Flashback #2

Iris: Shhhit! Barry what are we gonna do?

Barry: I was driving!

Iris: But you weren’t! I was drivi….

Barry: IRIS! I was driving!

Joe: What happened!

Iris: Dad! I–

Barry: I looked away for just a second, Joe, and all of a sudden the car swirved and–

Joe: YOU TWO WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT HOME! Nothing can replace you two! I’m sorry Barry but you took it upon yourself to put both of your lives in danger. You’re grounded until further notice.


Joe: Hey baby girl, you’re home early, I thought you were going to the dance.

Iris: I thought about it. I think I’m gonna go upstairs and hang out with Barry. Good night dad.
(She opens Barry’s room door and peaks in to find him nose deep in New science book)

Barry: Hey you! I thought you were going to the dance.

Iris: Didn’t feel much like celebrating, I guess.

Barry: What’s wrong? Oooh! You brought me big belly burger, he spies the bag in her hand. Sit down let’s talk.

Iris: You shouldn’t have taken the blame for me.

Barry: Iris we’ve been over this, I wasn’t gonna let you take the fall. You would have been grounded for eternity.

Iris: So you get grounded for eternity instead!

Barry: Iris I don’t have the social life that you do. I’m a nerd. People don’t like me, like they like you. ( He takes a big bite of his burger)

Iris: I LIKE YOU BARRY! You’re my best friend. I miss you when you’re not around.
(He stops mid chew and smiles at the thought of her missing him). They sprawled out on his bed and talked and laughed for hours.

(There’s a knock on the door)

Joe: Hey you two, what’s up?

Barry: Not much, just hangin out.

Joe: Well if you need anything let me know.
(He turns to walk out) Oh and when you’re ready to tell me that Iris was driving, I’m all ears. (They both whip their heads towards Joe). What you two think, I don’t know about your little scheme to keep Iris outta trouble? You’re both grounded. Love you guys!