My buddy Sarah (swinsea.tumblr.com) and I are doing a Sketch Challenge Week!! Today Sarah drew something that inspires her and I decided to do the same by drawing SARAH!

It wouldn’t be fitting to talk about what inspires me and not mention Sarah. She is very accomplished and a great role model for any artist, but she is so much more to me.

Best Friends for a very long time - Sarah knew me before I wanted to be an artist. Back when I liked to doodle, but didn’t call it art. Back when I thought I just wasn’t cut out to even try. I would see her making such pretty drawings and then she would tell me that mine were good too. Sarah was the catalyst that got me to think “Maybe my drawings are good”.

This went on all throughout schooling - I draw, show Sarah, and she would encourage me. We even had drawing parties at her house where we would watch anime and draw all day. (Don’t even get me started on her anime influence with me) She read my silly comics I wrote - A Day In Emily’s Life and Mally and the Ring. She loved my ideas and still remembers some of the old ones I haven’t mentioned in a long time.

She is my number one go-to person for artistic critiques. I can safely say that EVERY significant art milestone - especially getting jobs - is directly because of Sarah. She got me my first art job out of college and we’ve worked together many times (which has always been amazing). She encourages me to draw to this day (hence this challenge). Seeing her make her dreams come true makes me feel like I can too.

Everyone needs a Sarah in their life. I owe her so much artistically, but being friends with her has really been the best part. Heck, even this drawing that got inked with a ballpoint pen is only that way because my favorite pen, that Sarah got me when I moved, ran out and I haven’t been to the store yet to replace it.

I love you Sarah and I hope you know what an amazing impact you’ve had on my life!

swinsea said: heavens, hope you’re both okay!!!

We are! She got scratched on the inside of her eyelid, but the actual eye is unharmed. She got a script for an antibiotic eye ointment, which she hates, but it could have been much much worse. I think it was worse for me than it was for her. She was flirting and playing by the time we got to the ER, and I was still in panic mode. Ha ha.

yespleasemorebooks said: She’s so cute! Love the hoodie :)

XD Thank ya! I love that too. I’ll be so sad when she grows out of it.


Along with her beautiful works of queer erotica, Searle is well-known for her lovingly rendered historical fiction/nonfiction. In her story for VERTOSCOPE, Searle draws inspiration from Aubrey Beardsley’s Ilustrations from Le Morte D’Arthur, as well as the Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I, as seen at the Met.

Searle participates in a huge number of projects, listed for your perusal on her website. The above images are part of an upcoming spread for the imminent 1001 Knights Kickstarter. Be sure to check out more of her art at swinsea.tumblr, and follow her on Twitter @swinsea for regular updates on her work!

I don’t draw much fan art, but my brain came up with a Sailor Moon AU in which Usagi and Mamoru star in a John Hughes-style teen movie where they go to prom at the end and aaagh why do I do this to myself

It is important to note that, in this universe, Usagi’s chubby and confident, and Mamoru’s a bashful, dapper, non-binary punk rocker. Because I can.

Here’s my contribution to witchsona week!

As a witch, I’m pretty much the same, except I use my magic to give myself bottomless pockets à la Mary Poppins’ bag. It’s where I keep my ride (broom), familiar (Miss Kitty), and all the junk normally found in the bottom of my purse: mints, movie ticket stubs, lip balm, and no, those aren’t magic sparkles… it’s pocket lint.