swing girl

If she could pinpoint her feelings down to the point where she could explain them to someone, she would. But the thing is, feelings aren’t exactly stable objects, ones that you can hold down and classify as one thing over another. Her feelings were mood swings, lunging upwards and downwards the way roller coasters work. She searched within herself, trying to make sense of what she felt, only to find out that she was blindly pulling bits and pieces of her heart out, like a toy, at the same time refused to acknowledge what her mind already knew.

My mind felt a little static-y tonight so I did some pose drawing from references to calm myself down. it turned into voltron, as it so often does.

Asshole: “haha why do you flinch away when someone pretends to hit you? Lmao its just a joke don’t be a baby”

Me, an Abuse Survivor, Whose on The Verge of Tears: “wow… Yeah… Hahaha so funny gu ys… You really got me goo d… Haha ha…”