I wanted to be a young father – and I (am) – because I wanted to be able to follow him during his development as a person. As a man. That was always a dream of mine.

Obviously, Cristiano has been a big influence on me. I have learnt to be calmer, more cautious. I have learnt a lot about being a father.

Some kids never get to know their parents – neither father, nor mother. Having a father is good enough. I don’t care what other people say. It doesn’t bother me. People speculate that it was with this girl, or the other, or a surrogate mother. I’ve never told anyone, and never will.

When Cristiano is grown up, then I will talk to him.

I always thought, and I still think, that he will understand me.

remember when we scored a goal and fabio’s boot came off and he just sat there trying to put on his shoe so serhio just ran by him with a high five while fabio was sat there and the rest of the team was celebrating in a huddle and fabio was left by his lonesome still tying his shoe