Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Actress Brytni Sarpy

Green Dress: Cooperative

Gladiator Sandals: Michael Kors Seanna Boot

Photography: Davida Williams


Hey Swirls!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I certainly did. I spent my Sunday afternoon at thee awesome-ness that is China Town in Downtown Los Angeles!

One of my favorite destinations for color. It’s like a Boba machine exploded in there it’s so colorful. I think it’s safe to declare here on Swirl Girl Army that when I eventually grow up ( I’m 25 and still behave as though I am 13) I would like to decorate my future house with lots of bright, happy colors. I’ll share with you a quote that pretty much sums up my relationship with it:

“Color stimulates certain moods in us. It awakens joy or fear in accordance with its configuration. In fact, the whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color. Our entire being is nourished by it. This mystic quality of color should likewise find expression in a work of art.”

~Hans Hoffman

…Why not? Right? #YOLO. 



Chinatown Outfit #1:

Sunnies: Thierry Lasry

Dress: YAYA Nome de Plume ( Urban Outfitters ) 

Belt: Thrift

Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke

Shoes: Clarks ( The most comfortable shoes in the world! )


Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Erica Dickerson!

Overalls: Nameless

Pink Bikini Top: Vintage

Swirl Girl Side Note: Isn’t it cool how all three sets of eyes (both paintings on Erica’s left and right side) in the first shot are staring at you? Especially Frida?? 


Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Brytni Sarpy!

Hey There Swirls,

Welcome back to Monday<3 We’ve missed you. 

I’m hoping some of you may already relate to us over here at SGA as we are completely captivated by our latest Swirl Girl Icon (total babe): Actress Brytni Sarpy!

Not only does this beauty remind us what’s possible when you put your mind to something you love (she’s currently developing a pilot series called,“Matchmaker”,in which she plays the female lead) but she also manifests her perseverance in a positive way by being an uplifting person with a glowing personality. AND, what’s more? She also demonstrates how hard work can transfer into a mind blowing figure. Of course, we had to get to the bottom of this at Swirl Girl Army so dive into Brytni’s world and uncover her work out routine, beauty/hair secrets, and life motivations below!

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Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Aurielle Rounsaville!

Meet our Black, Persian, French swirled beauty from Atlanta! (Part 2)

Crop top: ADIDAS x Opening Ceremony

Hat: We Are Massive

Sneakers: Jordans



Meet (Cardigan Welsh Corgi-Papillion) Swirl Dog, Banjo!

Isn’t he a natural??? During the shoot, we noticed that Banjo couldn’t resist getting in front of the camera so we thought, what the hell, let’s give him a scarf. And as sooon as we gave him that scarf, we asked him to pose and voila! the rest is history. I mean, look at that confidence! What a Cover Dog!


Banjo is wearing a fabulous red/navy nautical scarf by H&M.

My Look:

Black Starred Jumper: Motel Rocks

Boots: Chloe


Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Aurielle Rounsaville!

Our Black, Persian, French Swirled Beauty from Atlanta! ( Part 1 )

Crop Top Rihanna for River island  
Shorts: Rihanna for River Island  
Black Boots: All Saints




Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Hanine! ( Part ¾ )

Jacket/Skirt: Thrift

Flats: Repetto

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