swing and a miss struck him out

Stunts Part 2 - Tom Holland Imagine

sarrRating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of scared of heights and anxiety and panic in general

Summary: Part 2 to Stunts. The surprise had been amazing so far, but something’s wrong with the wires and harness. 

Word Count: 1490

Tags: @sarrahgoode , @younggodimagines , @niamhlincoln

Suddenly, you three were swung right into the air, going higher and higher. You gasped for breath. That was way higher than you thought it was. The floor seemed to disappear from sight. Everything became a blur of white and grey and black and dots and-


You sucked in oxygen. Where was everything?

“(Y/n)!” Tom reached out and held your shoulder. “Hey.”

You grasped his hand and finally turned to him. It was dizzying. What was in front of you? Where was Tom? You heard him, but, for the life of you, you couldn’t see him. It was all smudges of colors.

“(Y/n), hey, look at me. I’m right here. I’m going to stay right here.”

Someone, Tom you deducted, lifted your hand and placed it on his shoulder. With the soft cloth brushing your fingers, you were able to separate the colors. Tom, with pale skin, brown eyes and swept over brown hair, was wearing a blue t-shirt and brown cargo shorts. Your hand was on his shoulder, contrasting the dark navy blue shirt.

A smile flickered on your lips. “Yeah.” You patted his shoulder.

Tom nodded. “Hey, you’re Spider-Girl right now. Ok? Soaring through the city.” He gripped your shoulder. “Nothing to worry about.”

You nodded. Instead of looking down, you turned your gaze upward. You were so close to the beams! You stretched out your arm and fingers. You were so close. Then, you were flying. You were so close! Just as the tips of your fingers grazed the beams by the ceiling, you were floating downward.

Tom and Haz were near the floor, smiling and cheering you on.

You waved at them. “This is amazing!” you shouted. The harness set you down on a fake rooftop. “Hey, Tom, is this how Spiderman poses?” You held on to an antenna, crouched down, and reached out your hand.

Tom laugh and cupped his hands around his mouth. “I can do better!”

You rolled your eyes. “Can they follow my lead, Tom?”

He nodded.

You stretched out your hand and pointed at the roof of another building. The wires flung you right where you pointed. You laughed and stretched out your arm “Again!” The wires flung you from building to building and back again. You were having so much fun that when Tom and Ha shouted for you to stop, you almost ignored them. Almost.

“What” you sighed as you hung from the stairs of a fire escape.

Tom laughed. “I love the fact you’re having fun, but we have more on the tour!”

“Aw!” You sighed and sat on the stairs. “Ok, so how do I get down”

Haz cupped his hands around his mouth. “Just let go of the rail and step off. The crew will take it from there.”

You did as you were told and stepped off the stairs. You stared at the ceiling, trying to avoid becoming dizzy. You breathed in and out, making sure you were calm. You closed your eyes and waited. And waited. And waited.

“What’s going on?” You peered below you, immediately felt dizzy, and looked at the ceiling again. “Guys?” You could hear Tom shouting at someone. Haz was talking loudly, too. It seemed like they were arguing. You reached for the staircase. “Guys!” Fear plunged into your stomach and weighed you down like a brick. You swung your legs frantically and clung to the stairs. Your lungs clenched and couldn’t seem to expand no matter how hard you tried. “Tom!” you screamed with a cracked voice.

Tom whipped around. “Just hang on!”

You shut your eyes. “To fake staircases!?” Your hand slipped, and it felt worse than the panic that struck you when you miss a step on the staircase. You grasped for the railings and again. Just as you wrapped your fingers around a pole, your body was flung right off.

“(Y/n)!” Tom screamed. Haz held him back. “We can’t-”

Tom wrestled out of his grip. “Someone help her, please!”

You were thrown right into the air. You were dangling right in the air, swinging aimlessly like a pendulum. You had nothing to hang onto. You fumbled to grab onto the wire and keep your limbs close to you. There was nothing to hold you and the only thing you could manage to do was scream while in the air.

Your best friends were frantically trying to help the crew.

“Get her to the roof!”

“No, it’s too far.”

“She has to swing there.”

“Swing!? You’re crazy.”

“Someone help (Y/n), please!”

You closed your eyes and stayed still, hoping this would all be over. You could hear all the chaos going on beneath you. Beneath you. You were in the air, and you were dangling like a spider away from its web.

“(Y/n)!” Toms voice cut through your fear and rang as clear as a bell. “Listen to me. Please, you have to swing to the staircase again. Go to the fire escape.”

“What?!” You pursed your lips. “No, I barely have any control over this thing, and I can’t. I can’t, Tom. Please, don’t make me do it.”

“(Y/n), hey, listen to my voice. Ok, now, find it. Where am I?”

You took a deep breath. “Um, you’re behind me.” Behind?

“Great. (Y/n), look at me. Find me.”

You gulped. Your stomach churned at the thought of looking around.

“Come on. I’m right here. I’m right here. Just find me.”

You took a deep breath and opened your eyes. You regretted it. There was nothing around you to ground you, to make you feel safe.

“(Y/n). Turn your head.”

You blinked and slowly turned your head. “Tom?” The wires swayed, and you squealed and shut your eyes.

“I’m right here. Open your eyes.”

You gulped in air and opened your eyes. You turned your head slightly. There he was. He was more than an arm’s length away, but your best friend was standing on the staircase with a small grin. “See, right here.” Tom reached out his hand. “Now grab my hand. I’ll get you out of here, I promise.”

You gulped. Your hands shook as you reached for his hand. The wires were moving and twitching. You breathed in and out again and extended your arm as far as you could. The tips of your fingers were barely touching his. An inch or two away from Tom. You whimpered as your arm whined in stress. “I can’t. Tom, please.”

“Hey, it’s going to be ok. I’m right here. Now, I need you to just swing a little. Just a little. I’ll get you down.”

You shook your head. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. It’s just like the swings back home, (Y/n). I’ll always catch you.” He smiled. “You can do it.”

Your breathing staggered, but you nodded. You swung just a little bit. Your fingers touched Tom’s, and that’s all it took. Your best friend immediately grabbed your hand, pulled you in, and carried you over the railings. Relief crashed over you as you felt Tom’s warm embrace. You gasped in joy. Tom beamed, rubbed your back, and unfastened your harness. The black shell fell off of you, and you felt the brick-like weight disappear. You laughed a little, tears dropping on your cheeks. “Thank you,” you whispered in his ear as you tugged him into your arms.

Tom tightened his grip on you and watched as his tears disappeared into your hair. His hands wandered around your back and hair. He kissed the top of your head. “It’s no problem for my best girl.” Tom pulled you closer still. That was terrifying for him. He could feel the guilt eat him up from the inside.

You giggled, filling Tom with a bit of happiness.

Those words of being his best girl. Tom’s best girl. It might not have meant what you wanted it to mean, but it was enough. You clutched his shirt and snuggled into his chest. You sighed and closed your eyes. “Don’t expect me to let go anytime soon. I’ve been traumatized.”

Tom laughed. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. But, if you wanna skip the tour and cuddle, might as well go to my trailer. There’s a tv and some of your favorite movies and my favorite ice cream.” He rubbed your shoulder. “Sound good?”

You nodded. “Not yet. Just…” You sighed. “I like this. So, few more minutes?”

Both of you could feel the room heat up by five degrees.

Tom gulped. “Yeah.” He kissed the top of your head again. From the corner of his eye, he could see the cast beaming like college graduates and Haz mouthing, “Meant to be.” Tom didn’t even have it in him to roll his eyes. You were alright and in his arms, and nothing could ruin that moment. Little did he know, you were thinking the exact same thing.

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“One strike away; nothing-and-two, the count to Hinske. Fans on the their feet; rally towels are being waved. Brad Lidge stretches. The 0-2 pitch — swing and a miss, struck him out! The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball! Brad Lidge does it again, and stays perfect for the 2008 season! 48-for-48 in save opportunities, and let the city celebrate! Don’t let the 48-hour wait diminish the euphoria of this moment, and the celebration. And it has been 28 years since the Phillies have enjoyed a World Championship; 25 years in this city that a team that has enjoyed a World Championship, and the fans are ready to celebrate. What a night!” - Harry Kalas (10/29/08)

Do You See Me

Imagine: Here

Word Count: 2,234

A/N: Well this is not only my first post, it is also my very first Reader story. I apologize if it is horrible. I hope I get my view across, because this is what I saw when I read the imagine from imaginexhobbit.

Honestly, you had never been very important in the Elven community. You bit your time, quietly moving throughout Mirkwood with the intention to enjoy your immortal life. You swung your sword with the rest of them, and learned your archery and hated it. But, the day came when King Orophor went off to battle, and didn’t come back. It changed your perspective a great deal seeing the horrors of that battle.

Perhaps it was that battle that led you to where you were now. As King Thranduil’s personal guard, Valar-bent on not letting him fall to the same fates as his father, you witnessed his entire life as King. You watched him rule, falter, and marry. It was you who stood in the way as an elf attempted to usurp his throne, when the young King (Both of you only a few hundred years old at the time) had nothing but his wife’s corpse and a young son.

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

For sashaatthebarricade. You know why.

In which for inexplicable reasons, Les Amis are a baseball team playing at Barricade Field against the National Guard team. That’s it, that’s the story.

E/R, modern AU. A small knowledge of baseball is probably required to understand everything happening, but not much.

“Good evening and welcome to Barricade Field for the second annual charity baseball league game between the National Guardsmen and your very own Les Amis de l’ABC!” The stadium erupted into cheers and the announcer waited for them to die down before continuing, “I’m Montparnasse and I will be announcing for this second-ever match-up between two formidable teams. The home team is, of course, the social justice group Les Amis, led by captain and pitcher Enjolras.” The crowd cheered even louder, and over in the bullpen, the man with the baseball cap jammed low over his blond curls gave a distracted wave, which only caused the volume from the crowd to increase.

“Of course, in addition to his stunning good looks and questionable sexuality – keep hoping, ladies, he’s not confirmed anything publicly, despite the many rumors of what he gets up to with his team, especially his catcher, Grantaire, who might catch in more than one way, if you get my meaning – Enjolras made history last year when he withdrew Les Amis from this self-same game after their right fielder, Jean Prouvaire, was injured. At the time, Enjolras was quoted as saying that while he was set on winning the game, he was less so set on victory than on the health of Jean Prouvaire.”

The crowd cheered again, assumedly as much for what they saw as Enjolras’s gallant actions as anything, and the National Guard team hissed and booed from their dugout. “Do you hear that, Apollo?” Grantaire called as he caught one of Enjolras’s warm-up pitches. “That’s the sound of your people right there.” Enjolras scowled and threw the next pitch harder than was probably necessary, causing Grantaire to wince.

“But none of that matters tonight, as we are gathered for the rematch of the year.” Montparnasse paused, letting the crowd cool down before saying, “And now, the starting line-up for your Les Amis!” Now the crowd went absolutely wild, and Montparnasse didn’t even bother waiting for them to calm down as he announced the players. “Batting first, the first baseman, Combeferre! Batting second, right-fielder Jehan Prouvaire. Third to bat, designated hitter Le Cabuc!”

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anonymous asked:

i love your fics and i was wondering if you were taking prompts, and if you are, if you could write something along the lines of emma giving birth and killian not being there because *drama* and almost having a panic attack because i'ts all so similar to the last time, but hten at the last moment *drama resolution* and happiness and fluff? :)

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