swirling firefly

First Born Unicorn

Summary: Something mysterious has returned to the preserve, but for once it’s not dangerous.

Notes: A long time ago, someone said something about Derek Hale and unicorns, and I just couldn’t resist. Written for day three of Sterek Week 2016: Myths and Fairytales. (On AO3)

They pull up to an abandoned trailhead at the edge of the preserve and hop out of the jeep, waiting. Sure enough, it’s not long before the Camaro comes rumbling up, pulling alongside them.

Derek climbs out, frowns at them both. “What’s going on?” he says.

“There’s something new in the woods,” Scott says seriously, striding forward. “Something big, something powerful. I wanted you help us do some recon, figure out what it is.”

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OSF AU - All the Little Children (12/?)

There is a bit more if you were wondering. It’ll be up relatively soon, and once everything is assembled, I will post everything on The B-Plot.

Sometimes, they trained.

(Keisuke’s voice would say, “Punch from the hip, everyone!”

Luffy’s would respond in a deafening shout of, “BUT MY PUNCH IS LIKE A PISTOL!”

“I don’t care if it’s a cannon! Learn how to throw one in case you can’t use your powers!” And Gaara never learned exactly how Keisuke expected Luffy to fight without his Gomu Gomu no Mi past that, because Naruto and Ace got into a brawl again.)

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Prey outer space gothic

You fly out of airlock. The radiation sensor starts squeaking immediately. You turn to see cystoids nest and fly away, without shooting it. 30 seconds later 5 cystoid blow up against your back.

You find a green dot with “Crew Quarters Hull Breach (170m)” written over it and propel to it in a straight line. Suddenly at (75m) it vanishes. You try to find it, but it’s nowhere to be seen. You swirl around and see “Crew Quarters Hull Breach (80m)” behind your back.

You’re bombarded by 13 cystoids before you can even try to realize where they are coming from.

January calls to tell you you’re losing your humanity.

There’s no sound in vacuum, but you can hear corrupted operator’s faint shrieking as comes from behind some piece of junk

You fly at a straight line to “Crew Quarters Hull Breach (80m)” until it’s 35m and the dot vanishes. You try to look over all different green dots, but then 25 cystoids appear out of nowhere.

The radiation sensor keeps squeaking, but you can’t see any cystoid nests nearby.  January calls you to remind you that you keep losing humanity.

There’s no oxygen in vacuum, but the corrupted operator manages to flamethrower you anyway.

You lost all sense of direction and you have no idea where you’re supposed to be going. You use quick reload. The game loads you in a place you don’t remember being, on top of a weaver and 45 cystoids.

January calls you to tell you that you lost your humanity. You want to ask at which green dot you’re supposed to find it.

You’re floating far from the station, completely lost. The green dots are swirling around like fireflies. The radiation sensor keeps beeping, though there’s nothing around where cystoid nests could hide. Until you realize - YOU were cystoid nest all along.

Fireflies (Jumin x MC)

You go outside to find Jumin where he’s lit up.

Word Count: 611

I’ve had an exciting day ig. I competed in a news writing competition, I didn’t end up placing but there’s always next year ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk. Anyhow, I actually quite like the use of fireflies in stories and what not just with how gentle and fun-loving they are. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! (ृ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ृ )ु


“Jumin! Jumin?” You stepped outside curiously from the small cabin you were staying for a small amount of time, night dripping down from the sky onto the long and tall wisps of grass.

“MC!” You heard his voice call out to you, his form oddly somehow lit up even being far away from you. “Darling come here!” 

You narrowed your eyes confusedly but followed his voice nonetheless,

And what you saw left a smile stretching from ear to ear upon your face.  

He was drenched in fireflies, the insects fluttering about him but never seemingly drifting away.

“O-Oh my goodness!” You laughed slightly, rushing forward excitedly. “You didn’t tell me you were a firefly magnet!” 

And even despite his laughter, you couldn’t help but admit how your heart melted as the light shone on his eyes, intensifying that gentle warmth that swarmed him. 

“I didn’t know honestly,” He chuckled lightly. “It’s a bit peculiar honestly.”

He took a few steps towards you, raising a curious brow as the fireflies still continued to follow. 

“How long do you think they’ll follow me?” He asked, tipping his head. 

“Maybe you have to outrun them,” You snickered. “You know, like play hard to get?”

“Perhaps. Like an experiment I suppose?” 

“Exactly,” You smiled, taking his hand as you began to lead him. “come on!” 

You began to run, leading him on as you both expectantly watched the fireflies float blankly for a moment before chasing after him.

A few began to trail about you, twirling and tying around you like a ribbon upon a dress.

Yet as you looked at your new friends, your feet skidded against a rock, knocking you off your feet as you accidentally pulled Jumin along with you.

He pulled you into his arms before you crashed down, pressing you close against him before thudding against the ground.

“Are you okay…?” He muttered, still the smallest grin on his expression as you turned to face him as you breathlessly sniggered. 

“Y-Yeah, what about you?” You curled his wave strands of hair through your fingertips, fearing you’d feel a hint of blood or the bump of a bruise. “You’re the one w-who really took the fall.”

“Of course love, I’m okay. Don’t worry.” 

You pressed a tender kiss to his nose, smiling sweetly. “My hero.” 

“I’m honored…” His voice began to drift off, tapping a delicate finger along your spine.

Until he noticed something.

He pointed up, your gaze turning up to find a twirl of familiar fireflies still swirling a little above you, oddly enough almost sinking beside the stars. 

You leaned back, resting your head in the crook of his neck, your fingertips weaving through his strands.

And despite being on the cold hard ground, the two of you lay on the spot, simple smirks decorating your faces as it almost appeared to be a light show.

And yet even with the fireflies, that wasn’t what lit up the world.

It was the utter adoration and devotion that painted your husband’s eyes when he looked to you.

And the love that filled both of your hearts.

(observations of a stray thought)
At 2:13 am, at the edge of consciousness, I am born.
I am swooped into the recesses of dreams and nightmares,
I dance in the cracks of the skull, contouring the edges of forgotten memories,
I peer behind curtains to where unseen emotions lie, ready to be born.
I float untethered between tangles of neurons, soaring from node to node;
with a spark I fly into a niche, a careful corner where forgotten faces,
lost moments in time, surround me in echoing, distant whispers.
Like a gentle breeze they guide me,
towards a labyrinth of sights, sounds, smells,
mirages and patterns of light, shimmering with the rhythm of time.
A sky of shooting stars, swirls of fireflies, an orchestra, a symphony,
A growing crescendo, a supernova,
And then, I am freed.
I am ink on paper, and words on tongue,
a music note, a swaying song,
a gentle touch, I move along,
I am married with time, and glide from mind to mind,
From life to life, an unseen light,
I was born, and now I am breathing,
I am alive.
—  jake h.

Woodkid - Baltimore’s Fireflies

What are the words that I’m supposed to say?
Your white skin, swirling fireflies.
Darkness has surrounded Baltimore bay.
Why don’t you open your blue eyes?

Be wary, my child
Of the songs and whispers creeping o'er these waters
Hymns of the tides and calls of the depths
Luring you closer into their breast.
But above all, my sweet
Beware o’ the lights, dancing like fireflies, swirling about the waves
Should you gaze too long,
They shall be the last you’ll see.

In loneliness I dream || Vlad & Ali

Vlad shifted in his bed as he drifted into a deep sleep, Ziya curled up upon his bed though she was getting big for it snoozed. He was in another land and just ahead of him in the swirling mist and fireflies was his beloved, “Ali!” He ran towards her, “Ali!!!”

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Kiss Me (hamilton x laurens fluff)

The one where Hamilton is having one of those nights and accidentally confesses his feelings to John.

PAIRING: hamilton x laurens 

SETTING: modern day au


  Alexander was sitting outside of his house on his swings wondering why he thought it was a good idea to let his friends throw a “little get together” in his house. Loud party music blared from inside as he heard the muffled sound of people yelling “chug” and the occasional screams. He sighed and directed is gaze towards the dark-blue sky above him. Even though pollution only allowed him to make out a faint figure of the moon, he still was completely and utterly infatuated with the thought and idea of space

  The idea that earth is such a minuscule part of the universe yet it seemed so big to us amazed him. The thought that out of the billions of people alive, there was one person you were going to fall deeply in love with was an idea Alex loved and despised at the same time. He sighed thinking about his previous relationships and how badly they ended. He sighed thinking about how easily he fell in love and how quickly those people fell out of love. However, his thoughts were interrupted by the voice of his curly haired friend, John.

“Hey, I’m gonna chill out here with you because everyone in there is drunk out of their minds and I can’t deal with them,” John said while running his hand through his hair. He let out a sigh and sat on the swing next to Alex. “So what’s going on in your mind this time at night?”  Alex swore that John’s eyes were glistening in the moonlight or maybe Alex as just imagining things. 

  “I’m just thinking about the universe and love. How supposedly we have soulmates in this world filled with 8 billion people. I don’t seem to believe it though because I’ve felt love but it’s never been a mutual thing,” Alex said while also not believing that he was spilling his thoughts to his probably slightly intoxicated friend.

  John just nodded and mumbled an “I agree” so Alex took this as an invitation to continue talking.

  “I just wish there was someone out there who was capable of loving me. I want to sneak into someone’s backyard in the dead of night just to lay under the stars with them. I want to build a really shitty tree house with someone. I want us to kiss in there while forgetting the world and all of our problems. I want to serenade someone with poems and songs that I’ve written, no matter how bad I sound. I want fireflies to swirl around us like in the movies. None of this will happen though because life isn’t like the movies. Also John, guess what?”


  “I’ve been deeply in love with you since day one. Ever since I caught a glimpse of you, I’ve felt something for you. The way that your freckles resemble the stars of the night sky and the way that I sometimes get lost in them. Every time you laugh, I fall in love and not only with the way you laugh but with the way your hair bounces every time you let out a giggle. I just want you to kiss me under a moonlit sky with no one around. Just us and the stars,” Alex didn’t have time to process the fact that he accidentally spilled out his feelings to his best friend because he was interrupted. 

  John and Alex had interlocked lips. In that moment, they both felt a rush of excitement that neither of them had felt before. John pulled away for a brief second only to say, “You should’ve told me a long time ago.” Maybe the “little get together” wasn’t as bad as Alex had previously thought.

anonymous asked:

Magic!Stiles unable to control his power around Derek. emitting literal sparks when Derek smiles. pavement cracking under their feet when they walk together leaving hearts in the footpath. power black outs when Derek laughs. they're out in the woods and Stiles accidentally conjures fireflies to swirl around them. tree branches twining together to spell DEREK when someone asks Stiles what's wrong. accidentally setting things on fire when Derek bends over. THIS MAKES ME V/HAPPY. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT

Omg I love this. 

And Derek having nooo idea what’s going on. The only one even remotely clued in is Deaton, who just raises a judgmental eyebrow. A lot. Probably more than is necessary honestly. All while Derek is actively worried. Is there something wrong with Stiles’ magic? Is there something physically wrong with Stiles? If that was the case he’d know by now right?

Which has to lead to rom-com levels of misunderstandings where Stiles is like, “Yes my magic is screwed up and I don’t like talking about it pls leave me alone.” 

And Scott thinks he’s totally pathetic bc how difficult can it be to admit that you have a crush on someone. Stiles says Scott wouldn’t understand bc he’s never been with someone as gorgeous as Derek and Scott takes personal offense on behalf of both Allison and Kira. 

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We spent the days drinking
pink lemonade from sweating glasses.
The weight of our knees
left sinkholes in
the dirt in the side yard,
the mud beneath our
fingernails told stories
only we knew.
We danced to the whirring of
cicadas and the rumbling of
the lawnmower down the street.
Grass clippings sticking to our calves
and purple Popsicle juice staining our collars,
we sat on the front stoop
poking holes into the lids of jelly jars.
When the sun finally
scraped down below the trees,
we went into the street
and caught lightning bugs.
When we were called back home,
we unscrewed the lids of the jars and
watched the fireflies
swirl up towards the stars.
Before bed, our mothers
left lipstick prints
on our sun-kissed foreheads
and then we let the sounds
of another July night
sing us to sleep.
—  A snapshot of summer.

Note: Happy International Kissing Day! ;p
Dis: I don’t own LOT



The first time they kissed had been more of a goodbye than anything. An “it was nice to know you” sort of farewell that was drawn out. Leonard remembered it well. She’d tasted like cherries. More than likely due to chapstick, which had made her lips soft and supple. In his last moments, as the blue light took him, he’d remember licking his lips and tasting her

 Their second kiss had been quick. A rushed moment because they weren’t sure how much time he’d have. It’d taken everything to manipulate the timestream he was scattered across to become visible. A lot more effort to become tangible. The look on his ex-team’s face had been worth it, he’d thought, until she’d grabbed him and kissed him. He couldn’t taste, but he could feel, and he’d grabbed her back. Holding her close even though he’d felt his control slipping away. He’d whispered how sorry he was that he had to leave again, and she’d promised that she’d find him right as he dissipated into what seemed like hundreds of blue fireflies. They’d swirled around her for a moment before blinking out.

What he hadn’t known about was their third. Their third only Sara knew about. He’d finally broken free and had become corporeal once more. He’d passed out as soon as his ties to the timestream had been broken. They’d rushed him to medbay and she’d stood watch over him alongside Mick. Once she’d leaned down and pressed her lips to his, promising him a future so long as he opened his eyes. They’d remained closed for another day before blinking open. 

“Assassin,” he groaned, lips and mouth overly dry, his body aching. 

“Crook,” she’d answered with a bright smile, hand going to his hair which had gotten a little longer than normal, curling slightly as her fingers ran through it. The motion had his eyes drooping in pleasure. “Welcome back.”

“How long?” he asked eventually, needing to know. 

Too long.” 

She leaned down, hesitating, and he reached up to slide his hand behind her neck and gently pull her down. For once they could take their time. For once there was no impending doom attached to a shared kiss. For once they could enjoy it.

Their lips met. 

She tasted like cherries. 

She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness