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Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 5: Two Hearts Beat As One

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I use The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra  in this chapter, so if you REALLY want to make the ambiance of the chapter amazing, listen to this!

And with that, I give you the chapter: Two Hearts Beat As One!!!

Perfect moments don’t last forever.

In fact, you never realize the moment was perfect until it’s gone.

The French countryside seemed to span for eternity from the back of the rental car. Fields had sheep and livestock sprinkled throughout the long grass. They grazed peacefully, without worry, and you wished you could do the same.

Victor sat at the driver’s seat, Sam in the passenger’s seat, and you sat in the back. Although Victor wasn’t attending the banquet, Sam insisted that he act as the getaway driver. According to him, things could go haywire. Apparently, it’s happened before.

The banquet was being held at a historic manor, isolated in the endless fields. You could see the large, castle-like building from the edge of the pastures. The manor was huge. Bigger than you had expected, and much bigger than Sam had described it on the way.

The driveway welcomed dozens of cars, circling a detailed limestone fountain that was placed in the center. Surrounded by hedges and blooming flowers, statues of goddesses stood above the water, welcoming every guest that passed by it.

The sun was beginning to set. Illuminating the manor in a golden light. It made everything you saw almost—heavenly.

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Hey so I'm thinking about getting one of those cookie swirl pendant stims but I gotta ask, how strong are the flavours? And which flavor do you have??

theyre actually not flavored at all! theyre just different colors ^^


criedwolves put together such awesome photos wearing my tentacle flower crown. Such great makeup! I’m so greatful for his hard work on these~ The crown was really difficult to make but I learned so much doing it and I can’t wait to make another. I especially learned that fake flowers cost a lot more than you would think… Oh and it lights up!  Also here are some dark teal/aqua swirl pendant necklaces I made the other day~ 

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How long had it exactly been? Months? Years? She wasn't exactly sure, after such events had happened back at Oolacile. Seeing the township in such a shape brought sadness to her, though her destination was none other than a tombstone. She wasn't far, though once she arrived it was more desolate than she remembered. The woman knelt before it laying a pendant down before the tombstone once more. (of-era-bygone)

The earth shook when she laid down the pendant. Shadows swirled and writhed. A Dozen eyes filled with red hatred glared out from the darkness around her. Manus dropped down in front of her, teeth bared in savage rage.
“Human, where did you get that pendant? Why are you here?”