This Car Around fic so much! Do you think you could do something similar like dad JB and mom Jinyoung taking the “kids” to a fancy restaurant? They’d probably cause so much chaos xD

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Member: ALL of the Got7 boys

Type: Fluff/comedy

“Hello, reservation for Park,” Jinyoung nodded, giving the hostess a kind smile. 

The hostess looked up, furrowing her brows as she focused on his face. She looked directly over his shoulder to scrutinize the group of men idling around behind him. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to clarify. We have several Parks on our reservation list.”

“Park Jinyoung,” he said patiently. 

The hostess scanned down the list of names she had situated on her small clipboard. “Party of seven?”

“Yes,” Jackson grinned, answering for Jinyoung before he had the chance to speak. “I guess you could say we’ve…got7?”

The hostess looked at Jackson with lifted brows and pursed lips. “Cool, follow me.”

“Yah, that was funny, wasn’t I funny?” Jackson whined, looking around to his members. 

“I thought it was funny,” BamBam nodded with a small shrug. The other members exchanged glances, making a silent pact to avoid hurting Jackson’s feelings. 

The boys followed Jinyoung and the hostess in single file, navigating past couples and families, dressed in formal attire. 

“Do they have dessert?” Youngjae asked, plopping into the seat the hostess had pulled out for Jinyoung.

“Worry about your dinner before you start searching for dessert,” Jinyoung sighed, sitting in the seat beside him instead.

“But I’ll worry all through dinner, wondering if they have dessert,” Youngjae gasped with wide eyes. “How can you expect me to enjoy my meal?”

“He has a point hyung,” Yugyeom nodded with a grim smile. 

“I want fries,” Mark sighed, closing his menu as soon as it was handed to him and allowing it to plop onto the table.

“This isn’t that type of restaurant,” Jaebum sighed, eying over his own menu. 

“It’s not that type of restaurant?” Mark asked, lifting a brow. “But it is the type of restaurant to hand out children’s menus with crayons?”

“There’s fries on my menu.” Youngjae muttered, looking up briefly from his small pack of crayons. 

Mark lifted his brows as he looked at Jaebum, challenging the leader. Jaebum’s lips formed a straight line as he cut Mark with an icy glare.

“Why does Youngjae get a menu he can color?” Jackson grumbled, flipping through his. “I wasn’t given that option.”

“You can ask,” Yugyeom nodded. “I wouldn’t mind one myself to be honest…”

“No one is asking for a children’s menu,” Jinyoung hissed. “Youngjae, how did you get that in the first place?” 

“She just gave it to me,” Youngjae shrugged, coloring what appeared to be a talking meatball. 

“Hello gentleman,” a young woman cooed, appearing from seemingly no where. “I’m-”

“Gentleman, I see no gentleman here,” Jackson interrupted with an awkward giggle. 

The waitress exchanged an empathetic glance with Jinyoung before continuing. “I’m Jisoo and I’ll be your server for the evening.”

“Sorry,” Jackson groaned beneath his breath. “Aren’t I funny?”

Yugyeom sighed and placed a comforting hand on Jackson’s shoulder. He gave it a gentle pat before directing his attention to the server again. 

“What can I get you all to drink?” she asked, looking up expectantly. 

“I’ll have a glass of wine,” Jinyoung nodded. “Preferably a Sherry if you have it. It’s been a long week.”

“I’ll have a somaek,” JB nodded. “As I’d prefer not to remember this week at all.”

Jinyoung furrowed his brows before looking to the leader of the group. “Well who’ll drive home if you also plan to drink?”

“I can drive!” BamBam gasped, looking carefully to his hyungs. “I’ve been practicing and-”

“I’ll have a coca cola,” JB sighed, rubbing his temples. 

BamBam who was already mid sentence shut his mouth and sunk down in his seat, crossing his arms with a pout. 

“The rest of them will have colas as well,” Jinyoung nodded, scrutinizing the menu before him. 

“Why do I have to have a cola?” Jackson asked, placing a hand on his chest. “Maybe I wanted a tea, or a water?”

“Fine Jackson, what do you want to drink?” Jinyoung hissed through barred teeth. 

“I’ll have a cola,” Jackson nodded promptly, looking down to his menu. Jinyoung closed his eyes and lifted his fingers to aggressively rub his temples. 

“Actually, if it’s not too much trouble, I would prefer an apple juice if you have it,” Youngjae nodded. 

The waitress smiled, sending a gentle look toward Youngjae as she scribbled into her notepad. “I’ll be right out with those.”

As soon as the server had turned and wandered far enough out of earshot, Jinyoung slapped his menu on the table loud enough to make both BamBam and Jackson jump. “Look, do you all realize why we’re here today?”

Each member looked around at each other expectantly, but none of them could seem to find the reason. 

“To celebrate our new album,” Mark muttered, his voice completely in monotone. 

“Yes, thank you Mark,” Jinyoung nodded, eying the other members with a frustrated expression. “We’re here to celebrate the final part of our Flight Log series. I know we haven’t been out to a meal together in some time, but surely you all remember how to act like adults.”

“Not to point out the obvious, but-” BamBam began, but was promptly cut off. 

“You leave Youngjae and his menu alone,” Jaebum grumbled, giving Youngjae a soft hair ruffle. The younger man looked up, lost in his own thoughts as he surveyed the members. He smiled warmly as JB’s hand fluffed his hair and looked back down to his coloring. 

BamBam rolled his eyes before looking back to Jinyoung. 

“Hey, look,” Yugyeom hiccuped, smacking BamBam on the arm. He had taken out the chopsticks from his folded napkin and inserted them into his mouth, wielding them as if they were large tusks. “I’m a walrus.” 

BamBam giggled, immediately turning to his utensils folded in the fabric of his napkin. 

“No, stop it,” Jinyoung hissed, giving his best death glare from across the table. Both Yugyeom and BamBam froze, chopsticks in midair. “This is exactly what I was talking about!”

“I don’t think they gave me chopsticks…” Jackson grumbled, poking around in the folds of his napkin. “I deserve chopsticks, don’t I? What’s with this place?”

“They’re right-” Mark began, pointing toward Jackson’s wrist. 

“Oh, they’re right here!” Jackson interrupted proudly. “I’ve found them.”

“Yes, very good Jackson,” JB nodded, his eyes still firmly planted on his menu. “Hmm…I wonder if I can get extra noodles with that…”

“I beg of you all, could you please try to be on your best behavior. I just want to have a nice group dinner for once. Can you do that for me?” Jinyoung sighed. 

“Alright, we have five colas,” the server hummed, reappearing again. She floated around the table, tray in hand, and placed the sodas accordingly. “We have one glass of sherry, and an apple juice.”

“Ah, thank you,” Youngjae nodded, sipping from his cup as soon as it was passed to him. The cup sported a lid and the same meatball character he had been coloring earlier. BamBam looked on with his mouth slightly ajar, and shook his head. 

“Alright, do you all know what you would like to eat this evening?” the waitress smiled. 

“I believe I’ll have the Australian filet mignon with the grilled scallops and baked potato,” Jaebum smiled with a grin. 

“Same,” BamBam nodded, handing off his menu. 

“Same?” Jinyoung gasped. “Do you have any idea how much that is?”

“Well why does Jaebum hyung get to have it and not me?” BamBam whined. JB clicked his teeth and turned to look toward the younger boy with a penetrating gaze. 

“Oh no,” Yugyeom whispered with wide eyes. “Just leave it alone man, it’s not worth it.”

BamBam stuck out his lower lip and dropped his brows. “The grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese then…”

“Now this chicken breast,” Jackson began, cutting Yugyeom off as soon as his mouth opened. “It says that there is melted swiss cheese, now is there any way to add more cheese?”

“It’s quite an adequate amount of cheese sir,” the waitress nodded. “Is that what you would like as well?”

“But what if I wanted more cheese?” Jackson asked again, eying her carefully. 

“Jackson, she’s saying it’s a lot of damn cheese,” Jinyoung hissed. “Is that what you want?”

“No, I’ll have the Chinese vegetables,” Jackson nodded. “If you could just put a little bit of that melty cheese in it, that would be perfect. Thank you.”

Jinyoung let out an audible groan as he stared at Jackson. 

“Hyung,” Yugyeom whispered. ‘Hyung, did you mean to do that out loud?”

Jinyoung shifted his stare from Jackson to Yugyeom, unblinking as he spoke. “I’ll have the New York sirloin with broccoli please. Mark?”

“Wait, but I haven’t order-” Yugyeom stuttered, looking around with wide eyes. 

“Mark,” Jinyoung repeated louder. 

“French fried potatoes,” Mark nodded. 

“Do you have dessert here?” Youngjae asked, looking up inquisitively at the waitress. 

“Oh yes,” she nodded. “Cheese cake, tiramisu, and fresh fruit.”

“Funny,” Youngjae laughed breathily as he pointed up at her. “I thought you just said fruit was featured as a dessert. Lady with a sense of humor.”

“Well, it is on the-” she began, but Youngjae had looked down at his menu again. 

“I’ll have the macaroni and cheese,” Youngjae nodded firmly. “We’ll talk tiramisu upon your return.”

“Is that everything then?” she smiled. 

“Well, I would like the-” Yugyeom began, glancing carefully to Jinyoung. 

“He’ll have whatever the daily fish is in basil sauce,” JInyoung smiled. Yugyeom’s face scrunched as he searched his menu. 

“Alright gentleman, I’ll put in your ticket and bring you out some bread. Can I get you anything else?” the server cooed, the smile never leaving her face. 

“Unless you have six other personalities back there that are much more agreeable than the ones here, yes,” Jinyoung smiled. “We’re fine.”

“I feel like I was just insulted?” BamBam whispered, lifting a brow. “But to be honest, I’m nooot entirely sure.”

“Happy flight log,” Jaebum muttered, lifting his glass into the air. 

Each boy looked around, slowly lifting their glasses as well. “Happy flight log!” 

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Ze morning after sandwiche – La Croque Madame

A Croque Monsieur or Madame (with egg) is a French staple, found on nearly every brasserie or boulangerie’s menu. A PB&J is to Americans what a Croque is to the French.
Americans: 3 – Frenchies: 4, 873

Crispy crunchy bread topped with gooey creamy béchamel and crispy melted emmental or swiss, layered over more melted cheese and ham and capped with a runny egg…Can I get a “hell oui!”?

I could not find béchamel but I did find mascarpone…A rich creamy spread; the Italian answer to cream cheese. You can use cream cheese if all else fails. I also layered in some DELICIOUS French death cheese (fromage that smells like moldy ass – bon appetit yall!) just to kick it up a notch and I definitely recommend it but it is by no means necessary.

Ingredients –
2 slices of soft white bread – sour dough, buttered
Your call on how many layers of thinly sliced ham
2 slices of emmental or swiss cheese
1 small egg
1 ½ table spoon of béchamel, mascarpone or cream cheese

1: Turn on your broiler.

Now, basically make yourself a ham and cheese sandwich. Layer ham and cheese between to slices of buttered bread. Heat an oven-safe pan on medium-high and place your sandwich in the pan, carefully flipping periodically until both sides are golden and crispy. Remove pan from heat.

2: CAREFULLY slice a 2 inch wide hole in top layer of bread. Spread béchamel over top layer of bread, tearing your swiss cheese slice, and arrange cheese strips so that it covers the bread but not the hole. Crack egg into hole. *Easier to crack egg into shallow glass and then pour egg into hole.

3: Place pan + sandwich on top rack in oven for 3-4 minutes. Remove, slice in half; serve with acidic green salad.

Hell oui yall?

Cheeses Is Born Burger (comes with Baby Swiss Cheese)
Season 5, Episode 6: Father of the

I know, it’s delayed. But trust me this recipe is worth the wait.
A beef patty flavored with mustard and paired with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic, all topped with melted baby swiss and a drizzle of brown gravy

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Customer: Gimme the ham and swiss one Me: Do you mean the ham and swiss egg sandwich, the ham and swiss deli sandwich, or the ham and swiss melt? Customer: The ham and swiss one *points to the sign with all three* Me: *quiet sobbing*