swirl tattoo

the signs as fairies

Aries: adorns herself in red silk with shimmering wings the color of fire. can be found in environments with fire or heat, like volcanoes. is immune to the heat. can manipulate and create fire and spends her days playing with phoenixes and friends she creates out of burning embers. usually has swirling gold tattoos.

Taurus: a gentle fairy who can be found in forests. she spends her time playing with forest animals and making flower chains. she wears clothes made out of pieces of cloth she finds and always has some type of flower in her hair. her wings are soft as a feather, translucent and give off a golden glow. she can talk to animals, and she attracts them wherever she goes.

Gemini: the ultimate trickster. very petite, with razor sharp blue wings. she almost always wears a hat that covers her dark tresses. she wears a short dress with high boots. she is never without her staff. covered in her trinkets, her staff is her main tool to help her practice voodoo. other fairies come to her for potions and spells, but beware, she will turn on you if it benefits her.

Cancer: can most often be found in water. everything about her is silvery blue, from her skin to her hair to her eyes. she looks like she is made of moonlight. she only comes out at night, to sing songs to the moon. her wings are made of millions of tiny water droplets, but she rarely shows them. she can craft moonlight into beautiful pieces of art.

Leo: if you ever manage to get a glimpse of this fairy, the first thing you’ll notice about her is her hair. her thick red curls spiral out everywhere. considering wings are sacred to this type of fairy, it’s no surprise that hers are extravagant. like the wings of a monarch butterfly, her wings are especially strong, even though they look especially fragile. her clothes are made out of autumn leaves she finds in the woods where she lives. she usually has leaves decorating her hair. her favorite pastime is playing with the butterflies she shares her home with.

Virgo: like Leo, this fairy has wings like a butterfly, but hers are shades of deep blue and rich green. she looks delicate, but will defend her home fiercely. she wears clothes she creates from natural materials, and will typically have flowers in her hair. she spends her days protecting her home from humans and predators alike.

Libra: this dainty fairy spends her time high in the clouds. wears clothes made of pure white feathers and clouds. though she doesn’t have wings, she has a naturally ability to control air, and uses that to her advantage. she is an amazing dancer and spends her time dancing in the clouds to beautiful music only she can hear. 

Scorpio: the rumors surrounding this fairy are plenty. with her swirling black tattoos, dark hair, and leathery, deep purple and blue wings, she intimidates most who venture into her home, which is how she likes it. skilled in the most ancient magic, she spends her days making potions for those willing to pay the price. 

Sagittarius: perhaps the most daring fairy, her favorite pastime is to give humans glimpses of her, but she never shows her face. she only comes out when the leaves are changing colors. she wears a dress spun from pure gold, with a beautiful crown made out of golden feathers. her wings look like feathers but are actually very sharp, and are also gold. her favorite trick is, once you get a glimpse of her, she hides herself among the leaves until you go mad looking for her.

Capricorn: no human has ever gotten a look at this fairy, who is always found in cold environments. cold as ice, she’s as small as the snowflakes she crafts. her crystallized wings are more beautiful than any snowflake, and she wears a dress and jewelry crafted out of pure ice. her silver hair matches the color of her eyes. 

Aquarius: one of the rarest fairies, every part of her is silver, except her fragile, translucent wings. she only comes out during a full moon and is found in quiet, moonlit forests. she wears a dress made out of silvery moonlight. her favorite accessory is a crown made out of moonflowers. 

Pisces: this fairy frequents vast meadows, looking for a flower to make her home in. she makes her beautiful dresses out of stray flower petals she finds. her huge, butterfly-like wings are as big as she is. her most prized possession is her wooden flute, which she can use to call animals to her.

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So @momnar and I made a god today.

His name is Crux, and you could describe him as a god of decisiveness, change, and tension.  He’s the patron of protestors and all movements and so on and so forth.

The smoke coming off him right now is the release of tension when people jump into action.

Nessian - Depressed!Cassian

Here is part 3/the last part of my Nessian fic. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the angst! Part 1, Part 2 

[Depressed!Cassian - 3/3]

Three days later, Nesta knocked on Cassian’s door. She had no idea what she was doing there. What she was going to say.

She waited for him to give her permission to enter. She wore a velvet dress in deepest blue. The sleeves were long and tight, the neckline modest.

“Who is it?” Cassian said from within.

“Nesta,” she replied in a voice that was smaller than she’d intended.

“Come in.”

She took a deep breath and opened the door.

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Exhibition (AO3)

Prompt: angst, human!AU, early 20s, artist!Cas, tattoos

For @envydean winner of my january botm

“Charlie, did you really have to drag me all the way over here? Why couldn’t you just go by yourself?” Dean huffs, following Charlie into the warehouse.

“Because I did you a favour and went to that wrestling match with you so now you’re going to return it.” Charlie retorts, before heading over to the first piece of art she sees. Dean grumbles but follows along beside her.

He’s never been to an art exhibit before. But then again he’s not the type of person who would willingly go to an art exhibit. Most of the people here seem like a bunch of hippies. They’ve either got blue hair, dreadlocks or tattoos swirling down their arms. Lots of tattoos. Kind of like someone he used to know.

Dean looks back to Charlie to see she’s moved closer through the small crowd to the piece of art. Dean sighs and follows her.

It’s been a full hour. An hour. Thankfully, though, the exhibit will be finished in ten minutes so Dean can leave. Sure, the paintings are good. Very good, but Dean doesn’t understand any of them. Charlie, on the other hand has stood and stared for about five minutes at each of them.

Dean taps Charlie on the shoulder. “C’mon, Charlie. Let’s get outta here.”

Charlie doesn’t even look at him. “No. The exhibit’s not finished yet.”

“It’s gonna finish in like ten minutes though.”

Charlie finally turns and crosses her arms. “Good. You can wait ten minutes then.”

Dean groans. Half of the people who showed up have already left. But of course there still here. “But this is the last painting. I swear we’ve looked at all the others.”

“Yeah and I’ll just be another ten minutes, okay?”

“How could you possibly look at this painting for ten minutes? It’s not even that good.” 

“Is that what you thought of all the paintings I did for you as well?” says a deep voice from behind him.

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A War Fought at Home

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better? 

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and FF.net. 

“Come on, dude, you know you should go.”

Natsu Dragneel struggled to sit up in his queen-sized bed, the rays of sunlight causing him to squint as he moved about. He threw off the red and black striped down comforter and breathed in as deep as his lungs could manage. His pain killers from overnight were already starting to wear off and the sharp sensations were attacking him every time he forced his legs to move so much as an inch. His chair was in front of him, beside the bed as it had been since the day he was released from the hospital. Gods how he hated that thing. All it did was remind him of who he used to be, back before it all happened.

Summoning all his strength, Natsu lifted himself from the bed and plopped himself down in the wheelchair, taking a minute to collect himself before making his way toward the door. Looking in the full-length mirror beside the closet door, across from his bed, he was greeted by the image of a man he hardly knew. His hair was long and shaggy, he still had his muscle from years of physical activity and training but they weren’t nearly as defined. His eyes, once a bright emerald green were now a dingy shade of forest green, almost black and lacking emotion. He was wearing Marine-issue sweatpants with a black tank top, his tattoos swirling over his shoulder and right arm. Above the mirror hung multiple medals and certificates from his years of service but all they did was make him angry. If he could stand to remove them, he would have, just so he didn’t have to relive the bullshit over again every single day.

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Bonded - Part 1

Part of an A/B/O concept I came up with with the help of @battytastic, hope y’all enjoy

It was 10 p.m., and Rhys still wasn’t at dinner.

In the three hours since their reservation at the restaurant had come around, Jack had already finished quite a few baskets of bread and nearly an entire bottle of wine on his own. He’d planned this dinner with Rhys over a month ago after the omega had been rambling about the restaurant practically non-stop, and it would’ve been an understatement to say that it had been driving Jack insane.

To be fair, the table he was sitting at had a killer view of Elpis, not to mention the brilliant stars expanding out in all directions. The only sight that Jack would rather see was Rhys; or, better yet, Rhys leaning against the large, glowing window. Instead, what was supposed to by Rhys’ chair remained empty, and the ice in what would have been his glass of water had long melted.

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Markings. (Jeller fluff with a light touch of smut.)

A/N: Dedicated to @janiedoe ; I’ve combined both our ideas into one fic!


When Jane sleeps, she has a preference for rolling onto her stomach and curling one arm around a pillow. Kurt noticed it that first night in his bed, though now, months in, she tends to drape across him on her stomach. Which makes it difficult to get up in the morning without waking her and if they’ve been late to work a few times because of it, well, no one’s had the nerve to say anything.

This morning, though, his phone is vibrating and while he’d usually ignore it, it’s Sarah, and he can’t let that go. Deftly, he pulls himself out from under Jane, answering his phone with one hand while keeping the other gently on top of her head to soothe her back to sleep. Then, he leaves the room to talk to his sister, tugging on discarded boxer briefs as he goes, checking the fridge for breakfast supplies. He’s run low, but there’s enough for eggs and toast so it’ll have to do. Pancakes could have been the meal of the morning, but someone happens to like pancakes for dinner, and who is he to say no to Jane when it comes to something like that?

When the call is done, Kurt makes his way back to the bedroom but pauses to look at Jane, an amused but quiet laugh making its way past his lips. She’s taken his pillow hostage, splayed across it with her face pressing into it. There was a night, a couple weeks back, when she quietly asked him what he thought about all of the tattoos now that he could see everything in intimate detail. He told her then she was beautiful, that he’d make sure she knew nothing about all the ink on her body kept him from seeing her. That answer will always be true, but now his eyes are glued to one tattoo, his name, and he sinks back into bed beside her. Lightly, his fingers trace the letters that brought her to him, that changed their lives forever. Shepherd could have picked anyone, and maybe if it hadn’t been him his life would have been calmer, less riddled with things he’d rather forget. But then he’d never have Jane, he’d never have this, and as he looks at the new ring on her finger, he knows he’d never have a wife.

Everything was worth it, every tattoo, every bullet, every tear. He’s marrying her in three weeks thanks to his name on her skin. Bending down, he can’t help pressing a kiss there, right above his first name. And once he’s there, he can’t help the way his lips drag across her shoulders, then down her spine. He can tell she’s awake by the soft hum she lets out, and carefully he flips her onto her back which places his lips on her bare stomach. His tongue finds the swirl of a tattoo and traces, her soft gasp doing more to him than she’ll ever guess. His intent is to keep moving down, but then her hands are tugging at him, sliding down his sides and pushing the briefs down his hips as far as she can get them. She still looks half-asleep, her hair a messy halo on the pillow beneath her, but even like this, he can’t and won’t deny her anything. His fingers find her first, touching, watching her writhe and grasp the sheets, and he waits, wanting to hear her, needing one more thing before giving her what she wants. He teases, ducks his head to kiss the smooth curve of a breast, and then, finally, he hears what he wants:


Just his name, one that’s always sounded harsh to his own ears, never said with this depth of love before. That’s all he needs before giving her everything she wants and more, his heart, all she’s ever asked for, every wall turned to dust at her feet.

Days later, when he runs out for a quick errand, he gets back to Jane pacing, forehead furrowing when he’s later than she thought he would be. “I didn’t realize you’d be gone this long. Is everything okay?” There have been too many close calls, too many times where she thought she lost him and vice versa. One day she’ll relax about him being gone and not worry; today is not that day.

Kurt steps forward and holds out his hand to her, the hand that will soon be home to a wedding band. On instinct, Jane takes it and looks down, eyes widening when she sees her name tattooed on his skin. Eventually, his ring will cover it, but it’s there, and when she looks back up at him, there are unshed tears in her eyes on the brink of falling.

“There,” Kurt begins, reaching out with his free hand to run his fingers through her hair. “Now we match.”

Dropping her head, Jane’s lips find his skin to kiss the tattoo, a smile curving against his fingers. "You really did this for me?”

His hands move up her arms, then up her shoulders until he can cradle her face in his hands.

“Anything, for you, Jane.”

A Court of Lost Things


              The horse’s hooves click over the cobblestones as we make our way through the city.  People pause to wave at their prince and one woman in a tight, green dress winked with a flirty gesture and adding extra swagger.  Yet when I glanced back at Calev, he was staring straight ahead, never noticing any of the women who seem to be looking at him like some kind of delicious treat. My eyes drank in his beautiful features and in my pain-filled haze I reached up, running my fingers over his lips. As his wide eyes flick down to me with an expression I can’t understand, I suddenly realize what I’ve done. It’s like something inside me just needed…to touch him. My thumb strokes down his jaw and something sparks in me.  I quickly look away and press my hand into my lap. The same hand that I touched him with and is now tingling between my fingers. Calev lets go of the reins with one hand and braces it against my thigh.  I open my mouth to tell him to stop but then I started to sway and that hand seemed to be the only thing keeping me from tumbling off the horse.  The grand palace looms over us and the golden gates open wide, the metal groaning on its weight.  The horse stops near the stables and Calev moved, dismounting the horse. He stood before me and his hands braced my hips as he lifts me off and then shifts me into his arms.  Carrying me into the grand entrance, I tuck myself into his warm embrace. I wanted to curse at him for carrying me, for thinking I am a damsel in distress, but I said nothing because if he didn’t carry me I don’t know what I’d do. I could hardly move half of my body.  The pain climaxed through me as I tried to lift it up and everything went black.

              I drifted in and out of consciousness, hearing voices murmuring around me. I couldn’t understand one word the voices were saying, even as I tried to. Hands softly brush my hair away from my face and I sighed. It felt like a comfort and I thought it might have been my father, had I not remembered that I wasn’t anywhere near him at all. Not near my family. My home.

I blink my eyes to open and saw a shadow of a person over me. As I blinked my eyes again to see more clearly, I could see a patch of white hair and black swirls of a tattoo on the person’s neck. I closed my eyes again, too tired to keep them open. Something deep in my heart knew that Calev was different, he was something else to me.  Yet I didn’t know what.

              “I have to go, little bat. I will be back soon.  Hang in there till I come back and don’t worry, you will be safe.”  I felt a slight pressure against my head and warmth filled my body.  Calev’s lips.  When he pulled away, I heard a slight intake of breath.  “I will be back as soon as I can,” his voice sounded shocked.  Footsteps retreated and I heard the sound of the door being shut.

              I groaned as I moved to sit up but found my arms weighed down by chains.  A gasp escapes me as I look around to realize I am in a dank cell.  There were walls of brick all around me apart from the bars.  Fear creeps up to me as I call for my magic and find it flickering just out of reach.  A noise of devastation fell from my lips. Had Calev really thrown me in prison? And I just now realize that the pain I felt before is gone and that I am completely healed. I didn’t get why he would have me healed just to throw me inside of this…hellhole.  Though this wouldn’t be the end. I had my family waiting for me in some other world or reality and getting back to them was my main priority. And I know that my parents are probably trying to find ways to get me back right this very second. I tried to stand but found the chains on my hands restricted the movement.  I felt my wings rustle behind me at the movement and with a shock, I found that my magic fell away from them. They probably showed up when I was passed out.  Biting my lip, I reach deep inside where my power thundered within me, but the more I reached the farther away it slips.

              A growl rips from my chest at the inability to reach it.  In Prythian, I rival my mother and father’s powers, and being unable to reach it now made me beyond angry.  When I failed to lure my magic back to me, I look around for a weakness in the chain but to no avail.

              Feet echoed through the hall before me as a guard stops in front of my cell carrying a tray full of what I’m assuming to be food. He slides the tray towards me and starts to walk away before-

              “Wait!”  At my words the guard stops and gives me a long look.


              “Why am I imprisoned?”

              “That’s not for me to say,” the guard answers stiffly.

              “Come on Joseph. Surely the little creature could use an explanation,” I could hear laughter in the voice and another guard showed before the light.

              The first guard turned and gave him a look of uncertainty. “Zachariah, the king and queen-”

              “You are imprisoned due to your coming from this world called ‘Prythian’ that we have never seen or heard of before and we do not know if you are a friend or foe.  The King and Queen fear you maybe something else, like the Valg.”

              “Two things: what has the prince said about this? And what the hell is a Valg?”  I tripped over the word, ‘Valg’.

              “The prince had nothing to say because he is on a mission for a few weeks and a Valg is a demon-like creature. Absolute disgusting.” His face turned, like he smells something foul.

              “Wait, so they locked me up down here after the prince left?”

              “Well after you were well enough to be moved, but yes.”  A snarl ripped from my throat causing the guards to take a step back.  I reached out and grabbed the bread as the guards made their way back. Sniffing it to check for poison, I found none so I took a huge bite. I have to get out of these chains.  

My eyes traveled to where they were bolted to the floor.  It looked as if it had almost been melted but how could that be?  Biting my lip, I chewed on the bread thoughtfully.  If my dad were here he would probably charm the guards.  Charming things had never been my strong suit which was strange because both of my parents were good charmers. I have always seemed more like Amren, I suppose, or my aunt Nesta.  Aunt Nesta was like a viper and that’s one thing I admire about her. Tugging on the chain to test its strength, I found it to be hardened steel.  My only option was magic which I can’t use because it seems like a far away echo in my mind.  Well…I could come up with another way to approach my magic.

              For the next several hours, I try dozens of ways to get my magic to no avail.  I plunge head first; I plunge feet first; I shout; I pretend to be my father and coax it out; I whisper to it.  Nothing.  I push my hair back and a frustrated scream fell from my gritted teeth. Pulling and clawing at the chains in my anger, I do not feel the pain and the blood dripping from my fingers didn’t matter to me.  Hard stone presses into my palms as I brace my arms against the floor.  A cold seeps into my bones, one that has little to do with the moisture in the cell and more to do with the dread that is slowly taking over my mind.  My wings wrap around me, creating a comfortable cocoon of velvet black.  If I closed my eyes I could almost smell the scent of the sea, hear the roar of the ocean, feel the cool breeze on my face.  I could imagine that if I moved my wings I could dive into the waves then go back to the city to eat some ice cream and then sit with my mother at her art studio, watching her paint and laughing at the memorable stories she tells me of her past.  But I knew the moment I  move my wings away, I would still be in this dank cell with bloodied hands, a faint smell of pine which was covered up by the smell of piss and vomit.

              A thought came to me. What if I tried to slowly bring my magic to me?  So I did, inch by starry inch.  I felt night come to me as it curls around my arms then twining with the Illyrian tattoos over my chest and back.  Hour by hour, more of my magic curled around me.  Night flowed around the dark cell, stars weaved around my head.  Dancing over my wings and sliding down the claws that tip my wings.  I felt my mother’s powers start to well within me.  Not as powerful as hers but the water in the cell danced along the stars, flares of light shining in the darkness, fire joined the dance, and soon my powers were all spinning around me.

              Eyes closed, I concentrated on breaking the chains and then… The chain disappeared. I stood, my wings stretching as far as they could.  I had an impressive wingspan for a female and I was proud of that as I shook them out in the small cell.  A proud smirk pulled at my lips and I winnowed out of the cell.  Reining my powers back in, I walked up the only stairway upwards.  Ascending the mold covered stairs, I listen for any guards beyond the doors but hear none.  With another winnow I am walking through the elaborate corridors.  A group of servants’ chatter around the corner and slipping behind a pillar, I search their minds for where the throne room is.  I almost don’t find it in time but just at the last second, I find the location.  My feet make no noise as I avoid the shafts of sunlight coming from the giant windows to my right and I stick in the shadows as Uncle Azriel taught me.  Quickly and quietly, I move to the throne room.  Avoiding any guards or servants haunting the halls, I didn’t consider hiding my wings and instead choosing to show off my heritage.

              Finally, I reach the large golden doors, it depicted a mark of a stag staring at me in a wooded forest.  A hawk sits above the stag on a tree, staring at me with its hooded eyes as if debating whether or not to kill me.  Taking a deep breath and shaking out my wings, I shove the doors open and saunter into the throne room.

              Inside, I find two royals sitting upon the thrones.  A white wolf, a large leopard, and a tall male with golden hair and tan skin stood near them.  The king and queen on the throne stood as the wolf shifted into one of the most beautiful males I had ever seen. They all stood at the ready for a fight.  The queen stepped in front of all of them with a look of wrath on her face.  Before she even spoke, she launched herself at me with daggers in her hands.  I winnowed away from her and she froze, spinning with wide eyes.

              “What are you?” Her shriek filled the throne room.  As the white haired male came up behind her I realized with a start how much Calev looked like him. These were his parents.  I was surrounded now but they were no match for me.  Night started to wrap around me, readying for the attack that was to come.

              The doors burst open again and there stood Calev.  His chest heaving as if he had been running here.  Calev walked up to me, pushing past his parents to get to me.  His hand reached for my arm but I jerked away from the touch. With his back to me, he turned toward his parents.

              “What is going on here?”

              “Calev, step away from her.  She has escaped.”

              “Escaped? She wasn’t supposed to be imprisoned in the first place! I saved her because she was in trouble,” the growl in his voice and his protective stance filled the air with a haunting dread and it makes me uncomfortable. What he is insinuating was between us.

              “So you bedded the girl? Nice job, boy,” the once wolf purred at him.  Calev tensed but said nothing.  I would not be spoken of like that though.

              “Excuse me?  I am not some prize to be taken! Nor have I had any relations with this male,” I spat the word male.  “I have no idea how the hell I got here.  I don’t know any of you and I just want to go home!”  My breath came out fast and harsh now, the power I had was swirling around me now, fueled by my emotions.  Calev turns to me with a look of surprise.

              “This male? You wound me, little bat.” Calev presses his hand to his heart but I roll my eyes wanting to pluck his out.

              “I am NOT a little bat,” I snap.  His eyes flick to my wings.

              “Could’ve fooled me, little bat,” the way he enunciates the words makes me want to punch him in the face.

              “Enough,” the king says.  “What do you mean how you got here? As in how you got to Terrasen?”  I turn to the king.

              “To this world.”

 written by me First part:https://velarisoncanvas.tumblr.com/post/161524563013/a-court-of-lost-things

edited by the amazing @crazy-fangirl16

More to come!! I’ll be tagging people if they want

No matter what, Always and Forever (C.H)

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Part 1             Part 2                                 

I stare at Calum’s hands as he drives us through the night; his fingers gripping tightly on the steering wheel, his biceps flexing and close to ripping his black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled-up and his tattoos swirling on his skin and most importantly our engagement ring, the simple silver band that hugs his finger and shines under the moonlight and the lights of the car and the road ahead of us.

I run my fingers through his soft curls and smile at the sight of my soon-to-be husband.
“Are you ok, love?” He asks me, his eyes glued on the road. He is always such a conscious driver, concentrated on the road and on our safety.
“Yeah, just a bit dizzy from the wine…” I reply leaning on my seat. Calum chuckles and takes my hand in his before he kisses the top of my hand.
“My girl is drunk and it’s the only night that I can’t take advantage of her…” He says, chuckling.
“Well, I am going to get drunk again tomorrow and then you can take advantage of your wife…” He says, chuckling.
“I can’t wait, kitten.” He says, cheerfully.
“Me either..”
“I can’t wait to start a family with you…” He smiles at me, stopping at the red light.
My face drops a little bit a few memories from some years back popping in my head.
“Are you alright, dove?” He asks, looking at me concerned.
“Are you feeling dizzy?” He asks again before I could answer.
“No, I just.. Cal, we never talk about my miscarriage… I know it’s probably not the right time but I am scared… What if it happens again? What if I won’t be able to conceive again?” I ask, feeling my eyes brimming with tears.

Calum passes the greenlight but pulls over in an empty emergency lane within a minute. He turns on his seat and grabs my face in his hands, looking at me with love.
“Babygirl, there is nothing to be scared of… No matter what, I am going to be by your side. We were so young when this happened. I was in the beginning of my career, I was traveling all the time and you were still in college, it would be so hard for us to raise a human, especially back then when we weren’t even in the same country.”
“We could still make it… ” I mumble as he strokes my cheek.
“No doubt on that baby. But everything happens for a reason. Remember that we had just started our relationship. If we had a baby back then, maybe we wouldn’t last… The pressure would be high and the bond we had back then wasn’t as strong as it is now..”
“Maybe you are right. But I can’t help but think of it… Our baby would be 3 years old now if I…”
“(Y/N) stop. It wasn’t your fault. It is common that early in pregnancies. Stop torturing yourself.”
“Calum, you don’t get it…”
“No, (Y/N), I do get it. I lost a baby too. And I wasn’t even there. I couldn’t be next to you cause I had to fucking stay on that fucking tour. And it hurts me too. Sometimes I stay awake at night and think of how everything could have been so different. I blame myself for not being there to take care of you or go through that with you. So, please don’t tell me that I don’t get it, cause I do. But I know that we are going to make it through everything cause you and I baby are above all. And I don’t care if you won’t get pregnant again. We can adopt or for all I care, fill the house with dogs. I love you, you are my family (Y/N).” He says looking deep in my eyes.

I lean in to kiss him and he responds almost immediately kissing my lips with the same passion he did on our first kiss.

“Now Mrs. Hood, I have to take you home and put you in bed, cause tomorrow it’s the big day…” He says, turning on the engine.
“Will you stay with me?” I ask, laying back on my seat.
“Babygirl, I really wish I could. But I have to go to the hotel, the guys are waiting for me.”
“I thought you had your bachelor party 3 days ago…”
“I had my party. They are waiting for me just for a drink and a chat, nothing special…”
“I see…Have fun. And don’t get too drunk, you have to be waiting for me to walk down the aisle tomorrow evening…”

The next morning I wake up by a light knock on my door. I drag my feet on the marble floor and down the stairs. I scratch my head and groan, realizing by the shape behind the dark glass door, that it is my best friend, probably ready to kick the day off.
The day… Uh, I’ve been waiting for that day for so long…

I open up the door, greeting my best friend with a hug.
“Are you ready for your big day? ” She asks, beaming with excitement. I smile, thinking of the moment I will walk down the aisle towards my husband.
My stomach twists and turns, every bit of food I had last night threatens to flow back up and spill from my mouth.
“(Y/N), are you ok?” My best friend asks, worried. I raise my hand in front of me, signaling her to stop talking and give me a minute. The jitters of anxiousness and excitement are making my whole body act weird.
“I am fine. I just thought of Calum and you know… I got all excited and anxious. ” I reply after a few seconds.
“Oh, I see…” She responds, smiling excitedly.
“OH my God… You are getting married…. You are getting married to Calum… Calum Hood… Oh my God. And I am going to be the maid of honor…” She freaks out, causing me to laugh.
“Stop freaking out… ” I giggle
“You are right… There is no time for freaking out… Your mom and your aunts are already in the hair salon. Your hairdresser is getting here in an hour and the bridesmaids are on their way. ” She says, reading her notes on her phone.  I hug her and she laughs.
“Thank you for your help. I couldn’t do it without you. ”
“Shhh… Don’t think about that. Go hop in the shower and I’ll prepare everything in here…”

After hours of pampering and everyone being over my head, it’s finally time for me to wear my wedding dress. My mom looks at me while tearing up and my friend/ make-up artist scolds her for ruining her masterpiece.  My best friend helps me zip my dress up while the photographer takes pictures of everyone.
“The car is almost here…” My sister announces as me best friend takes care of the last details on my dress.

“Oh my God. You look so beautiful…” My mom says through tears.
“Really?” I ask, taking a look in the mirror. I truly look good. I just feel a bit weird, a bit anxious about Cal’s reaction.
“Like a princess. ” Mali comments and I blush.
“Can we be alone for a while?” Mali asks everyone politely.
“We are going to be in the cars. Whenever you are ready, we will leave.” My mom says before they leave the room.

I sit on the edge of the bed and Mali takes a seat next to me.  
“I just wanted to tell you that I am really happy for you and my brother. You are perfect for each other and honestly, I can’t imagine you two being separated. You are amazing (Y/N). And you make my brother so happy, I haven’t seen him like that since we were kids. I know that you two are going to live a happy life together and I can’t wait for you to build a beautiful, big family. You are part of the family, you always were, just now it’s going to be official. ” Mali says, hugging me tightly.
“It means a lot to me. And I can’t wait for baby Aiden to have a little cousin. I hope that I continue to make him happy, until the end of our lives. That’s my goal. And honestly, I don’t think that I’ve ever been happier, ever in my life. ”
“You both deserve each other. Now let’s go. My brother is waiting for his bride. ” Mali says, taking my hand in hers.

The ceremony was beautiful. We had the wedding in Malibu Pier and everything seemed just dreamy. After a few photos, it was finally time for Calum and me to have our first dance as a married couple.
“Will you tell me which song you picked?” I ask Calum as he guides me on the makeshift stage.
“You will find out in a few seconds, Mrs. Hood…”
“It sounds funny. ” I giggle as he places his arms around my waist.
“Better get used to it. You are going to have it for the rest of your life. ” He whispers in my ear and leaves a kiss on my temple as the music starts.
“You pick the song from Princess and the frog…” I gasp surprised. Calum laughs lightly as he starts swinging us from side to side. His arms are bringing me close to his chest and I am feeling more protected than ever.
“You’re my Queen of the night, so still, so bright…” He murmurs and I put my head on his chest.  
“I love you so much. ” I whisper, focused only on my husband.
“I wish I loved you more than you love me, baby. But I know you love me so much, sometimes it’s scary to think that a person has so much love inside. I love you more and more and I hope one day to overcome your love. ”
“That was beautiful…” I state, leaning in for a kiss. He gladly responds, leaning in the remaining few inches.

After a while, we both had to go around the tables and greet the guests. I am talking with a few friends of my mom while Calum went over his family. I stare at him from across the deck, my eyes focused on his happy, squishy face and soft eyes. His nephew, Mali’s son, is in his arms, reaching to touch his face with his small hands. I can see Calum laugh and enjoy the interaction with the baby and that makes me smile.
“Excuse me for a while. I need to go to my husband. ” I apologize to the ladies, earning a few comments of how in love we are and how we can’t go without each other for more than mere minutes, which are actually the truth.

I walk up to Calum, greeting a few guests as I walk by. Baby Aiden reaches his arms towards me once he sees me, being the cuddly little monkey he is. I boop his nose and lean my head on Calum’s shoulder, making him turn to me.
“What is it, princess? Did you get tired? ” He asks me, pecking on my forehead. I hum in disagreement as Mali reaches to pick her son from his uncle and aunt.
“No, I just missed you…” I reply to Calum, who grins at me.
“My babygirl… Can’t go a minute without me…” He chuckles shaking his head.
“Can I tell you something?” I ask, biting my lip.
“Sure…” He replies, his eyebrows knitted together.
“I want you to be calm and I want you to tell absolutely no one. ” I state, earning a more puzzled look from him.
“Go ahead…”

“I am pregnant. We are having a baby…” I announce. His puzzled look changes into a shocked and then into an excited one.
“Are you kidding me? ” He asks, stuttering a bit. I shake my head no and he hugs me close to his body.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. 100% sure. I went to the doctor last week. I wanted to tell you during our honeymoon trip but I saw you with Aiden and I couldn’t help it…"I mumble excitedly.
"How far are we?” Calum asks me, his eyes twinkling.
“7 weeks far. I don’t want to tell anyone until I am at least 3 months far. I just don’t want to put bad lucky on it this time. ”
“Understandable babygirl… Did you tell the doctor about the previous pregnancy?” He asks me. I can tell he is just as worried as I am.
“I did. And she gave me some vitamins and some calcium and some other tablets that I should take on the first trimester. ”
“This time we are going to make it, babygirl. We are going to be a big family…” He assures me, holding onto me tighter.

Rowaelin doctor au

@warriorlorcan Happy holidays from your secret santa!

Description: Rowan is a doctor living in New York and Aelin is a retired assassin. They meet after she is attacked in Central Park and wheeled into his OR…(you guys can’t even imagine the pleasure i got from writing the words “Dr. Whitethorn”…)

Word count: 2,054

Rowan cast an appraising look over the woman on the gurney. Golden hair, turquoise eyes with golden rimmed pupils and shit.

That was a lot of blood. It couldn’t have been all hers, otherwise she’d have left the scene in a body bag.

“What happened?” he demanded.

“She was attacked by seven men half an hour ago. Central Park west,” one of the EMTs said. “A couple heard her screams and called 911.”

“What was she doing in Central Park after midnight?” Rowan said, and swore under his breath.

“I think the real question is how she managed to fell five of them before she was taken down,” another EMT said.

“Don’t tell me we have five more bodies coming in–

“No, Dr. Whitethorn. We don’t. She killed them,” the EMT said.

Rowan nodded, but didn’t respond. He didn’t really care that the woman had killed five men. He was more concerned about the knife protruding from her thigh and the blood soaking through her shirt. He carefully split her shirt open and glanced over the wounds. There were three deep lacerations in her stomach. He took a look at the knife in her thigh. There was no telling how far it went in- he didn’t know the length of the blade. But he wasn’t going to take any chances.

“We need to get her to the OR. Now,” he said firmly. “And get me the head of General Surgery, Dr. Havilliard.”
He turned to survey the team of interns waiting eagerly behind him. “Fenrys, Gavriel, you’re scrubbing in.”

He watched them scurry off behind the gurney. He sighed and rubbed his eyes–it’d been a long night, and he had a feeling this wouldn’t be an easy surgery.

“Rowan,” he heard Dr. Havilliard’s voice say beside him. He turned to face his friend. Dorian was looking as handsome as ever, but drawn and tired. He was the youngest head of General Surgery in all of New York City, and he worked hard. Sometimes too hard.

“It won’t be an easy one, Dorian,” Rowan murmured.

“I saw her on her way to the OR,” Dorian said, “we better get going.”

Rowan and Dorian ran to OR and silently began washing up. They scrubbed their hands and forearms, and donned masks, hair caps, and blue scrubs.

“Dor–I,” Rowan started to say.

Dorian gave him an inquisitive look.

“She’s just so young,” Rowan said after a moment. “She looked so…fragile on the gurney.”

“She’s no younger than I am,” Dorian said, flipping through the hastily prepared chart. Through the window, Rowan saw that the interns and residents prepping the room for surgery.

“Her name is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. She has no parents. No siblings either from the looks of it. Just one cousin, Aedion,” Dorian continued.

“Then we better make sure Aedion sees his cousin again.”

Rowan pressed the button to open the door to the operating room and stepped inside. The interns and residents were gathered around the seemingly lifeless body on the operating table. Rowan and Dorian gave one another grim looks and began.

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Feysand Pregnancy Fic

I asked what people wanted me to write next and I got an overwhelming vote in the affirmative for Feyre telling Rhys she is preggers, so here it is! I don’t think some of the voices are entirely on point and it’s a tad long, but I enjoyed writing it a ton regardless and this fic in particular means a lot to me, so I hope you like!

Early Mornings with You

I had known something was off for a few days. I suppose if I’d been paying better attention to myself, I would have known a lot sooner.

Walking down the streets of Velaris after meeting with the healer was like a dream, my mind stuck perpetually in the clouds. I noticed everything and saw nothing all at the same time, running in to people accidentally when they were two steps in front of me, but still somehow able to see all of the colors of this beautiful city. It was so surreal. Somehow my sudden revelation made everything more vibrant, more alive, and I was in complete awe of the world in a way I never had been before as I neared my city apartment that I shared with Rhys.


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