swirly shit

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So yeah uh I like u and ur posts usually but why exactly do introverts and ppl with social anxiety deserve to get swirlied? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just curious if there's something introverts have done wrong

yeah theres a callout post for introverts, theyre problematic and yikes now


Would you look at that the most finished version I’m gonna do.

I love Flowers so much. His freelancer design is easily my favorite out of them all, and he’s super fun to draw. Plus! He is Flowers. “Being possessed by an evil force can be difficult at times, but with a little hard work, and positive thinking, you can overcome anything.”


Ok so we’ve seen Mr Krupp fuckin wham his face into his desk now get ready for Mr Krupp dragging his fangs on the table and the wood doing that swirly shit when he pulls back.
You think that door was expensive? The amount of desks this man had destroyed

FIC RECS: english major nursey as written by english majors

aka my favorite poetic works for our favorite pretentious d-man (and dex, and their relationship) brought to you by an english minor who sighs about not having the time to make it her third major

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I said fuck you to my coursework today to do a screenshot redraw thing cause I just had to draw something from that episode wow and went nuts with the effects and shit

Mabel made me cry what a champ

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do they teach you combat magic in the circle?

Yeah, mostly in case there’s a Blight so we can help fight the darkspawn.

But that’s not going to happen

Have you ever seen a darkspawn? I haven’t.

But I have the skills to give one a swirly if shit goes down