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Gency week, day 1 - First!

Next of the week!

I’ve been sick for a while and haven’t had the time to write anything, so there won’t be much Gency week material from me after all. However, I will write those things I have planned, either soon or eventually. But I do have a large thing planned for posting later this week!

This small thing here was all written today, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Appropiate tags: soulmate au, first meeting, first contact!

Please enjoy!

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Soul mates scribbles

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You x Hoseok (feat your best friend x Jungkook)

Synopsis: Based on this au (not storyline) http://thesweetpianowritingdownmylife.tumblr.com/post/140772439758/diminuendodaydreams-let-gavin-free

Word Count: 1446

(A/N: As soon as I saw this AU I felt a need to write it out and so I did. It doesn’t follow the idea completely, just the thought of your soulmates drawings on their body showing up on yours.)

Yet another stressful day went by in school. The lessons were boring and you always finished the work early leaving you plenty of free time that you spent drawing on your arm. Your uniform usually covered the marks but when you rolled up your sleeves, the array of swirls and scribbles were on full display and always got complimented by other students. Teachers always told you to wash them off but you never did, you just hid them from their view.

It was in the middle of a geography lesson that bored you the most, that you started to draw on your now clean arm. The lines and patterns came naturally to you and just seemed to be free forming as soon as the pen touched your skin.

There was another reason other than boredom that you made these pictures on your arm. And his name, was Hoseok. Your soulmate. Not everyone had a soulmate, in fact not many people you knew did. Maybe theirs just never drew on their arm or they had a different way of knowing. Or maybe you just hadn’t been told. But you knew yours. The two of you had never met in person but you constantly had conversations on your skin. Whether it be your leg, stomach, arm, hand or foot, you would almost constantly talk. Sometimes it was about little things, other times it was deep. Either way, you loved being in contact with him.

Half way through the drawing, you felt a tingle on the palm of your hand. Trying to hide your smile, you subtly turned over your hand and read what was being written.

looking good 

You quickly scribbled back,

Thank you

Then went back to your drawing. You knew he wanted more of a conversation because he started to high up your palm; almost on your thumb. Feeling the tingle on your palm again, your grin became harder to cover.

Geography right?

Yep. It’s so boring.

I can tell by your my arm.

Trying not to laugh, you turned your attention to the work you were meant to be completing. Of course, every now and again, you replied to Hoseok. You held a conversation about just random things all over your hand and after using up the palm and the back, starting to trail up your wrist.

This meant that by the time lesson finished, your entire arm was covered in notes and the unfinished drawing you started that caught his attention. When you left the classroom, you got a few strange stares from the people around you as to why you had a hand full of random scribbles that they couldn’t read or didn’t understand. But you wore them with pride, after all, half of them were from your soulmate.

“Y/N!” Your friend called to you and rushed over to you, pushing through crowds of people. “Sorry, how are you?” she smiled and walked down the corridor and started going home.

“I’m good.” You smiled and flashed her your hand quickly.

Laughing, she said, “Oh I see.” And shook her head as if she should have known.

“How was your lesson?” You asked, letting your once suppressed smile shine through.

“Pretty good.” She grinned and tugged up her own sleeve, showing you the countless scribbles on her own arm. She too had a soulmate. Her’s didn’t have a name yet though, she hadn’t asked.

This communication you both had to your soulmates was like a little secret of yours. No one else knew about them. You never bothered to ask if anyone else had one; mostly because you didn’t care. None of you knew when it started. All any of you remembered was seeing someone else’s homework written on your hand one day. Once writing random notes on your hand and eventually getting a reply. It scared the life out of you, but you still replied. And years later you’re still here.

“Why haven’t you asked for his name yet?” You asked curiously.

“Because when I do, he replied with something soppy like, “Yours.” Or “You can call me babe” or whatever.” She rolled her eyes and you burst into laughter at the cheesy lines. From what you had heard about him before, it didn’t surprise you.

Upon calming down, you continued to talk to your best friend about things other than the messages on your arm; although somehow they always traced back to them.

“I wonder what they look like?” She gazed up into the sky like a school girl in love. Hell, she was. But so were you.

“I don’t know.” You wondered, “Hoseok knows what I look like…” You trailed off and given the look your companion gave you, you added, “I drew myself.”

“I bet he’s handsome.” She laughed, “He acts like that kind of guy who’s handsome and knows it.” She giggled. Then, her face suddenly twisted into confusion as she looked down at the hand that wasn’t covered in scribbled already. There, on the palm of her hand, it said in bold letters:

Damn right I know it.

Both looking up in confusion at each other, you furrowed your eyebrows. Is this some new thing? Could they hear us as well? Something new was now being traced on her palm in smaller letters than the first.

Behind you dummy.

Both of your heads snapped around to look behind you where you saw an extremely handsome, raven haired boy -about the same age as both of you- standing there with a massive grin on his face and one, large, scribble covered hand raised next to his face.

Like a light, your best friend sprinted towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. This was him. Her soulmate. The one she loved oh so dearly. Perfectly blended together in a mix of tears, whispers and limbs. You couldn’t help but feel extremely jealous. Your heart started to miss Hoseok even more than usual seeing the other two together. So when your one hand pulled out your black pen and scribbled something on some bare skin you were hardly surprised.

My best friend just met her soulmate!

No sugar coating that.

Oh really? What happened?

You explained exactly what happened in as much detail as you could fit on the spare skin you had left. As soon as you had finished, you looked up at your best friend and her soulmate and smiled sadly at how you wished it was you and Hoseok. Her soulmate looked over your shoulder at something and winked, causing your brows to furrow. Before you could turn to look behind you, a voice startled you.

“Asshole stole my plan.” You looked up at the tall boy stood next to you and noticed his arm that was uncovered by the white tee he was wearing. Every inch of skin was showing down his toned arms, the patterns the same as yours.


Smirking down at you proudly, he chuckled, “Nice to finally meet you. Y/N.”

The tears in your eyes fell as you jumped onto him, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He caught you and held you in place while you cried into him, asking him if he was real and how and saying everything that came to mind. You couldn’t believe that he was actually here, you were in his arms. He couldn’t believe you were in his either. He had had it planned for ages but the asshole had to steal his plans. Not that he minded, the result was the same. If not, better.

Eventually, after calming down, he placed you back onto the floor and hugged you normally. Having to bend to your height. “You’re just as pretty as your drawings.” He whispered into your hair making you smile.

“And you’re just as smooth as you are on my arm.” You laughed, pulling away.

Lacing together your fingers, you made your way over to where your best friend and her soulmate were stood watching you with gigantic smiled on their faces.

“Y/N,” your best friend started, “This is Jungkook.”

You smiled widely at the two of them and Hoseok bent down to whisper in your ear, “Aka plan stealer.” A laugh escaped your mouth and Hoseok joined you in laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Your best friend asked, trying not to laugh herself.

Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck as Hoseok screeched, “He stole my plans to surprise Y/N.”

All four of you burst into fits of laughter at both Jungkook’s sly ways, Hoseok’s high screaming and the fact that you were too happy not to laugh. You were with your soulmates after all.

i’ve been working on a tattooartist!luke long fic and this is a little something from that verse that i decided to cut out and share with all of you warning: fluff to the extreme

You hum softly under your breath as you wash the dishes, your boyfriend’s flannel draped over your body, the sleeves rolled up to your elbows, “she’s finally down,” Luke huffs as he walks into the small kitchen.

“Put up a fight tonight huh?” You smirk over your shoulder as he presses up behind you, ducking to brush his lips against your cheek as his large, tattooed hands find your hips.

He lets out an exhausted sigh that shifts into a chuckle as he nuzzles into your neck, “she refused to lay down until I let her draw on me,” he says, his voice a deep, comforting vibration through his chest to your back.

“Uh oh,” you chuckle, rinsing the last bubbles off your hands before turning off the water and drying your skin, turning in his hold and raising your eyebrows slightly, “where’s the masterpiece our three year old drew this time?”

He smirks and pulls his shirt up to show you his right side where he has yet to have ink cover his skin- until tonight. Now there’s a pink and purple design of swirls and scribbles that you’re sure mean something to your daughter but mostly just look like a mess of lines.

“She’s getting better,” you smirk, tapping your fingers over his ribs and making him flinch when you hit his most ticklish spot, sending you a warning glare.

“She says she wants to draw on people like me,” he says, a proud smile stretching across his lips as he drops his shirt, letting you leave your hand against his warm, ink stained skin, “how’d I get so lucky?”

“Hmm?” You tilt your head up, smiling soft and lazy as you gaze up at him, his hands pushing under his flannel you’re wearing to feel your bare skin, “she also wants to be a ballerina and a firetruck, so I wouldn’t call you lucky yet.”

He chuckles, his fingers tracing your lower back as he draws you closer, his forehead nudging against yours, “I kinda think having a firetruck for a daughter would be cool,” he murmurs, making your roll your eyes and playfully pinch his nipple before he bites your bottom lip in retaliation, “I’m lucky either way because I’ll always have my girls.”

His words make your heart thud hard in your chest and you can’t help but press just that little bit closer as you brush your lips to his in several soft pecks, “you know you’re just a big softy, Luke Hemmings,” you tease and he smiles, capturing your bottom lip in a sucking kiss.

When he breaks away your eyes stay closed, savoring the moment, the way you can still feel his lips against yours as his warm breath brushes over your skin and the tip of his nose traces the curve of your cheek sweetly as he murmurs, “only for you princess.”

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bechloe prompt: beca and chloe haven't admitted their feelings for each other yet and they're both single. then one night beca accidentally reads Chloe's diary entry about her... preferably it ends with a kiss?

When I fell asleep, I saw her, she read, She was on the phone, and I could hear her through the walls, so I guess it made sense the way she slipped right into my dreams. We sang some variation of the mix she gave me last weekend - her voice fitting in mine like a good hand to hold. 

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Bubbles and Giggles || [Io/Ryuu]

Summary: Io and Ryuu finally get some alone time at the bathhouse, culminating in some good clean fun (lol puns)

Fic number 2!! This time for ticklyfeels, who requested some boueibu bathhouse tickles. I hope you enjoy it, I’m still getting the hang of writing tickling scenes ^^;


The air hung heavy with heat and humidity, almost enough to take one’s breath away but not enough to be uncomfortable. The atmosphere of the Kurotama Bath was refreshing after a long day at school, and it was even better when there was no one else around. Ryuu peeked around the corner as he entered, bin of toiletries in hand and Io in tow. 

“Looks like it’s empty,” he said, plunking his bin on the floor and sitting on a stool.

Io shrugged and joined him. “Yufuin-senpai and Kinugawa-senpai must be busy today. Exams coming up and whatnot.”

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Imagine how each of the avengers would deal with a de aged bucky

At the end of the day, there are crayons scattered all over the floor, a platoon of green plastic army men storming the entertainment center, the remains of peanut butter crackers of a plate on the coffee table and Bucky is fast asleep on the couch, wrapped in a blanket burrito and visible only by a flop of messy curls that spill out onto the cushions.

In the adjacent kitchen, the Avengers are recuperating with coffee.

“We’re pretty sure this is going to wear off, right?” asks Clint. “I mean, kid-Bucky is pretty cool and everything, but I am way out of practice on my whole coloring book game.” He leans back against the refrigerator. There is a fuchsia crayon tucked behind one ear.

Tony and Bruce look up simultaneously from where they are bent over a tablet, and say together, “Yeah, think so.”

“I mean,” Bruce begins. “It’s highly unlikely that it wouldn’t. We’ve seen how magic tends to, uh, not affect Steve, so - ”

“Temporary.” Tony finishes. They share a look, then go back to poking at the tablet.

Natasha is perched on the counter, leaning against Sam’s shoulder. “He is pretty cute,” Sam says, and Natasha rolls her eyes affectionately. “Never seen a kid that enthralled with markers.” And to illustrate his point, Natasha lifts one arm to display the swirls of red and green scribbled on the inside of her wrist and forearm; a long line of yellow runs up the back of her arm, circling her elbow. Sam has similar marks on his hands in purple and blue. “Or that resistant to using paper actually.”

“We didn’t have them,” Steve says softly, and takes a long, slow sip from his mug. “They didn’t exist yet.” Of all of them, he’s been the quietest - hovering nearby while Bucky and Clint battled with the army men, while Bruce cut up fruit to go with their lunch, while Natasha and Sam exploded into color, but not exactly interacting, not participating with his usual enthusiasm.

“He is remarkably well behaved,” remarks Thor. He’s standing on the other end of the counter, watching the back of the couch where Bucky is asleep. “From your stories, I had assumed he would be a more rambunctious child.”

At that, Steve laughs outright, and the sad sort of smile he’s worn all day turns a shade mischievous. “He’s only, what, four? He hasn’t met me yet.”