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Bern- Switzerland

The Old Town of Bern is picturesque like a postcard. It is both the capital of Switzerland, and a UNESCO heritage listed city. The Cobble stoned streets are lined by historic sandstone buildings. Covered arcades offer bottle shops, boutiques, restaurants and 16th century fountains. 


March 19, 2017

March-like weather has finally arrived, so this weekend I planted!

First I brought my IKEA-hack trellis up from the garage and sowed three rows of sugar snap peas in that planter. Peas do well planted thickly which makes them surprisingly suitable for small spaces. Most types do best with a trellis to grow on because the vines can easily reach 6’/1.8m. A support system that takes advantage of your vertical space is ideal for peas and deck gardens!

Next I planted my blue storage tub planter with four types of salad greens - clockwise from top right: ‘Bright Lights’ chard, mâché, spinach, and a mesclun containing mizuna and pac choi among other things. I like to use plastic drinking straws to demarcate sections because they don’t discolour, rot, or grow mildew the way wooden skewers will.

In order to protect tiny seeds and delicate seedlings from potential downpours and to warm the soil a bit, I cover early-season planters with sheets of plexiglass (acrylic).

In addition to peas and greens, I planted nasturtiums, California poppies, and a native wildflower blend designed to attract bees and other pollinators!

anonymous asked:

if you had a day to show Shawn your favourite thing in Switzerland, what would you show him?

You want to give me feels don’t you?

Okay so first we would start in Geneva bc it’s my favourite swiss city and we would go to the lake see the Jet D'eau and then we would casually stroll through town and I would laugh at his outraged gasps when he sees the exorbitant prices. I would show him the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, from there we would walk through the old city and go to the cathedral and maybe look at the pretty building that are along the Boulevard Helvétique.

Basically I would show him Geneva because it’s a really pretty city 😊

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