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Ze morning after sandwiche – La Croque Madame

A Croque Monsieur or Madame (with egg) is a French staple, found on nearly every brasserie or boulangerie’s menu. A PB&J is to Americans what a Croque is to the French.
Americans: 3 – Frenchies: 4, 873

Crispy crunchy bread topped with gooey creamy béchamel and crispy melted emmental or swiss, layered over more melted cheese and ham and capped with a runny egg…Can I get a “hell oui!”?

I could not find béchamel but I did find mascarpone…A rich creamy spread; the Italian answer to cream cheese. You can use cream cheese if all else fails. I also layered in some DELICIOUS French death cheese (fromage that smells like moldy ass – bon appetit yall!) just to kick it up a notch and I definitely recommend it but it is by no means necessary.

Ingredients –
2 slices of soft white bread – sour dough, buttered
Your call on how many layers of thinly sliced ham
2 slices of emmental or swiss cheese
1 small egg
1 ½ table spoon of béchamel, mascarpone or cream cheese

1: Turn on your broiler.

Now, basically make yourself a ham and cheese sandwich. Layer ham and cheese between to slices of buttered bread. Heat an oven-safe pan on medium-high and place your sandwich in the pan, carefully flipping periodically until both sides are golden and crispy. Remove pan from heat.

2: CAREFULLY slice a 2 inch wide hole in top layer of bread. Spread béchamel over top layer of bread, tearing your swiss cheese slice, and arrange cheese strips so that it covers the bread but not the hole. Crack egg into hole. *Easier to crack egg into shallow glass and then pour egg into hole.

3: Place pan + sandwich on top rack in oven for 3-4 minutes. Remove, slice in half; serve with acidic green salad.

Hell oui yall?

Cheeses Is Born Burger (comes with Baby Swiss Cheese)
Season 5, Episode 6: Father of the

I know, it’s delayed. But trust me this recipe is worth the wait.
A beef patty flavored with mustard and paired with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic, all topped with melted baby swiss and a drizzle of brown gravy

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Customer: Gimme the ham and swiss one Me: Do you mean the ham and swiss egg sandwich, the ham and swiss deli sandwich, or the ham and swiss melt? Customer: The ham and swiss one *points to the sign with all three* Me: *quiet sobbing*