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111 guys who have ruined my life (in alphabetical order) - Robert Sean Leonard (58/111)

honestly im not big into angst but let me tell u…red and blue don’t nearly have enough sad content imo!! esp when they both have so much potential? im gonna focus on the mount silver drama for now

- lets not even get started on mt. silver…. blue was SO fucking lonely when he was up there. they weren’t together at the time but blue already had realized his crush on red at the time so it really hurt. he’d obviously go and visit sometimes, mainly to bring food and clothes for red, but also convince red to come back down. It’s super dangerous up there and red has had plenty of close calls while training, so it’s pretty reasonable for blue to almost drag his ass out of that snowy hell
- ok but you imagine blue after red went completely off radar? the day he tried to find red to bring more food + clothes and he couldn’t? he can’t even get his arcanine to sniff him out (mainly bc snow doesn’t keep scent very well). blue has a fucking heart attack, thinking the worst. blue (even though he’s a seasoned traveler) knows he can’t stay on that mountain, waiting for red to come back, so he reluctantly returns back to viridian. he tells prof.oak and red’s mom almost immediately, who end up reporting the police. at that point, red is labeled MIA. the police force (aka a bunch of officer jennys) attempt to scour the mountain for him, but they can’t last long up there either. blue is absolutely fucking wrecked with grief-like emotions at this point
- so when does red show back up? its abt a good year or so before anyone even hears anything of red. i like to think that it’s actually red’s pikachu that forces him back into society. red, despite being a wilderness extraordinaire, fucks up one day and accidentally gets caught in a cave-in. pikachu, who was on the other side of the cave before it fell in, manage to rummage through his bag (which also got stuck on the other side) and work his poke-gear well enough to call his first contact. since his poke-gear contacts are in alphabetical order, blue gets called. he can’t understand shit pikachu is saying, but gets it well enough to track the call and find the cave
- once he gets there, he lets out his mechamp and alakazam to help move boulders to get to red. pikachu also leads blue to red’s own pokeballs, which speeds up the process exponentially since red has a charizard and a blastoise. when they finally get to red, shit doesn’t look good. 
- red is fucking freezing since almost all of his supplies got caught on the other side of the cave-in. he’s pretty experienced in the cold and knows how not to die from hypothermia, but without anything from his bag, he probably would have suffered serious damage without blue’s help. bc hypothermia has set in, he’s shivering, numb, disoriented, and really tired. he’s also got superficial frostbite, which is pretty hard to treat tbh
- blue immediately flips out a little. he recalls almost all of his pokemon (and red’s, inlcuding pikachu who reluctantly cooperates) before calling out his pidgeot and flying them both back to viridian. red passes out somehow on the way there, freaking blue out even more
- when blue gets red back to his apartment, he lets pikachu out of its pokeball and begins trying to rewarm red. he’s not sure if red needs medical attention, but decides against it. he orders his arcanine out to act as a makeshift radiator, and covers red in blankets. red eventually wakes up about 15 minutes later
- blue is fuckin furious tbh when red wakes up, because he’s been untraceable for a year and really feels the need to just yell at red for how fucking insensetive and worrying that is to just drop off like that, but he knows it’s not the best time. red can sense a storm coming but instead of bringing it up, he just lets blue fuss over him a little before they get to the big stuff
- once red is fully coherent and mostly warmed up, blue goes off. red was expecting this and lets blue yell at him, mainly because he knows he partially deserves it? red apologizes when he’s done, but blue won’t accept it. the only way he’ll forgive him is if red stays away from mt.silver for good, only returning if he really needs to. red agrees after thinking it over
- it takes a while for red to really get back into the swing of things in society? like it’s only been a year, so it’s not super jarring, but its awkward. he lives with blue in viridian mainly because it’s convenient, but also returns to pallet town to finally visit his mom and professor oak. he only returns to mt.silver to train, but never stays more than a day in fear of worrying someone or getting trapped (again)
- he’s happy to be around people again tbh

i’ve had the idea to draw this pair of nerdy besties in cute co-ordinated swing dance outfits ever since i saw this particular strictly come dancing performance (they were both wearing glasses and i was liike…dang i have an idea!) and now i finally have done it. i like to hc that they were in a swing dance society at uni together or somethin’

moffie made the skirt and bows herself. brains just agreeably put on whatever she threw at him.

The repression which strikes down the libertarian rebel falls on everyone: everyone’s blood flows with the blood of a murdered Durruti. Whenever freedom retreats one inch, there is a hundred-fold increase in the weight of the order of things. Excluded from authentic participation, men’s actions stray into the fragile illusion of being together, or else into its opposite, the abrupt and total rejection of society. They swing from one to the other like a pendulum turning the hands on the clock-face of death.
—  Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life

little ghosts ✿ for those days i rather be a ghost; a spooky mix||listen!!

→  your shadow follows me all day making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away

01. bodies - smashing pumpkins 02. this is halloween - panic! at the disco 03. salvia plath - teen suicide 04. miss murder - afi 05. ghost busters - skinny liver hopkins 06. forever halloween - the maine 07. spaceship - 100 monkeys 08. cemetery drive - my chemical romance 09. jeepers creepers - secret swing society 10. goodnight, socialite - the brobecks 11. the moon song - karen o 12. carousel - melanie martinez 13. bloodsuckers - johnny hollow 14. kill kill - lana del rey 15. dragula - rob zombie

nocturnalnoelle  asked:

For the apartment AUs I'd love 'My iTunes picks up your iTunes and I’m not trying to be rude but are you ten years old?’ AU (or one that is not on the list but I feel like it should be: fighting with wifi names ala harpygolarky (.) tumblr (.) com/post/25633638696/argument-using-your-wifi-names) AU)

Sorry it took so long, but writing this was a great fluffy way to take a break from my BB! Hope you like it!!

EDIT: I AM HIDEOUSLY EMBARRASSED BUT I ANSWERED THE WRONG MESSAGE AND THIS WAS THE ACTUAL PROMPT: “‘I was deliriously tired last weekend and thought it was you making all that noise so I wrote you a rude note stating that you can’t get away with being noisy just because you’re super hot’”

I am sorry Noelle. I am sorry to the anon who actually sent me that prompt. I am going to go crawl into a hole and cry for a while nbd. 


To the resident of apartment 107:

Kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP. Jesus fucking Christ! It’s bad enough that you work from home and only go out to get your mail in those really fucking tight t-shirts doesn’t mean you can just invite every person you know to your tiny apartment with thin walls and ruin everybody else’s night. You may be hot and popular but I don’t give a shit!

At least play something good. Your obsession with The Red Hot Chili Peppers disgusts me.

- Your neighbor


Bucky feels really bad about it in the morning.

Mostly because it was apartment 109 making the noise.

(He knows this because he watches as their landlord unceremoniously kicks their asses out on Saturday morning, since they’ve done nothing but trash the place since they moved in.)

Bucky needs to move now, right? That’s the only course of action. He’s gotta leave forever, and never think about this place or his neighbor’s pectorals again. Even if they’re really nice pectorals, so thick and juicy that they practically need a bra—

No Bucky. Stop your sinful thoughts.

When he finally drinks enough coffee to fuel his body after the night he had — working well into the morning on Stark’s new energy-efficient city greenhouses, which are awesome, but also take a lot of his overtime hours, followed by the loud party from hell — he quits surfing Zillow for new listings, and heads down to the mailboxes.

He thought it would be safe.

“Morning,” 107 says as he walks in behind Bucky.

Bucky jumps, dropping his stack of mail, making an undignified noise that sounds like, “Nuargh.”

“Sorry!” 107 says, dropping to his knees as he gathers Bucky’s meager pile. He hopes there’s nothing embarrassing in there. (Of course, his latest issue of Popular Science is on top of the pile with Smithsonian Magazine below. His cover is blown, and now 107 knows that he’s a huge nerd. Fuck. Well, it’s not like he was gonna fuck him anyway, but it would have been nice to maintain the illusion.)

(He also tries not to notice how 107’s shirt is a little baggier than usual, and if that’s Bucky’s fault, he’s done the world a disservice.)

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