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Madeline Smith (Maddy Smith) 1967.
The three girls who star in the comedy film The Mini Mob, left to right: Lucille Soong, Gretchen regan and Madeline Smith.
Daily Mirror, September 10, 1967

grim-virus  asked:

so uhh for the undertale au, whats the difference between lil pup and kitty cat? are they just two names for frisk?

They’re two different characters! Little Pup is in care of Sans and Papyrus, while Kitty-Cat is in care of Gaster!Sans. They’re both from the UT Mob AU, but…different worlds? Just think of them as two separate stories. XD

Not to mention, Little Pup and Kitty-Cat is slightly different in design too!

Diamond Dogs (Pt. 5) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT TO US!!!! now we need smutty mob boss barry :/

a/n: eeeeeeee smutty mob boss barry; give me ideas for my powerless au!

WARNING: Smut, daddy kink

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

All you can think of is the way he called himself daddy. You feel yourself getting soaked while you wait for him to come back. Do think he’ll mind if…your red dress strap falls off your shoulder? The air hits your skin, making you shiver. Ever so slowly, you allow your fingers to curl in the silky fabric of the dress, scrunching it up to your thighs.

Turning your head, you keep your eyes on the door, dragging your underwear down your legs, kicking them under the table. The door swings open, revealing the mob boss. “Look at that, you get special service tonight.” he smirks, sliding the fancy silver plate on the table. His green eyes peering down at you; then something catches his attention.

Barry squats, black dress pants hovering around his pale, bony ankles. Shit, your underwear; you didn’t want him to see them yet. “Well, well, well, what do we have here, babygirl?” he hums, hooking your pink panties with his index finger. You gulp, rubbing your thighs together, in hope it will create some type of friction. He shifts his feet smoothly so he’s now staring at you, fingers running up and down the fabric. “Hmm, already so wet for daddy, huh, babydoll?”

“Yes, daddy, please!” you cry out, desperate for his touch. He smirks, spinning the chair around so he’s face to face with your pussy. Your eyes wander to the small patch of skin exposed by the two popped buttons on his shirt. “Oh, god, just…just take me right here, please…” you beg, feeling the hot air from his mouth.

Teasingly, he strokes his big hands up and down your thighs, peering up at you through his thick eyelashes. “Is that what you want, baby?” he asks in a seductive tone, an amused face on. “You want daddy to fuck you right here? On the table?” You let a moan rack through you. This is…this is torture! His green jewel like eyes glimmer in delight. “Answer me, babygirl!” he demands, voice harsh.

You nod, hands traveling up his lanky, yet buff, arms. “Yes, daddy, please fuck me.” you groan, watching his fingers wrap around your wrists, stopping your movements. Okay, so maybe he doesn’t want to be touch- nope, he definitely wants to be touched by the way he guides your hand to his groin.

A smirk graces his pink lips, his hands sneaking their way underneath your thighs. Swiftly, he hoists you up to set you on the table; your ass connects with the cool wood surface. “If you insist… After all, you’ve been a very good girl tonight.” he praises, nimble fingers undoing the buttons to his white dress shirt, shrugging it off his shoulders. It lands in pool at his feet. “Daddy thinks you deserve a treat, don’t you?” he asks, lips parting to grab yours, his upper lip attaching to your lower one.

One of your hands grips his cock through his black trousers, earning a gasp that’s forced into your mouth. Your other hand crawls up his bare back, ending at the nape of his neck where you twist his short chestnut locks. His bubblegum pink tongue dips in your mouth, exploring new territory, and his fingers dance around your pussy. A breath of air enters you, causing you to squeeze his dick.

His free hand stops your hand, unzipping his dress pants. The cool metal of all his rings rub against your inner thigh. ”Mmm, look how hard you made daddy, princess…” he hums, swollen lips vibrating on your jawline, “Such a good girl…” he worships, pulling his black dress pants and boxer briefs down his hairy legs, letting them pool at his ankles.

Your nails drag across his pale back, leaving streaks of bright red. With a loud moan, he aligns his dick with your entrance, slamming his hips forward. “Daddy!” you scream, giving yourself time to adjust to his size before grinding your hips against his. The silk of your red dress collects at your waist, sagging on the table beneath you.

A chuckle falls from his lips and he begins rocking his hips back and forth, bending to attack your collarbone with love bites. You moan, body jiggling as he thrusts into you, slow and steady. Thank god you’re on the pill. Barry pants, sweat dripping down his chiseled abs. “Come on, princess, cum for daddy.” he orders, beginning to rub your vagina with one of his long fingers, cool silver ring sending a shiver down your body.

Whimpering, you feel a knot form in the lower pit of your stomach and with a loud moan, you cum, hard. Barry grins slyly, continuing to thrust into you, riding out your orgasm. His dick twitches inside you and in an instant, your core is filled. Panting, you let your head thump against the brown wood. “Hey, baby, don’t do that.” he scolds, slithering his hand under your hair; you look up at him through tired eyes. “Ah, you’re tired, my doll?” he smirks, pulling out of you and pushing your hair back.

“Mhm…” you nod, yawning as you nuzzle into the palm of his hand.

The mob boss grins, kicking off his loafers and stepping out of his clothes. “Don’t worry, baby, daddy’ll take care of you.” he promises, picking you up in his arms; you burry your face in his pale chest, closing your eyes as he exits the dining room. “You can sleep with daddy tonight…” he whispers, heading to his room.


Wanted to do this for the longest. An AU where Reigen has his consolation office back in the 1960s. This idea just hit me out of nowhere thanks to playing FallOut 1 & 2 while listening to eletro-swing. As usual, Mob will be there, helping him along the way (except for when he’s dealing with ‘special’ services. That’s a no). 

A man who is good at dealing with evil spirits and women should be placed on the map!


Best flash mob EVER!


Who remembers this song this song was too good