swiss cabin


Home in the Swiss Alps, designed by JM Architects, is covered in smooth dark grey tiles, complementing the warm yellow glow it eminates after dark. Sleek and subtle, this one-storey building creates drama in its simplest form.


This chalet in Switzerland is the latest project by London-based firm Studioilse. “A family home away from home buried deep in the Swiss Alps with a spectacular view. We worked closely with the clients to create the chalet of their dreams. Using a warm palette of natural materials, layers of textile and generous, comfortable furniture, the mood can adapt with ease from entertaining a party to more quiet hibernation.”


Refugi Lieptgas designed by Swiss practice Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten.

An existing alpine log cabin was deconstructed to create a framework for this concrete hideaway with the same footprint and form as its predecessor. Situated in Flims, in the Swiss Alps, the 40-square-metre house known as ‘Concrete Cabin’ replaces an aged log cabin to provide a small holiday home.

Coming Home
a Marlas fic written by Tracionn and theKASKproject
beta work done by Tiwtin
(read it on the AO3 | listen to the song we’re reffereing to)

Martin went to Zurich but he left a part of him behind in Fitton.
The question is: Will he get it back?

The manip was made to celebrate the result of collaboration with Tracionn, I was lucky to be involved in. 

It was a privilege to work with you, my dear! Thank you very much for being such a talented, creative, and adventurous fellow marlas shipper! ♥