swisher box

So here's the story, according to Darren Wilson and the Ferguson PD:

Mike Brown, completely sober, went into a convenience store in his own neighborhood to steal a box of Swishers for no reason whatsoever. He then ran three quarters of a mile in six minutes in flip-flops without being out of breath. Along the way, he changed clothes, then ditched his hat and original clothes and the stolen cigars. When psychic hero cop Darren Wilson saw him, in spite of the fact that he had no idea a robbery had taken place, he knew that Brown was a robber. He pulled his gun, then Brown called his bluff and ran, faster than the speed of bullets, over to the car to try and steal Wilson’s gun. Brown, realizing the fight was lost, teleported thirty-five feet away facing the other direction. Wilson shot and killed him.

How can you blame Darren Wilson for shooting a defiant teleporting robber who is also a sprinter with crazy endurance? Mike Brown had supernatural powers, so of course he had to be stopped.

anonymous asked:

i've been curious what made you start this blog??

I’ve been following #Ferguson since August 9, just a few hours after Mike Brown was killed actually. About a week or so later I decided to start compiling info on the murder of Mike Brown for two reasons:

1. I remembered how hard it was keeping up with the details from the George Zimmerman trial and details about Mike’s death were already confusing. Within the first few days, or maybe even hours, Mike was accused of stealing candy, (2 boxes of) swisher sweets, and then it was jaywalking.

2. Everything was on Twitter which made it much easier to follow along and collect info.

Anyway, I started compiling all of the information I could find and after about a week and a half I already had TONS of links.

I created this blog to help keep all of the information organized, mostly for myself, but also for anyone else who wanted to follow along. I knew people thought the updates were helpful but I honestly never expected 29,000+ followers from all over the world.