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Boko Haram released 21 of the kidnapped Chibok girls and women

On Thursday, Nigerian government officials announced that Boko Haram had released 21 of the missing schoolgirls and women kidnapped in 2014. The handover was part of a deal between Boko Haram, the Red Cross and the Swiss government. Sadly, even after their release, these 21 women will face an overwhelming set of obstacles.

anonymous asked:

Is it really that bad, that Guy Parmelin doesn't speak English? It is not a national language of Switzerland, and he should be able to communicate in two national languages…

It’s expected that all federal Councillors speak German, Italian and French. The English knowledge should also go over a ‘ I can English understand, but je préfère répondre en français.’ (I don’t even know why he placed the “understand” there, because the correct word order is literally the same in French)
And it’s also expected that a federal Councillor can communicate in English, it does not have to be perfect, but it creates some sort of ‘intimacy’ if they can speak with other heads of states or in front of an international audience without needing a translator.
(And it can positively influence the decisions taken in favour of the Swiss government, or their ideals)

But at least I can say now that I speak better English than one of our federal Councillors (Ok, I probably speak better than the others as well, because their “Cow English is under every pig”