This picture goes back to my second week in Germany and my first day of taking German class. Let me tell you!! This course was very intense. It was from Monday -Friday from 1pm-5pm for 8 weeks and it was taught all in German. It was honestly a big day for us considering I was happy to learn something new and he was proud that I was interested in his language. I felt like a 4 year old being dropped off at school for the first time by their parents(nervous and a little bit of separation aniexty..lol). In the end I’m able to understand and read German a bit, but I still can’t speak it. Fabian would practice at home with me, but of course we lost patience and got frustrated and eventually just stopped and would do something else. All and all I can say good times and funny moments. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him and us. @fabianpodu @auniquelifee ♡♡♡


Britain’s First (Biracial) Black Marchioness Emma McQuiston.

Upon marrying Ceawlin Thynn, heir to the Longleat estate, she is a  viscountess and a marchioness-in-waiting. She will take the name Lady Bath when her husband inherits his father’s peerage.

The mixed-race daughter of a Nigerian oil tycoon is marrying into the aristrocracy’s most eccentric family. Her father-in-law, 80-year-old Alexander Thynn, the seventh Marquess of Bath, is well known not least for his harem of at least 75 “wifelets” that he keeps in cottages on his estate, despite having been married for four decades.

Miss McQuiston claims to have had to face “some snobbishness, particularly among the much older generation”. She told Tatler magazine: “There’s class, and then there’s the racial thing.”

“she has been snubbed by the British elite because of her ethnicity and background”



The Swirling Creations of Basspixel

Sandeep “Sunny” Singh is a graphic designer, who currently resides in the UK. He has recently given himself a big push to embrace his creativity outside of a professional practice to create abstract artwork. With no expectations, and full freedom, he can do more of what has always been the driving motivator behind his work: pure digital abstract experimentation. You can find his work on Tumblr as Basspixel.

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