swish by han

went to “Swish by Han” for the dinner with my friend.. I was surprised that many restaurants in downtown were closed.. I thought 24th was like the most peak time before the christmas?! 

I understand if all stores/ restaurants are closed in the christmas day but eve? 

well at least Swish wasn’t closed.. most of tables were booked for the future reservation but there was one table that would’ve left vacant until 8pm so they let us eat until 8pm..(we generated some revenue for the restaurant haha)

Ordered pig neck taco as a starter and two Shabu-shabu (aka Korean style hot pot, “Swish” according to the menu) - one with the beef and other with the mushroom.. (picture shown is with the mushroom), it was very tasty and done with the perfection!

Usually Shabu-shabu comes in the big pot that can be shared with many people but this is mini version of that, designed for individual portion. However the portion never felt small and to make it even better, we finish off with juk (porridge) or noodle :) Since we had two pots, we put juk in one and noodle in other, the perfect ending! Swish by Han never disappointed me!

Yes the total after tax and tips was almost 80$ but whatever… we know Swish is a premium Korean restaurant and it’s Christmas dinner! I don’t mind being a baller for a day haha