swing thugs


 Barbara panted against the pavement she had been shoved into. These thugs were low enough to ambush a cripple all because she was Gordon’s daughter. She had taken out three of the five at least on her own. Just because she was parallelized didn’t mean she couldn’t fight back. And she did till they took a bat to her wheelchair.

 She wiped the blood from her bottom lip and slowly pushed herself up on her knees, glaring down at her dead legs in anger. She could’ve wiped the floor with all these bastards once. And now she could do nothing more but sit and way for a crowbar or a bat to the face.

 “Well c’mon then.” The former Batgirl taunted her would be assassin in an unafraid mutter. “Do it…you’d be doing me a favor.” Barbara looked up over cracked glasses. Ready for the end. However, before the thug could swing at her with his weapon a gun went off behind them.

 Who…was that?