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So i got my All Time Low related tattoo yesterday and i love it so much!
this song means so much to me, it helped me getting through some really bad times. Thanks to this song i’ve realized that things get better, that i’m not alone and i’ll never be. this song, and this band in general for the matter, gives me strenght when i’m feeling weak, it makes me feel better when i’m feeling down, it’s like a little bubble of safe happiness i can hide inside when nothing feels alright. All Time Low did not save my life, but their music has been a huge part of my life during the past 3 years, they’ve been the soundtrack of my best and worst moments and that’s why i felt the need to have something to remind me of this period of my life on my skin forever. This is a reminder to myself to Stay Awake, to never lose hope and to carry on no matter what.


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I think what's strange and for me, hard to accept, about ATL and their sound changing and stuff is that they always say they were inspired by all these pop punk bands and they dreamed of being in a band and their earlier music is so so good and like, a big deal in that genre, and their stuff now is pretty meh mediocre pop/rock crossover and barely even has a whisper of the earlier potential they showed. To me its a shame because when they do pop punk, like SWIR or don't panic, they're SO GOOD

i don’t want to be harsh or rude or anything but like… bands can’t keep making the same record or replicating the same sound. THAT is what burns a band out and THAT is what causes them to have creative differences and become indifferent towards their art. I’ll be the first to admit that i’m a sucker for the all time low flare and SWIR is high up on my list of ATL albums, but i’m also open to the idea of growth and experimentation.

They took a leap with Dirty Work (even throughout the shit their label put them through) and imo it’s their best album to date, and i will not back down on that. That album was a risk for many reasons, but it fucking killed and its sound and direction was completely left field compared to their prior work. the overbearing nonsense of fans trashing it caused them to put pressure on themselves to create a very gritty punk-rock record which birthed don’t panic. I enjoy don’t panic a lot, but it’s obvious they wanted to prove that they still had that sound in them.. whereas now i just think they don’t give a shit about pleasing anyone but theirselves and that in itself has probably dropped the chains they were operating under. they aren’t necessarily catering to the fans anymore with what “they want to hear” and are now focusing on what “the band wants to create” which is fantastic because it gives the best of both worlds for the artist and the audience- a new experience.


Today marks the 7 year anniversary of the album that completely changed my life and my view of everything around me. So Wrong, It’s Right was the album that made me invest everything I am into this band and I couldn’t be more grateful /// All Time Low has constantly been my backbone and I could never thank them enough for all they’ve done for me.

(my rib cage tattoo is in Alex’s handwriting)

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