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reaction compilation #77

Some very passionate reactions to page 38! Chara finally catches up with Frisk.

Never bring a snowball to a knife fight.

Was there ever any doubt?

I’m an adult!

No matter how dire the circumstances, true comedians never miss a pun.

* Can’t move your body.

Ah, that comment about the cover makes a lot more sense now!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in!

From personal experience, I can attest that adrenaline plus running at a full sprint will prevent you from feeling the cold.

(This is brilliant.)

Even though a bunch of Chara’s misdeeds are listed here, it’s interesting that the one thing not mentioned is the time they stabbed Frisk (twice).

anonymous asked:

have you guys ever considered touring a live show? Because like,,, I'd give you the entirety of my college savings to go to one

Please do not give us the entirety of your college savings. If you don’t go to college, you might miss out on the opportunity to, say, study stories that will inspire you to make a podcast, meet a whole bunch of brilliant actors that you can strong-arm into being in the podcast, and fall in love with a genius writer who will create that podcast with you.

Anyway, we’d love to do a live show (and tour it, goodness knows), but it would take a whole lot of money and time that we don’t currently have. One day, perhaps. 

rainbowsandcoconut  asked:

It's going to be a full fic? Gawd, I can't read that, I teared up just reading that short head cannon bit.... And of course I will end up reading the full fic because I love your writing but it will kill me and it'll be your fault (this is me trying to say I'm excited about the fic even though I don't want to have my heart ripped out)

Yes [this] will be a full fic :D and it already has @hopeless–geek‘s blessing! (Ofc it does, she loves me) haha

To be honest, I know that lil snippet was hard hititng, but stories follow formulas and this seems more like the start of the falling resolution, the climax of the story (or at least the climax of the emotional side, as I assume the climax would be accomplishing the mission or something) but then the fic would need the falling resolution. Lot’s of emotions can get jammed packed into a tiny ficlet, but the emotions get more spread out in a full blown fic :D I think it’ll be quite angsty and heartwarming all at the same time. But I don’t think it’ll hurt as hard as this.



This is me we’re talking about.