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revelation. (part 2)

this is the second part of @elenoranave‘s request where after reader finds out that matt is daredevil, she tries to help and almost gets herself killed! luckily daredevil comes to save the day and there’s some fluff that follows! 

(read part 1 here)

pairing: matt murdock x reader

warnings: some mentioned violence and swearing

length: 1587 words

Trying to keep up with Daredevil in secret was no easy task.

Matt was no help whatsoever, as he kept to himself a lot more since you found out about his vigilantism, but you managed to do some useful digging yourself thanks to some acquaintances who worked in local journalism. It was because of this that you were able to find information on a drug cartel led by a man that they called “Sabretooth” that had been involved in a few murders that had taken place around the area.

It’s because of this that you found yourself at the wharf near midnight. You pulled your jacket tighter around yourself as a sudden gust of wind caused you to shiver. Focusing on making your footfalls as gentle as possible, you crept between the storage containers that were scattered around the shipyard, searching for any sign of activity in the otherwise abandoned place.

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anonymous asked:

And what is your take on the media finally reporting on Antifa, and the people who have gone strang my silent while comparing them to Indiana Jones or th soldiers of Notmandy

It’s a perfect time to answer this question, because in the last few days, the media has begun to tentatively try digging up Charlottesville again, such as this utterly bugfuck headline in the Atlantic, last week’s WaPo op-ed digging it up again, and CNBC’s horrified screeching over Trump pointing out how his comments on Antifa were vindicated. Thus there’s no better time to stuff this narrative right back down the bastard’s throats by reviewing how they went from praising and defending violent anarcho-communist insurrectionists as freedom fighters to condemning them as thugs in the space of only two weeks - all because of Trump.

Nobody seems to have grasped the significance of what happened in the last two weeks of August. It’s high time that changed.

The Power of the Media

It all started, of course, on August 13th, when Trump’s initial statement on Charlottesville pointed out that the Illinois Nazis weren’t the only ones that came to Charlottesville looking to start trouble. The ensuing savage attacks by Democrats and their media establishment was routine and expected - as was the usualgibberingpsychopaths calling Trump a jackbooted Nazi - but then the establishment GOP rushed to gore him in the back in a veritable RINO stampede, followed by CEOs on his “advisory councils”resigning with grand flourishes of self-righteous back-patting. The “mainstream” media and associated attack dogs had been calling Trump Hitler from day one, and yet people that had stuck by him through months of that unrelenting slander were now running scared.

The biggest tell was Trump himself - the man who’d weathered over a year of being called a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, sexist, and rapist without once backing down, flinching or even blinking, utterly caved after only 48 hours of constant attacks. The thorough shredding of their own credibility and the democratization of information has stripped the media of most of their onetime power, but their ability to tell lies of omission - to exclude entire topics of conversation from the public sphere - was still enough to send Trump’s most loyal admirers and the majority of the establishment GOP running in a panic, and bring to heel a man that’d shrugged off a 13-month campaign of nonstop hate, character assassination and viscous slander. This is also the power of the label “Nazi:” once the media finally managed to make it stick - even a little - they got exactly what they wanted; Trump standing before the nation reinforcing their narrative that Illinois nazis, and only Illinois nazis, were the problem.

It was a mistake, of course - the media rewarded Trump by squealing with delirious glee, then attacking him all over again with twice the frothing, foaming-at-the-mouth savagery, as anyone with a brain could’ve told him would happen.

Trump realized his true error almost immediately - and said so in as many words on Twitter, stating the obvious: That the Fake News Media were malicious bastards that would never, ever be satisfied by any capitulation he made. That public tweet was a harbinger of things to come - but not even I expected the sheer brass balls Trump displayed when he walked into the next day’s press conference swinging.

The Absolute Madman Actually Fights Back

On August 15th, Trump walked into a Trump Tower press conference and did something no career politician would’ve had the sheer steel balls to do - he stared down the mainstream media jackals that had routed his political and social allies in only 48 hours, and called them out as the partisan, lying bastards they were. The truly incredible thing was that he didn’t walk in with prepared statements - he counterattacked into the inevitable bad-faith questions that had fuck-all to do with the point of his press conference (infrastructure.) He started by calling out the fleeing CEOs out for being job-exporting thieves putting their personal profits before the national interest, pointed out the partisanship of reporters and their penchant for timeliness over accuracy, and then he dropped the bomb.

He called out Antifa and the black bloc.

He challenged their never-questioned blanket slur “alt-right,” demanding they define it, he pointed out that there was an “alt-left” at Charlottesville that charged into the fray swinging clubs, he called a reporter Fake News, like it was their name, (while telling them to shut their yap,) and nailed the media for their deliberate omission of truth regarding “both sides” at Charlottesville. He even got digs in at McCain and Obama without breaking stride - all of it completely unscripted and in full-contact confrontation with a hostile media gaggle.

But by far the most important thing he did was call out the black bloc:

Now, in the other group also, you had some fine people but you also had troublemakers and you see them come with the black outfits and with the helmets and with the baseball bats. You had a lot of bad people in the other group too.”

It was arguably better than calling them out by name - because he was describing what he’d seen, as he said, “in the same pictures” we’d all seen. In a few minutes, Trump had blown months of willful media silence and concealment wide open.

The media did what they always do, of course.

They doubled down.

Within days, the Washington Post was stridently defending Antifa, painting them as heroic “anti-racist” activists, their savage violence, oppression and domestic terrorism as self-defense, and comparing them to WWII freedom fighters. That boot-licking pack of lies - written by self-admitted Antifa ally and apologist Mark Bray (a Californian professor, of course,) was regurgitated ad nauseum by this long-winded screed as well. Then there’s this alleged “news” story painting Antifa as mostly a fantasy of lunatic right-wing media, (including those dreaded murders the NRA!) and this opinion story striving to deny any moral equivalency between one gang of race-obsessed, club-swinging totalitarian thugs and the other. Oh, and this opinion story which shed more whiny bitch tears than Hillary’s campaign staff on Nov. 8th. And this long-winded pile of lies again trying to label antifa thugs as innocent “protesters,” offering as evidence a twitter video clip by “Unicorn Riot,” a pack of left-wing propagandists who leaked the Denver PD’s riot management manual, an especially helpful bit of intel for the violent assholes in Antifa who’s black bloc tactics revolve around fighting, assaulting, and escaping police riot control techniques. They have a complete fucking tactical manual for such things. (It’s a real scream to read, too.) There was also this article claiming Trump was foolish to try fighting the media - this one, as they say, “didn’t age well.” And if all of that wasn’t enough, have this stirring call from another extremist professor telling people to “start throwing rocks” to stop the “ancient evil now standing unhooded.”

And that was the Washington Post alone. The truly insane outlets, like Slate, didn’t mince words - outright praising Antifa as heroic defenders of the innocents against the evil jackbooted fascist stormtroopers, in addition to this ass-kissing, massive feature article that’s little more than a mouthpiece for an antifa activist to - and I quote - “explain [Antifa’s] strain of left-wing militancy to a fascinated but deeply wary wider world.” Fascinated. You can hear the drool dripping from this writer’s slack-jawed, star-struck awe. Then there was old reliable the Atlantic asserting the “no moral equivalence” lie once again. Time magazine exemplified the standard tack for any media (i.e. most of them) less batshit fucking loco than the WaPo in this article, introducing Antifa as some milquetoast, generalized “anti-fascism vibe, man,” whitewashed their violence and savage beatings of bystanders as mere “window-breaking” vandalism (along with parroting their apologies, “the media’s picking on US!” and “but they fight back sometimes!”) and talking about the black bloc’s black clothing without naming the actual reason for it - to evade police arrest via anonymity. (CNN’s similar puff piece was so savaged for its “peace through violence headline” that they hastily changed it.) And it didn’t stop there, of course - the RINOs caved again like the craven cowards they are, Trump simply dissolved his business advisory councils before any more CEOs could make self-aggrandizing shows of their resignations, and the arts committie resigned en-masse complete with grade-school theatrics in their maudlin resignation letter. But the absolute best part was when they started comparing violent anarcho-communist thugs to AMERICAN SOLDIERS STORMING THE BEACH AT D-DAY.

Yes, really - starting with the Editor In Chief of the Atlantic himself, but sure as hell not stopping there. Even CNN couldn’t resist the dank meme. They had gone all-in, lionizing these Communist thugs - adherents of the ideology that’d go on to murder tens of thousands of American soldiers and servicemen in Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere - as American heroes. Within a few days of Trump’s doubling down, the mainstream media was erecting Antifa on the plinths they’d just torn Confederate statues down from, anointing them with the blood of fallen American soldiers, and praising them as fucking heroes.

Two weeks later, it blew up in their goddamn faces.

That Didn’t Age Well

On August 27th, a small “No Marxism in America” rally in Berkeley, consisting entirely of unarmed, peaceful protesters, were savagely set upon and beaten by a much larger pack of Antifa black bloc thugs after Berkeley riot police let the bastards into the protest site without a fight. Since the violence was witnessed by an AP wire reporter, even the WaPo had to mostly report the facts for a change. That AP footage showing single conservative rallygoers being viciously beaten and kicked by five or six masked, black-clad thugs apiece proved Trump right in dramatic and undeniable fashion - but more importantly, it proved the media absolutely, utterly, and horrifyingly wrong.

After piling that pack of lies as high and wide as they possibly could for weeks, the media was forced to swallow every ounce of their own shit.

A mere two weeks after churning out that disgusting pack of lies, apologies and outright praise for Antifa I partially sampled above, the WaPo had to publish this official editorial board op-ed condemning them. The Berkely PD’s willfully allowing the violence to take place must’ve been especially awkward, given the WaPo’s two separate articles blaming the Charlottesville PD’s lackluster response for the earlier violence.

The shit-eating just kept going and going. Mark Bray, the aforementioned Antifa historian, apologist, and cheerleader, was himself disavowed by his own college’s president for supporting a pack of violent thugs, followed by the WaPo’s lengthy review of his book which ended with the telling line “The inherent contradiction of antifa is that, if America is indeed so irredeemable and hypocritical that violence is the answer, then what exactly are you fighting to preserve?” They also ran this column explicitly refuting their earlier denials of moral equivalency between antifa and Illinois nazis, which pointed out that the United States defeated Nazis and Communists (onetime ally of the Nazis) but that only Communists are routinely defended by the New York Times. Even this defense of antifa by the WaPo’s own media columnist (which blames antifa’s sudden bad rap on a Vast Right Wing Meme Machine) opens by admitting that antifa’s newly-tainted name was suddenly everywhere - and a week later they were running demands for specific Democratic politicians to do the ritual denouncing of The Enemy, for a change. Even Nancy Pelosi herself jumped on the condemnation bandwagon. Even the Mayor of Berkely, Jesse Arreguin (open supporter of one of the most violent and cultlike of Antifa groups, By Any Means Necessary,) who was responsible for ordering Berkeley police to stand down on prior occasions (resulting in violence,) went on-record to demand Antifa be classified as a “gang.” (The FBI opted for rather stronger labeling.) Even the partisan, serial liars at the Southern Poverty Law Center condemned them, though they refused to apply the “hate” label they rubber-stamp almost everyone else with. Even the Chicago fucking Tribune, one of the most consistently rabid anti-Trump publications I’ve seen this side of the WaPo openly criticized Democrats for their conspicuous silence regarding the Communist insurrectionists among them.

The entire debacle was a glorious comeuppance without peer - the entire Democratic party and mainstream media smear machine caught dead to rights in their ghastly, bald-faced lies and forced to choke them down again.

A media smear machine powerful enough to coerce CEOs of massive international corporations, powerful career politicians and even - momentarily - the most powerful man on the planet. In the waning days of August, two weeks after they bent the Leader of the Free World to their will, they weren’t just humiliated and discredited - they were also forced to openly acknowledge the violent political terrorists that had benefited so strongly from their willful veil of silence, de-masking them forever.

And it was all the work of Donald J. Trump.

Hope Rides Alone

Trump knew exactly what he was doing.

His tweet the night before his bombshell Aug. 15th press conference proves his (most impressive) loins were well-girded for combat before he walked before the cameras in Trump Tower - he was ready and willing to offer battle. He knew the press (as they always, always do) would be launching questions at him completely unrelated to the topic at hand, questions calculated to do him the most damage - and he chose that as his moment to engage, rather than working it into his speech as prepared comments. He counted on their malice to give him the openings he needed - and in a few minutes of unrehearsed, ad-hoc debating, gave the mainstream media the poke needed to set their zealots fervor ablaze. I hate the media with such horrific passion that I’ve said nicer things about angler fish and Windows ME and even I was left astounded at the media’s rush to lionize club-swinging communist terrorists as freedom fighters and heroes - but Trump wasn’t. The courage to take on the people - and the lies - that’d sent his political allies running like craven cowards not 48 hours earlier is nothing short of astounding, and the kind of risk no career politician would ever entertain. I could’ve told you that the media would paint themselves into a corner with their hysterical, manic screeching, and that they’d be proven for fools (again) when Antifa inevitably committed a new act of barbaric thuggery, but Trump had the sheer brass balls to bank his very fortunes on it.

And he hit the jackpot.

Anyone who thinks Trump isn’t playing “4D chess,” or that he’s “caving to pressure” after the last week of August is either a boomer crewman, Amish, or a raging idiot. The metric asston(ne?) of shit the media was forced to eat was absolutely, entirely thanks to Trump’s August 15th press conference. He took their greatest victory over him to-date and turned it into their most bitter defeat in only two weeks time. Only a fool could doubt the man’s brilliance at this point.

The next time you hear some Bannonite drone screaming to the high heavens about DACA, remember the last week of August.


Incredible new Festival of Fantasy Facts! 

First, the float line-up!

The Princess Garden – This pageantry of princesses celebrates Disney royalty. Cinderella, Tiana and Belle accompanied by their respective princes, ride in a garden of topiaries with woodland creatures, birds and more. Cinderella’s dress playfully twirls like a turntable, while Swan Court couples lead the 50-foot-long majestic float, capped off with a special appearance by Anna and Elsa from Disney’s hit animated feature, “Frozen.”

Tangled – A massive long ship on the high seas showcases Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in search of adventure and another Best. Day. Ever! Rapunzel’s iconic tresses weave throughout this 36-foot-long float decked out with swaying pendulums carrying dastardly thugs.

Little Mermaid – Ariel and her friends sit atop a colorfully kinetic seashell music box that boasts an enchanting musical jubilee. There’s no shortage of whimsy on this Under the Sea float with conga dancing fish kicking up their fins and bubbles galore. Shimmering fabrics and intricately designed costumes for the Lion Fish, Coral Fish, Seashell and Sea Horse performers are runway-inspired.

Peter Pan – Straight from Never Land come Peter Pan and Wendy soaring high aboard the famous Jolly Roger pirate ship complete with smoke effects and special surprises. A rainbow arch shines over Skull Rock and Tinker Bell nestled among giant flowers, while Captain Hook takes center stage on a swinging anchor. “Newsies-inspired” Lost Boys kick up their heels to high-energy choreography.

Brave – Celtic couples and a vessel shaped like an enormous bagpipe announce the arrival of Merida perched high on her majestic crown. Scottish dancers step to melodies of the Great Highlands in celebration of the popular Disney*Pixar film, “Brave.”

Sleeping Beauty – The heroic Prince Phillip battles a Steampunk-inspired Dragon as the wicked Maleficent. This float stretches 53 feet in length and 26 feet tall with a prickly spinning wheel dead center of the float. With fiery eyes and glowing effects the spectacular dragon was built on an articulating chassis allowing the float to bend and flex as it moves along the parade route – a first for Disney parades. This float was designed in a partnership with Tony Award-winner Michael Curry. There’s Prince Phillip, thorn-inspired stilt performers, dramatic raven dancers, plus the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather glide along the parade route.

Finale and Mickey’s Airship – The parade culminates with a 90-foot-long magical caravan of characters featuring Pinocchio, Dumbo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Mad Hatter, Pluto and more in a splashy carnival of color. There’s Pegasus horses, dancing hippos and sassy Bubble Girls with cotton-candy-like hair celebrating Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland. Sporting zany new costumes Mickey and Minnie Mouse sit sky high in Mickey’s Airship — a giant hot air balloon that rounds out Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Now some fun facts!

  • Parade features a cast of more than 100

  • Disney characters from more than a dozen classic stories are represented among nine parade floats

  • 40 additional characters are presented in animated or sculptural form

  • Performers appear on stilts, swings and pendulums, bringing a kinetic energy to the procession

  • The Princess Garden lead float stretches more than 50 feet long

  • The Jolly Roger atop the Peter Pan float flies 28 feet above the parade route

  • Mickey’s Airship finale float is the tallest float topping out at 32 feet

  • The trio of finale floats span more than 90 feet along the parade route

  • Elaborate costumes are being crafted by 10 different costume houses, in eight cities, in two countries — including Creative Costuming facilities in both Florida and California.

  • Some 27 separate custom designed fabrics were designed by Mirena Rada in collaboration with Creative Costuming Graphic Artist Paul Jordan.

  • Counting interfacings and trims, it takes 28 separate fabrics to make up one Swing Thug #1 Costume (Tangled unit). His vest requires vinyl to be cut into 75 separate diamond shapes and then stitched onto cool max fabric.

  • Some pieces, including the Seashell Girl (Little Mermaid unit) headpiece, were digitally sculpted and then grown to size with a 3D printer.

  • It takes 30 yards of fabric to make one Seashell Girl costume which includes 12 different colors of Nitex Mesh.

  • The coral pieces for the Coral Twins (Little Mermaid unit) were custom designed. They are being hand poured in three separate colors by the artisans of the Creative Costuming Craft Team and baked and finished for 16 hours each in an oven.

  • The socks worn by the Lost Boys (Peter Pan unit) are custom designs that were knitted to order in Hong Kong.

  • Minnie Mouse’s Dress and Hat (finale unit) uses 95 gold lame dots that are cut out, “blinged out,” and then sewn on.

  • The Bubble Girl (finale unit) headpiece is made from three separate clown wigs that are blended together by the Creative Costuming Millinery Team.

  • Cha Cha Girl (finale unit) – Her wig was designed with 148 yards of horsehair in four colors, that is then rolled, pressed and curled by hand.

  • The Steampunk-inspired Maleficent Dragon stretches 53 feet from snout to tail and reaches 26 feet in the air.

  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment team members partnered with Tony Award-winning designer Michael Curry on the development of the Maleficent Dragon.