Not All Is Hopeless

From @cordkitty-ish prompt request “I’ve finally realized what you mean” and she requested Solavellan. Thanks for the prompt, I hope you like it!

For @dadrunkwriting

Lost in her thoughts and zoned out, Sarya stumbled over a root and felt herself falling. Her arms went out to embrace the impact with ground that hadn’t tasted a drop of rain in weeks. A dirt cloud swirled up around her, caking onto her hands, her eyes and lips. Pulling her legs up beneath her, she sat back on her knees while clenching some of the dirt, then releasing it between her fingers like sand in an hourglass.

Images of Leliana’s darkened eyes flashed before her eyes and doubts about what she could accomplish began to weigh her, already heavy, mind down. Though, what she’d seen at Redcliffe was a future they’d no longer have (thanks to Dorian), she hadn’t buried the memories altogether. Sunken eyes, a fearful friend and the worst of all was the hopelessness that drained the color of Solas’ perfect complexion. He had deemed himself a failure, not only to her but to the entire world.

She felt Solas’ hand on her shoulde, then, and a chill traveled down her spine with his touch. Her thoughts brought her back to reality but she couldn’t bring her face up to meet his. “Are you alright?” He asked, then he was kneeling down next to her and she could feel his eyes roaming her face with concern.

“I just….” She wasn’t sure how to tell him exactly what she was feeling. What she was seeing flash through her mind over and over again. Still, she made an effort to because he was asking. Because he cared. “She was so dark and you were so very hopeless. That grim future…” her voice trailed off again. “Though, that future isn’t real, I felt it. It was real to me and I’m just not sure how to sort all these feelings out that I have.”

Everything was coming out in incomplete thoughts. It was nothing like what her mind was playing through on an endless reel and she sighed with frustration.

To her surprise, Solas pulled her into his arms and began stroking her hair. “I am sorry. But you must remember, that future will never come to pass now. It is not all hopeless.”

He hugged her tighter and she felt a tug at her heart that made tears begin to fall from her eyes. They sat this way for a long length of time (or so it seemed), causing the others to cough awkwardly and shuffle uneasily.

Then, Solas, in a whisper that only she could hear, began to sing her mother’s lullaby and her nerves began to calm. She’d be surprised by the melodic sound of his voice lilting on soft and low notes but he’d already proved that he was a man of many talents.

It was exactly what she needed, however, and she began to giggle against his chest. She felt the lips on her forehead curve into a smile as he continued to sing. And right there, in that moment, she realized exactly what he meant to her.

She squeezed him as tight as she possibly could, not just his physical body but also her idea of him. Perhaps she would feel hopeless again. She’d most likely feel hurt—that was a given—but with him at her side, always, at least she’d never have to do it alone.

anonymous asked:

There's a reason Angel and Erza don't want to work together: "Angel Strawberry Swirl Cake with whipped cream." They were supposed to share it but something happened and the cake was destroyed in the process. They still blame each other.

I want to see them both fight over it and try to bite each other like angry puppers.