swing installation

I know it’s impossible considering it’s the 1910s, but I want to see Al make a series of vlogs called “What’s Big Brother Doing Today?”, about his short-tempered, too smart for his own good, rambunctious fighter older brother trying to adapt to home life and being very bored

“What’s big brother doing today? …Yelling at a tree. Winry asked him to install a swing, since the old one broke. That was three hours ago. I think he’s just tree-shaming now.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Dressing up the dog like a- You know, I don’t even know what kind of creature that’s supposed to be. Pretty ugly tho”

“Today brother is in a very bad mood. Granny insinuated that he’ll be as short as her when he’s old, and now he’s absolutely fuming.”

“Day 3 of Winry being in Rush Valley. I’ve spent the entire day trying to convince Ed that our house does not need a moat. I’m not sure I’m succeeding.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Throwing up, because he ate an entire bucket of ice cream himself, in one sitting.”

“We took in three kittens whose mother was eaten by a coyote. The kittens’ names are Katya, Tiger, and Dark Lord Ragnarok. You can guess who named who.”

“What’s big brother doing today? …Trying to assemble a dresser, and failing really, really badly. Remember, this is the guy who passed the state alchemist test at age 12. He can’t put together a dresser.”

“Ed’s not home today. He found a book that has some really bad, possibly even dangerous advice for beginner alchemists, and he got so pissed off that he decided to go to Central himself and threaten the publisher into recalling it. I’d try to stop him, but… He’s right.”

hearthawk  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if I could poke you and see if you had any good ideas for bird of prey enrichment. In my new position, I wanted to make an enrichment calender with enrichment ideas for a collection of program owls, vultures, and hawks (and the poultry who share the holding areas). Do you give enrichment to your ambassador birds? What have you found they seem to interact with the most? Novel foods, novel items, textures, bathing options, and of course, training ideas?

Nice! Congrats on the new position, and good luck with the enrichment calendar. Raptors can be tricky to plan for, at least if you want a diverse set of enrichment. 

The following list is a variety of enrichment ideas I’ve either used or seen used on the raptors you are working with. It is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good start. This post won’t go into great detail on how to do each of them, but if one catches your eye but the description is confusing, let me know and I’ll try to clarify. 

Basic Training: These are the basics. When it comes to raptors, consistency and routine are the biggest factors. If you can work the following into your basic training regiment every day or every other day, then your raptors will be enriched and learn valuable commands and behavior for vet care, handling, and presentation.

Keel Score and Touch Training: These two practices are crucial in training raptors because it gets them used to people, hands, and situations where they need to be held. It also trains the handler to do a thorough inspection of the bird every time its on their glove. Start with the keel and the feet, move to the beak and head, then try gently pulling their wings out or maneuvering their tail by hand. They wont like it at first, but if they get used to it, this can be invaluable for vet visits. 

Putting on and Taking off Equipment: Get the birds used to the anklets, jesses, leashes, hoods, and other equipment. Try to put it all on at least once a day. (Hood Training a raptor typically takes a more involved approach and should only started if you can really commit to the practice multiple times a day.)

“Step Up” and “Step Back”: Use treat rewards and repetition to teach each bird to step up onto a glove or perch when asked and step back onto a glove, perch, or scales when asked. Once learned, keep a habit of using the commands when weighing each bird every day. 

Jump Ups: These exercises both teach the birds to come to a gloved fist when called and if done in the right distances and elevations can be excellent exercise for them. 

Creance Training: If your birds are fully flighted, this is excellent training and exercise. It also helps prepare for flighted programs. 

Take a Walk: My team and I take our birds on walks at least twice a week. This gets them out of the enclosure, seeing new sights, and getting comfortable with their handlers. 

Owl Enrichment: Owls are largely solitary creatures with little to no food motivation. Much of their enrichment will revolve around stimulating their senses and appealing to their more destructive nature. Each bird will be different of course, so you’ll just need to try until you find which enrichment is the best received. 

Shredded Phonebooks: Setting up a partially shredded phone book or similar paper product can be one of the most enriching objects for large owls like the Great Horned Owl.

Cardboard Egg Cartons: Very similar to the above. (Really anything cardboard and shaped odd will do)

Towel Wrapped Perch: Some owls love to pick the threads off of towels. Wrapping part of a perch in a small towel can be entertaining. 

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf. 

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social owls like the screech owl will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Vulture Enrichment: These birds are usually social creatures with a large propensity for destructive behavior. Their food drive is okay, but the more intriguing the situation, the better. 

Food Puzzles: Try creating various puzzles and challenges for the birds to reach a tidbit reward. If its something they can destroy, even better. Look up “Striated Caracara Enrichment”, you’ll find videos by Elite Falconry. While Caracara aren’t really vultures, the puzzles are excellent for vultures and intelligent, food motivated birds. 

Hide and Seek: If it’s turkey vultures you’re working with, hiding smelly food can be a great enrichment option. Try hiding it in cardboard egg cartons or safely destructible items. 

Eggs: the occasional egg can be a great treat. 

Un-stuffed Stuffed Animals: Like the owls this, can be a great thing for the birds to pick and pull apart. just be sure the materials are plastic free and there is no stuffing in it. 

Mist Sprayers: We’re located in Central Texas. If you are in a place with plenty of heat, mist sprayers can be great afternoon enrichment. Typically the birds will step in the mist then go sun themselves until they dry off. 

Hawk Enrichment: The most food motivated of the group, these birds are most enriched by the challenge and reward of obtaining food. 

Food Puzzles: Simple puzzles can be great, but a word of warning. Most hawks have a poor sense of object permanence, so be sure any treat reward is visible at all times.

Treat Foods: Eggs, Day old chick, chicken leg, insects, etc… These should be given sparingly, but can offer a great change up from the typical feeding schedule. If you can, try offering a rotating diet of core meats the bird would eat in the wild and then sprinkle the above options into the mix for rewards and lazy days. 

Frozen Food: This is another hot summer option. It takes the birds time to pick apart the food enough to eat and can actually help shape their beaks and talons in the process. (Word of Warning, make sure the food in question is large enough that the bird cannot swallow it whole. If it does, this can lead to sour crop. 

“Tirings”: This is a falconry term for food objects that really aren’t all that edible, but take the bird time to pick apart. These can be bird wings, rabbit ears or feet, an even handmade lures with tidbits attached. 

Audio Samples: This depends on the bird, but more social hawks like the Harris’ Hawk or even birds like the Caracara will get largely intrigued if you start playing their calls from various places on occasion. Try to get them to call back (Keep note of the call used and the response. Some are territorial calls or alarm calls, try to avoid those.)

Live Prey: If the bird is fit and able, live prey is good enrichment. Insects like captive bred roaches or meal worms can be good as well. Try spreading the meal worms through long leaf astroturf.

Feather Bundle: If you have old body feathers from a prior moult, tie them together and hang them in various places throughout the enclosure. Bonus if you can get breezes to move them occasionally.

Minnows in the Bath: Putting minnows into their bath pan will keep many hawks fascinated and watching for hours. Some will even try to catch them. 

Swinging Perches: Install a tree branch that hangs from the ceiling by a rope. Every hawk I’ve offered this to has made it their favorite perch. 

Poultry: These birds are largely foragers, giving them stuff to pick at or eat that is more interesting than seeds is usually a great bet. 

Treat Foods: Meal Worms, strawberries, plain yogurt, Tomatoes, etc…

Foraging space: Real grass, bushes and open area.

Dust Bath: Try giving them an area to lay and role in some finer dust.

Percussion Instruments: A small, brightly colored xylophone mounted safely to a surface is certain to attract and keep interest. 

Hope this helps!

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 7

Characters: Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Werewolf!Stiles, Peter Hale, PackMom!Reader.

Yo sorry to keep jumping time but I kinda need to??? Also I should’ve just named this part baby food

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Max is seven months old. He’s trying to walk and it’s been incredible for you. On the other hand, no one has seen or spoken to Stiles in months. Things have improved with Derek immensely but you still deep down blame him for Stiles.

You put Max in the bouncer and sat down on the porch. You eventually found a house and now everyone has their own room. There’s even extra rooms. You were sitting in the porch swing Derek installed when your phone rang. “Hey.” You breathed out.

“I f- n-…pa-..-you…now.”

“You’re cutting out..I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying.”


“Yelling it at me doesn’t help.”

“rk-..need you.”

“The park?”


You hang up the phone and grab Max. You put him in the car seat and head to the park. You spot Derek sitting on the swings with someone. You grab Max and walk towards him.

“Stiles!?” You run the rest of the way, handing Max to Derek. You hug Stiles tightly. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you! Are you okay?”

“I know what I did was sucky and terrible but yeah. I was in San Diego and I’m fine.”

You kiss his cheek and sigh. “Thank God you’re back.” Max babbles and you look over at him, his dark curls spilling over his eyes and his brown eyes making your heart swell. He grins, his dimples showing.

“God, is that Max?” You nod and Stiles hold his hands out to him. Derek hands Max to him and Max giggles.

Derek pulls you to the side. “I was buying baby food and he just..showed up? I have no clue when he got here and I don’t have any details.”

“….well did you get the baby food?” You look up at him.

“No, I didn’t get the baby food. What’s wrong with you?”

You shrug, “I dunno, I sent you out for baby food.”

Derek looks at you oddly. You look back to Stiles and watch him interact with Max.

“This baby’s freaking amazing.” He laughs as Max makes little sounds.

“Thanks. Look I know you probably don’t want to talk about it but we will eventually have to address you going missing…and you need to talk to your dad.”

“Oh my dad knew where I was.”

“What?” You crossed your arms.

“Yeah, I told him.”

“Why don’t you come back to the house and we can talk.”


You arrive at the house, the pack waiting outside. Stiles gets out and everyone hugs him. You get Max out and follow him up to the porch.

“Where’s Derek?” Scott asks.

“Getting baby food.” You smile.

Everyone goes inside and catches up with Stiles. You leave them with Max so you can cook dinner. You hear Derek pull up and you smile. He walks in, an older man behind him. Your smile falls when you see him with no bags.

“Did you not get baby food?”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. My life is in shambles before your eyes and you want baby food?”

“Our kid needs to eat.” You say innocently.

“You’re such a dork.” He sighs. You glance into the living room and everyone is staring at you. “Y/N…this is my uncle Peter.” Your heart drops to your feet and a cold chill runs down your spine when he smiles at you.

He shakes your hand. “So you’re the famous Y/N. I wondered who was willing to raise a kid with this one. You must have low standards, as beautiful as you are.”

Derek throws a dirty look at Peter and you look at Lydia. She looks annoyed. She flips him off from behind him and you smile while giving her a stern look.

“Where is the little guy?” Derek gestures into the living room and Peter wanders into the room.

“What the hell?” You whisper.

Derek gives you a ‘what could I do’ gesture. “There I was..in the baby food section…again and he just showed up.

You just stare at him.

“I’m going to have to go back again aren’t I?” You nod and he groans.

“Why is everything mysterious happening to us today? Also why am I the only one alarmed that Stiles just wandered off to San Diego and no one noticed?“

“I think everyone’s just shocked that he even came back.”

“Yeah..I just have a weird feeling.”

Derek crosses his arms and turns to look at Stiles. “Why?”

“Is Stiles ever this nice?”

Derek nods. “You’re right..let’s keep an eye on him.”

That night you were climbing into bed when Derek walked in. He had on sweatpants and an old high school t-shirt.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

You quirk an eyebrow. “Is this code for..?”

He chuckles, “No not this time. I just wanted to hang out with you.”

You pull the sheets back. “Come on then.”

He gets in the bed and wraps his arms around you.

“You’re spooning me. This is not movie watching.” You laugh.

He presses his lips to yours. “It’s hanging out though.”

You smile “I think Peter has something to do with Stiles..not to ruin the adorable mood or anything.”

“Let’s worry about that tomorrow.” He sighs and kisses your forehead.

“Only if you kiss me again.” You smirk.

He smiles. “I think I can do that.”

Fix You

Reid x reader

When you try your best but you don’t succeed

The house seemed empty, when you woke up in the morning. You stared at the walls of the spare bedroom where you’d slept last night after another blazing row. Your eyes were sore from the tears, they felt like someone has crushed tiny bits of glass and rubbed them into the your eyes during the night.

How many more times were you going to fight? How many more times were going to wonder if you and he had made a huge mistake by getting married?

Slinging the covers back you crept out of the room and down the hall. You needed to get your work clothes out of the bedroom but you didn’t want to wake him. Not yet.

Seeing the door was open, you were surprised. It was still early and he normally slept late when he could. You were even more surprised to see the bed was perfectly made as if it hadn’t been slept in. It was only then that you actually took in the rest of the room. The closets were open and his clothes were missing. You spotted a piece of paper folded on your pillow, sitting down you opened it.


I can’t keep doing this. I think we should separate.

I can’t bear an argument about that either, so I’ve taken my things and I’ve gone to my Mom’s. Please don’t try to contact me, I’ll call you to make arrangements to collect the rest of my stuff and I’ll make contact with a lawyer. Irreconcilable differences should cut it.

I’m sorry.”

When you get what you want, but not what you need.

You were late to work. You almost hadn’t gone in but you needed the distraction.

You spoke to Hotch privately, he needed to know, he was your supervisor after all. He’d offered to push through some leave for you but you’d told him no. Work was all you had right now.

The rest of the team treaded carefully around you, they knew something was wrong. You’d piled on the make up this morning, trying to hide your pale face and chapped lips but nothing could hide how small and piggy like your eyes had become. No amount of eye drops could disguise the blood shot eyes.

There were little touches of your shoulder from the girls , soft sad smiles from Derek and Rossi, and coffee and chocolate placed by your computer when you’d got back from the ladies room, from Reid you presumed. They all knew you and him had been having problems, but none of them asked today. They knew, that you knew that they were there if you wanted to talk.

And maybe you would in a few days. Right now, it was raw. Bitter. You spent the day with your head buried in a file, barely paying attention to anything around you and swallowing back sobs.

Luckily, the team weren’t called away on a case. You weren’t sure you’d have been able to go with them if they had. Your head wouldn’t have been in the game and you’d have been more of a hinderence than a help.

The hours passed by and it was soon finishing time. Too soon.

You didn’t want to go home to an empty house. A house full of memories.

You drove around the streets for hours until it grew dark, finally pulling up outside your house. It no longer looked like home to you. It was just a shell, a container for a life that you would no longer live.

You reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out a blanket you kept there for emergencies, then you walked to the porch sitting in the two seater swing that was hanging in the corner. The swing you’d spent summers lazing in, him bringing you iced tea as you read books, enjoying your time off. You pulled your knees up underneath yourself and wrapped the blanket around your shoulders. It was cold outside but you didn’t care, you didn’t want to go inside.

When you love someone and it goes to waste,
Could it be worse?

Spencer pulled up behind Y/N’s car and surveyed her house. He’d been here a few times for parties and gatherings. He visited less when she married HIM though, he never did like the friendship that Spencer and Y/N had shared.

She’d seemed so sad today at work. Sullen, lost. Spencer had an idea of what might have happened. Normally when they argued, she’d come in ranting and raving about it, but not today. He’d watched her go into Agent Hotchner’s office, not being able to see her face but having a clear view of Aaron’s. He could read his reactions; empathy and compassion flooding their supervisor’s face.

Reid just wanted to check on her, to let her know he was here for her. Just because they didn’t spend the same amount of time together outside of work as they used to when she joined the Bureau seven years ago, only a year after him, it didn’t mean there was anything less to their friendship.

Yet as he walked to the front door, he realised there were no lights on.

But her car was here. He’d called her a few times when he’d got home but she’d not answered the house phone or her cell, which was why he’d decided to drive over.

Where was she?

He knocked a few times, taking out his phone and calling her again. He could hear the sounds of her personalised ring tone for him, the Dr Who theme, coming from the corner of the porch. Turning, Spencer saw her hunched over in the swing that she’d had installed a few years ago.

He made his way to her, seeing her shoulders racking with sobs.

“Y/N?” he spoke softly, crouching to his knees in front of her.

She looked up, her eyes swimming with tears and her breath visible in the cold night air. Spencer reached out to wipe away a tear from his friend’s face, noting how cold her skin was.

“Y/N, it’s freezing out here. Come on… Let’s go inside and get you warmed up.”

She shook her head, her voice creaky when she spoke.

“I can’t… I can’t go in there. It’s empty. So empty,” she started sobbing again and Spencer picked her bag up from the floor and found her house keys. Shrugging his own coat off and around her shoulders, he unlocked her door and went inside.

It took him a while to pack a small suitcase for her, he found one in the hall way closest. When he entered her bedroom and started searching through her wardrobes for clothes he’d seen her wearing at work, his suspicions were confirmed. Her husband’s belongings her no longer there.

When Spencer went into her en suite to chuck toiletries into a bag, there was only one toothbrush in the holder, only one set of shampoo and conditioner on the sides of the tub. And when he went down to the kitchen to search for a bottle of whiskey or something, he was sure he might need tonight to help her sleep, he spotted a gold wedding ring on the side. She’d still been wearing hers at work so it must be his.

Reid’s heart broke for his friend, and he quickly finished packing, locking her door and placing the bags in his trunk.

Going back to Y/N, he reached for her hands and tugged her upright, her complying with very little resistance. He caught his coat before it fell off her shoulders.

“Come on… ” he told her softly.

“No! I’m not going in there….” she shook her head at him and he pulled her towards his chest, wrapping his arms around her.

“We’re not going inside. I’m taking you back to mine. I’ve packed you a bag, and I’ll fetch anything else you need. You can stay with me. You don’t have to tell me anything, Y/N. I know….and I’m sorry.”

She sniffed against his chest. “I can’t impose on you Spencer. Your apartment is tiny.”

“Yes you can. For as long as you need to. You’re my friend and I love and care about you. If you’re hurting, then I’m hurting. Let me help in anyway I can.”

Reid heard Y/N swallow deeply, almost as if she was swallowing her pride. She looked at him, meeting his eyes properly for the first time all day.

“Thanks Spencer,” she whispered hoarsely.

Placing his hand on her back, he led her to his car.

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try
To fix you

Strawberry Swing - Part 2

Here’s the second instalment of Strawberry Swing, the Gadge fic I sent to this year’s @mores2sl collection. 

I want to thank the awesome @everlarkingjoshifer for pre-reading, betaing, and making this beautiful banner for me. You can find Part 1 HERE.


Gale rushed through the woods. It was his last day of freedom and, with Katniss away in the Capitol, he needed to make the most of it.

By the time he reached the fence, the sun was already high in the sky, and he was sweating profusely. He didn’t mind, though, his snares had made for a good haul, and he had a satchel full of things to trade.

Just as he was about to go under the fence, he spotted it, a wild strawberry bush laden with ripe, juicy fruit.

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Nightmares and New Toys - Carl Grimes x Reader

Lorelai talks very maturely for her age, but this isn’t something I’ve just made up as an excuse for her to talk like a five year old. When you have older siblings and cousins then it’s easier to pick up information. Say the kid wants to keep up with their five older siblings who are all older than six, the child has to learn everything faster. I know many kids who have gone through this. 

Request: @livelikethereisnomidnight (The link isn’t working so I really hope you get to see this!)

Summary: Carl and the Reader are older and have two children. Their daughter Lorelai has a nightmare and needs her father to cheer her up.

Characters: The Reader, Carl, Lorelai and Glenham

POV: Second Person

Warnings: Fluff and lots of cuteness

Nightmares and New Toys

It was two in the morning when you woke up to the sound of crying. Immediately you jumped up in your bed and grabbed the pistol you kept on the nightstand. Feverishly searching around your room for an intruder, only to lay eyes on your husband, Carl. He was running to the door, hastily while trying to put on his night pants. This would have been the moment when you yelled at him for never listening to you and putting clothes on after you had sex, but you were focused on the crying that you now identified as your daughter.

“Carl, what happened?” You asked, but he was already down the hallway in her room. Following after him you practically flew into the room, praying to God that the cause of her tears wouldn’t be a monstrous creature tearing her soft flesh from her little bones. To your relief, you walked in to see her crying into Carl’s shoulder. He was rubbing her back and whispering into her ear.

“Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay, daddy’s here now. I love you my little Lorelai.” Lorelai continued to cry into his shoulder,

“D-d-daddy, t-the m-monster e-eaten y-you a-and mo-mommy.” You ran over to her, she must have had a bad dream.

“Baby, no. Daddy and I are right here, we’re okay. Lorelai, you’re safe, we all are.” She stayed, a tiny little thing enveloped in Carl’s big arms. Her arms squeezed around his neck,

“Mommy, they took you from me.” You looked at Carl and he gave you a sad smile. You knew what he was asking. He wanted you to let Lorelai sleep in your bed, something you had dealt with for nearly three years. You were done with letting her kick you off your own bed, but seeing how upset she was you nodded at Carl and he smiled brightly.

“Hey, babygirl. Do you want to lay in mommy and daddy’s bed.” She picked her head up from his shoulder and looked at him,

“Mhmm. I want to lay with you and mommy.” He rubbed the back of her head in his hand and you wiped the tears from her cheeks. Carl handed you Lorelai and you went back into your bedroom, only to find your son laying under three layers of blankets. You smiled at Carl,

“It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any sleep.” He chuckled.

“It’s okay, I got a shift at seven.” You set Lorelai on the bed and tucked her under the covers next to Glenham. Carl sat down next to Glenham and kissed his forehead. “Hey, buddy. What are you doing here?” Glenham stretched his arms and yawned.

“I heard you guys were up and I wanted to get up, too.” You scoffed.

“Bubby, we’re up because Lorelai had a bad dream.” He looked over at her and hugged her.

“No, Lorelai, don’t cry. Don’t cry, little sister.” You put your hand over your chest and looked up at Carl. He mouthed to you, ‘He’s so sweet’. You nodded and got under the covers.

“Lorelai, you okay now?” She frowned and shook her head at you. You thought about what would cheer her up. She loved ice cream, but it was not even three in the morning. She loved playing with Glenham and Hershel on the little swings Rick installed, but it was too early to be waking everyone up with the sound of their cackling laughter. What about blueberry muffins. The other day Carl found a powdered box of muffin mix so you made them yesterday. No one was allowed to eat them because you were saving them for the party Rick and Michonne were throwing for everyone, but you could always make more.

“Would you feel better if daddy got you a muffin.” She practically shot up from the bed,

“Yes, yes, yes! Daddy, get me a muffin!” She squealed, zealously. You giggled as Carl groaned.

“Baby, why me? Why can’t you go get them?” You gave him a mischievous smirk and reached over top of Lorelai and Glenham and gave him a teasing kiss on the cheek. It was soft, but full of desire and it lasted just long enough to get him going, but not long enough to satisfy his lust.

“You’re going to go get them muffins because mommy knows daddy wants to play with mommy’s toys. If daddy doesn’t, mommy won’t let daddy touch her toys, ever again.” Carl virtually fell off the bed and raced down the stairs. You fell on the bed laughing hysterically.

“Mommy, you have new toys? I want to play with them.” Glenham exclaimed with a smiled.

“Yeah, I want to play with them, too.” Lorelai shouted. Your eyes became the size of cantaloupes. What could you say? You couldn’t exactly tell your children they couldn’t play with your toys because that would more incest and sexual abuse. They didn’t know what most of that sentence meant. They were toddlers.

“Bubby’s, I was just kidding. I don’t have any new toys, but I promise when I go on the run tomorrow with Grandpa Rick, Grandma Michonne and Auntie Judith we’ll definitely get you new toys.” They both frowned.

“Mommy, that’s too bad. I really wanted to play with your new toys.” Lorelai said with her arms crossed.

“Yeah, but daddy’s bringing you muffins. Doesn’t that sound yummy?” You asked.

“Yay!” They shouted. As if on cue Carl walked in the room with a plate of muffins. He sat on the bed and the kids immediately grabbed a muffin scarfing it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, you must really be hungry, you’re eating like walkers.” You giggled and hugged him.

“I love you.” He kissed the side of your head.

“I love you, too. Now, let’s get them back to bed.” With full bellies, the kids fell back asleep and you and Carl followed suit.

“Y/N, babe. Hey, wake up, I have to go.” It was Carl, he was shaking your arm. You yawned and stretched your arms over your head.

“Hey, you’re leaving now?” He nodded, you sat up and looked over at Lorelai and Glenham.

“They’re still asleep, just let them.” He whispered and you nodded. Looking into his eyes in a moment of silence you cupped the back of his neck in your hand. Your fingers dancing on the silky waves that fell effortlessly from his head. He raised his hand and wrapped one of his arms around you, the other rested on your cheek, slowly stroking your smooth skin. Unable to take the tension you brought his lips to yours, melding them together in heavenly bliss. The arm around your waist lowered as he cupped your ass, pulling you into his lap. His tongue circled yours, enlisting a moan from deep in your throat. Your hips began to gyrate into his unintentionally, but neither of you were against it.

“Mommy?” Lorelai asked. You finally realized you were dry-humping your husband in the same bed as your children and you scurried away from him. Carl practically leapt from the bed.

“Hey, baby girl. Did you sleep well?” You asked her, pulling your shirt down from where Carl had accidentally pushed it up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“No nightmares?” Asked Carl, from the corner of the room. Lorelai nodded ‘yes’ and Carl walked back over to the bed in front of . “Good, baby I have to go now so give me a kiss.” He said puckering his lips out to her. Lorelai screamed,

“No, daddy! Don’t go! Daddy, please stay!” You and Carl looked at each other, surprised. Carl got in the middle of the bed and pulled her into his arms.

“Baby, don’t cry. Hey, it’s okay.”

“Then don’t go, daddy!” She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. He cradled her and started to sing,

“You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy”

You layed down on the bed in a curled up ball. His voice was cracked and hoarse, but it was beautiful in its own way. The way he held her was mesmerizing, his love for her evident in the tightness of his hug. You just watched, as he looked into her eyes with more love for one human being than you had ever seen before.

“When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much, I love you

So please don’t take

My sunshine away”

When he finished she was gingerly touching his cheeks, smiling at his beautiful blue eyes. He made a face and she started to giggle.

“Daddy! You’re so silly!” You smiled at the adorable action. They were so sweet together.

“I am, but baby I have to go now. Can you let me?” She frowned and crossed her arms.

“Fine daddy,” She paused. “But under one condition, you bring me more muffins.”

“I can do that.” He said as he bent down to kiss her nose. She giggled under his gentle touch and he sat her back down on the bed.

“Bye daddy, bring me muffins.” She said, bouncing on the bed.

“Bye my baby, I love you.” He said with a sad smile.

“I love you, too.” She responded happily. You got up off the bed and walked to him. He pulled you in by your waist and kissed you.

“I love you, Carl.”

“I love you, too.” You smiled at each other and he suddenly gave you a mischievous smirk.

“Can we set up some playtime tonight, you did promise me.” You scoffed and put a hand over your heart.

“I promise you nothing,” He frowned. “But I don’t see why not. I’m nice about sharing my toys.” He chuckled and brought your hand to his lips to kiss your knuckles.

“Daddy? What are you doing? Go get my muffins.” You and Carl started howling at Lorelai. She was adorable.

“Fine, I’m going. Love you guys, see you soon.” Carl said, defensive. You shook your head in disbelief and hugged him.

“Have fun.” He gave you a questioning look and walked out the door.

“I won’t have fun until I get to play with your toys.” You giggled as he lept down the stairs and out the door. Wow, it was going to be hard to wait for him to get back.

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Creepypasta #1029: The Things That Live Under My House Just Found A Way In

Length: Super long

Last week, my wife Katie and I finally closed on our new house, which we’d purchased for a laughable fraction of what the place was really worth. In retrospect, the price should’ve been a red flag, but who can blame me for jumping on this deal? The place was a steal and was no more than a half hour from my downtown office. It was a decent sized two story home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a large but not unmanageably colossal backyard where I planned to install a swing set or a swimming pool when Ellie was old enough (she’s currently the most adorable four year old on the face of the earth, but I digress). Not to mention, we were separated from our neighbors by a good half-acre of woods on either side, so we had more than enough privacy. Anyway, the house wasn’t a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it was more than adequate for the purposes of raising a young family in.

Unfortunately, the collective high of buying our first home didn’t last long. By the end of the second or third night, we’d become aware of some bizarre things going on in and around the house. The first thing we noticed were these faint scratching noises coming from what sounded like inside the walls. We figured a squirrel or a small bird had likely found its way behind the drywall and gotten trapped, so we began scheming ways to get the poor thing out without wreaking havoc on the structure. But we had no idea what the hell we were doing and got absolutely nowhere. I was just about one step away from taking a sledgehammer to the living room wall when Katie smartly suggested to let animal control take a swing at things before I ended up bringing down the entire damn house.

But in the three days before the specialist arrived, things took a sharp and unnerving downturn. The scratching got exponentially worse, and when things were quiet enough, we realized we could hear a distinct buzzing sound from underneath the floorboards, almost like there was a titanic beehive beneath the foundations of the house. 

As the hours turned into days, the buzzing got increasingly loud until you no longer had to strain to hear it. Then we noticed we could hear different scratchings from different parts of the wall simultaneously, and we realized we weren’t dealing with a single animal, but likely an infestation of some kind.

Things finally came to a head the morning the exterminator was scheduled to arrive. Katie and I woke up about an hour after dawn to the sound of Ellie screaming herself hoarse from her bedroom down the hall. My paternal instincts immediately kicked in and burned right through my early-morning grogginess, and before I knew what was happening I was bounding away towards her room. I threw open her door and immediately froze in my tracks.

What I saw there still scares the shit out of me - it was some kind of enormous hornet-like thing the size of a football, with a three and a half inch stinger jutting from its lower abdomen. Its hard to describe, but to put the damn thing’s sheer size into perspective, the flapping of its wings produced a sound that was as much like a small whooshing as it was identical to the insect-like buzz we’d been hearing.

In any case, I’d like to say I grit my teeth and charged the bastard with an upturned broom stick for threatening my baby girl, but that’s not the case - I instead slipped on my own sweat and fell on my ass out of sheer shock. Luckily for everyone, though, the bug didn’t seem too interested in taking on a full grown man, and it bolted back into the hole beneath the loose closet floor board the second it spotted me. 

Ellie was screaming uncontrollably the entire time, and a second or two later, Katie burst into the room, eyes wide with anxious confusion. I scrambled to my feet and ran to my daughter, hugging and kissing her and telling her the “mean bug” was gone and that she’d be okay, but it did little good. She continued to wail, and before long Katie began bombarding me with questions of her own.

“I don’t know, Kate,” I said as I picked the still whimpering Ellie up over my shoulder and started stroking her hair. “It was some sort of bug. Like a really, really huge one. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

We headed downstairs, plopped Ellie on the couch with a bowl of cereal and some cartoons, and headed into the kitchen to discuss the incident in harsh whispers.

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A longitudinal section of the self-propelled ZIK-10. It clearly shows the advantages of the system in-11

From the point of the volume of the fighting compartment to the car there are a lot of questions. As you can see, on the right side of the gun almost no space

A cross-sectional view ZIK-10
System At-11 converted for installation in ZIK-10 . For ease of loading imposed tray
Layout of ammunition. For ZIK-11, he was placed in a similar manner
Common types of self-propelled ZIK-11
In General, the installation of swinging part howitzers M-30 on the Cabinet do not greatly reduce the volume of the fighting compartment
of it from the right side to ZIK 11 places became more. However, there was a high risk of injury when shooting – fencing the howitzers were not
In cross section it is seen that right from the gun still enough
Reconstruction of ZIK-11 in scale 1:35, made on factory drawings. Author – Alexander Kalashnik.

Wedge - Chapter 2

Summary: After being unsatisfied with their lives, Dipper and Mabel move back to Gravity Falls to reopen the Mystery Shack, and something scary and new starts bubbling under the surface. But the sudden appearance of a third party throws even their sibling relationship into chaos. 

[Ch 01] [Ch 02] [Ch 03] [Ch 04] [Ch 05] [Ch 06] ​[Ch 07] [Ch 08] ​[Ch 09] [Ch 10] [Ch 11] [Ch 12] ​[Ch 13] [Ch 14] [Ch 15] [Epilogue]


Chapter 2 – Mabel and Dipper’s Home

Dipper hadn’t felt this happy in years, and it made him wonder when he’d start sinking again. Why shouldn’t it catch him by surprise again, after it snuck up on him so expertly before? He had to keep reminding himself to shake his legs off, to throw away the muck that wasn’t there, just in case it started to creep without his knowledge.

But it didn’t. Instead, everything was bright and clear… except for a few difficulties.

By the time summer neared its end, the renovations to the Mystery Shack were very nearly completed and, Dipper had to admit, it was lookin’ pretty darn good. Stan and Soos were great proprietors and were the reason the Mystery Shack was successful as an attraction, but the building itself wasn’t exactly a sterling example of proper maintenance. Stan’s miserliness, Ford’s indifference, and Soos’s reverence meant that all of them avoided excessive physical changes to the Shack, even necessary ones, but Dipper and Mabel’s efforts had turned it into a good looking building that probably wasn’t violating hundreds of building codes.

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Twenty One Months (1/2)

So the wonderful zoey-chu came up with the super awesome Transcendence AU and I saw the original post and was like, oh my that is neat.

6000 words and counting later I have come to realize that it has eaten my brain. Please send help.

In the mean time, enjoy the misadventures of pregnant Mabel, panicky Dipper, and Mabel’s impossibly chill husband (starring surprise Grunkle Stan!)


(2 Months)

Dipper looked at Mabel.


She smacked him upside the head

(which even as he cringed from the smack because Mabel smacked hard he still relished. Part because he loved the sensation of pain now but mostly just being touched meant so much more when one was incorporeal most of the time)

and snapped, “Dipper just tell me!”

It had only been three days since Mabel found out she was pregnant and he really should have never mentioned that he could probably tell before anyone else what she was having.

Especially after he looked and oh my god, if being related to an actual demon like Dipper hadn’t killed his brother in law this probably would.

“Um, Mabes,” Dipper started, one hand behind his head and top hat in the other hand. “Remember when Mom told us that twins run in the Pines family?”

She hit him again, but this time a gentle boff in the shoulder. “Yeah silly, I know I’m having twins. I just want to know if they’re both boys or both girls or a boy and a girl….”

He looked down at his hands hovering over his sister’s stomach, sensing the little lives inside and really it was cool to be doing this for Mabel but also kind of weird? Eh.

“Well, there are two girls-”

Mabel punched the air. “YES”

“-and a boy. You’re having triplets Mabel.”

Mabel sat bolt upright on the bed and stared at Dipper, floating nervously, for a full minute.

Then she screamed loud enough that if Dipper were corporeal he would be sure that his ears would be bleeding.

As it was, he accidentally boiled the nearby lake away for the first time in three years and it rained frogs in Gravity falls for the next two days.

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The Swings

Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours have designed a musical light swing installation, The swings are built with illuminated light panels at the bottom of the seat, and serves as an instrument that would produce different audible tones as people swing on them, creating a harmonic musical light show.


@gathering-storm (I’m up for any character)

How Angel would spend his days off is either hanging with his friends or bring work to the streets. By that, meaning put on a show for the urban masses. In fact, the young man can be seen standing atop a building holding an installed trapeze swing. Another identical swing is set up atop another building across the street from it. A handful of people stopped to see what the daredevil of a performer is doing. Angel immediately started swinging back and forth. Occasionally, he detaches himself to do a 360˚ spin before grabbing the same bar. After gaining enough momentum, Angel hurls himself into the open air. His body made numerous twirls and flips. He made it to the other side of the wide street, catching the other swing with his hands. The crowd went extremely wild, some whistled, others are recording Angel on their devices. As long as the crowd is enjoying the show, nothing could make the acrobat happier.