swirled frosting


Snow swirled around the frosted windows, the wind howling through the corridors, and the endless shrieking and chattering seemed to never end.

“You’re taking him? What were you thinking?

“I’m so jealous! Mum wouldn’t buy me new ones -”

“Green is perfect with your eyes!”

“You can’t just ask Cedric Diggory -”

“What about Lissy? I don’t think she’s been asked -”

It should have made Fred feel better that he wasn’t alone in waiting. He might have been taunting his little brother about hanging around, but he only talked a big game.

In reality, he was starting to wish this stupid ball had never come up in the first place.

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Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterscotch cake filled with butterscotch sauce, topped with vanilla and butterscotch swirl frosting and a drizzle of even more butterscotch!

The cake reminds me a bit of banana bread in texture, and it’s not too sweet - makes a perfect base for all that delicious butterscotch. I tried to make the frosting look ‘liquidy’ to simulate a frosty mug of butterbeer :)

For my sister, the birthday girl/Hufflepuff!