swing society

The repression which strikes down the libertarian rebel falls on everyone: everyone’s blood flows with the blood of a murdered Durruti. Whenever freedom retreats one inch, there is a hundred-fold increase in the weight of the order of things. Excluded from authentic participation, men’s actions stray into the fragile illusion of being together, or else into its opposite, the abrupt and total rejection of society. They swing from one to the other like a pendulum turning the hands on the clock-face of death.
—  Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life
swing sets/sunsets/staying up until 4AM/synth pop/thin shirts and loose shorts/iced coffee/movie marathons but falling asleep halfway to the 4th movie/late night reading/ warm yellow and pastel pink/ the feeling of the wind in your hair/taking up a new hobby/having a journal/chocolate by the 1975/the electric fan on high/wild by troye sivan/feeling empty and alone at 2AM/waking up early to watch the sunrise then going back to sleep/palm trees swaying/melting ice cream/tossing and turning in your bed because of the heat/wondering if they can love you back/keith haring/finding a new series to watch/figuring out what you want to do in the future/worrying that you’re not experiencing your summer to the fullest/always being broke/missing someone who’s thousands of miles away/indie music/all of the songs made by circa waves/sticking your head in the freezer/guitar riffs/upbeat music/sleeping for 10+ hours/going anywhere else but here/that voice in the back of head that saying you’re wasting your time/plants/telling your friends everything you couldn’t say before/childhood innocence/talking to someone for 4 hours/ukuleles/having a summer playlist/looking back at all the things that happened in the past/walking your dog/chasing butterflies/picking flowers/swimming pools full of people/sunflowers/cacti/dyed hair/soda cans/pineapples/sand/waves crashing/polaroid pictures/food stalls/streets bustling with busy people/blurry pictures/temporary tattoos/the suburbs/swimming in a lake/la vie en rose by edith piaf/straw hats/diners/jukeboxes/worn-out sneakers/going to a botanical garden/revelling the peace in a café/being moved by an artwork/a huge pile of books you have yet to read/feeling pressured to do something productive/self-care/organizing your room because you’re bored/finally feeling content and at peace for once
—  summer (this mystery called falling in love) // m.s.

i’ve had the idea to draw this pair of nerdy besties in cute co-ordinated swing dance outfits ever since i saw this particular strictly come dancing performance (they were both wearing glasses and i was liike…dang i have an idea!) and now i finally have done it. i like to hc that they were in a swing dance society at uni together or somethin’

moffie made the skirt and bows herself. brains just agreeably put on whatever she threw at him.

Yesterday at swing they started a line dance and slowly played a game to get people to leave the floor.  “If you are single, leave the dance floor! If you don’t go to grand valley, leave the dance floor!"  They would do this every minute until just a few people were left.  Then it was down to just them, and he got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone.

Sure they played another song after that, but everyone watched them, it was their first dance of the rest of their lives.

Photocredit: Gavin