swing and a long drive

Edge of Seventeen (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by a lot of people, begging for a badboy!Ethan.
Word Count: 2,771
Warnings: None.
A/N: I kid you not, I spent all night thinking about ideas for this fic and I ended up dreaming about badboy!E and I woke up so disappointed. I would recreate the dream if I could remember it but all I know is that it was hella good. Also, enjoyyyy xx (Title from Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen)

Picture edited by me.

There he was again. Ethan Dolan. The annoying, tattooed guy who liked to throw deadly glances at someone who stared a second too long at him, smirking when the person would scramble away. He was cocky, rude, had no good sense of humor and would hang out in the courtyard with his equally as annoying friends.

You tried to avoid him the best you could, not because you were scared of him. But because he was just annoying you so badly that you couldn’t stand to stare at his stupid face. Sure, he was attractive but the boy was bad news.

Ethan and you had classes together; three to be exact. So he knew who you were, same as you knew who he was. But you had never given him the benefit of the doubt whenever he tried to rile you up, only turning the other way and completely ignoring him. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed making your life a living hell, because you were probably the only one at the entire school who dared to defy him. Whereas you saw him as this troubled, young bad boy, he saw you as this pristine, stuck-up princess and that’s what he’d call you. Princess.

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I saw open request so I have to ask for nerdy Luke!! Have a nice day 💕

Originally posted by outerspaceimagines

- shy looks across the room

- biting his lip when he is nervous

- small smiles when you two have a conversation

- sweet kisses on your cheek

- love notes passes between you

- reaching for your hand to intertwine your fingers, swinging your arms as you walk together

- long drives to no particular place

- meeting his friends, and him profusely apologizing when his friends are gross or dirty-minded

- you laughing and joining in on his friends’ jokes

- luke’s raised eyebrows when you get along really well with them

- hands shaking slightly when you ask him to play guitar for you because even if he can play in front of millions, he has never serenaded you before

- singing your favorite songs to see that smile light up your face

- kissing the back of your hand trying to be “your prince”

- cheesy jokes so you’ll roll your eyes at him

- hiS GIGGLES as you have a tickle fight

- giving you a piggy back ride around the house

- hugs from behind while you’re cooking

- him being shy with his shirt off in front of you

- so you come up and gently run your hand along his chest

- the shy smirk on his face

- always reminding you how much he loves you and is grateful to have you

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Staycation Vacation



“Goddamn, we need a vacation.”

You watched as Dean plopped down on the couch, covered in a goo you didn’t even want to know where it came from. Sam looked just as bad but had enough strength to sit upright.

“Yeah,” Sam said, wearily and full of sarcasm. “A vacation. Just like a normal family.”

“I think it’d be a nice idea,” you said. “You two desperately need it.”

The brothers looked over at you before sharing a look between themselves.

“Well,” Sam started.

“I mean, we’ve covered a lot of cases recently,” Dean added.

“There’s no major apocalypse happening right now…”

“A few days off never hurt anyone.”

“Well, that’s settled,” you said. “So, where y’all going?”

“Nuh-uh,” Dean said, pulling himself from the couch and heading for the kitchen. “You’re coming with us.”

“Why?” you called after him but didn’t get an answer. You turned to Sam. “I mean, you two are the hunters. I just live here. My life is already a vacation.”

“True, but you’re family.”

Dean stepped back in, beers in one hand, Sam’s laptop in the other. He tossed the machine on his brother’s lap, earning a grunt from him, before settling down next to him. “So, where should we start?”

“Tropical?” you suggested.

“I’m not really into swim trunks and fruity drinks,” Dean said, lifting the bottle to his lips. “Although women in coconut bikinis are always striking.”

“Definitely not tropical,” Sam said, typing something into the search bar.

“Amusement park?” you said. “Like….”

“Please don’t say–”

“Disney World?”

“No. Hell no,” Dean said. “I’m not setting foot in that tourist trap. Too many kids and giant mice and…” He shook his head with a grimace.

“What about a road trip? Like visiting all those roadside attractions. World’s largest ball of twine, world’s largest ball of paint, world’s largest rocking chair, world’s largest bottle of ketchup, world’s largest–”

“Pain in my ass?” Dean asked. “Because that’s what you’re starting to be.”

“Be nice,” Sam gently chided.

“You’re the one who brought up the idea of a vacation,” you pointed out. “I’m just trying to help.”

“Right. Sorry.”

The three of you examined vacation spots for hours, but nothing appealed to any of you one hundred percent.

“Maybe we should just forget this,” Dean said. “We’ll just have a staycation here in the bunker. Order in some food, watch some shitty cable.”

“Yeah, that sounds exciting,” Sam said.

An idea began to form in your mind. It wasn’t something you were too pleased about, but you couldn’t help but think that the brothers might enjoy it. There was plenty to do in the surrounding area, but the location was large enough that they shouldn’t get bored. It had the elements of a staycation as well as a vacation.

“Um, I think I know of a place,” you said.

“If you say Disney World again, I swear I’m gonna–”

“No, Dean.”

“So, where’re you thinking?” Sam asked.

“It’s… a surprise. But I think you’re going to like it.” You stood, heading down the hall. “Pack your bags. We’ll need to leave by eight if we want to get there before dinner.”


“All right, make a left up there.”

“Uh,” Dean said. “This doesn’t seem like a vacation-y place. Are you sure you know where we’re going?”

“Yes, Dean. Just keep driving. Left.”

Dean turned left, following the road until he reached a gate.

“What the hell,” he said. “This is a residence. I knew you didn’t know–”


“Excuse me?”

“The passcode. 1987.”

Dean looked to his left and saw a little keypad nestled inside what looked like a birdhouse. He shot a look back to you in the rearview before rolling the window down and pressing the keys. The gate began to swing open, revealing a long drive.

“Okay, what the hell is happening here?”

“Just drive,” you said. “Take the right fork when we get to it.”

Dean continued to drive, slightly wary of this whole situation. He watched in the rearview as the gate closed behind him.

Sam shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Carefully, he pulled the gun from the glovebox, just in case.

The fork in the road appeared and Dean took the right division. He followed it until he pulled up to a large, beautiful house.

“What is this, some sort of resort?”

You didn’t answer, simply exited the car. The brothers followed you to the front door, watching as you pulled a key out of your pocket. It unlocked the door to their surprise.

Stepping into the foyer felt like stepping into a movie. A large, double staircase greeted the group, a glittering chandelier hanging in the middle. To the left, a hall led to a kitchen, if the glimpse of a fridge in the end room was any indication. To the right, a parlor, with an ornate couch in view. A few doors were in either of the side halls, inciting interest.

“Make yourselves at home,” you said, stepping down the hall to the kitchen. The boys followed you, watching as you opened the fridge, examining the contents. You nodded in approval before stepping to the cabinets, finding more goodies there.

“So, where exactly are we?” Dean asked.

“Promise you won’t… freak out.”

“Oh my God. Did we break into someone’s house?”

“No. This is my house.”

The brothers were quiet a moment before Dean started laughing. “Yeah, right,” he said.

“I’m serious. Well, partially. This is technically the guest house located on the property where I grew up. But I did move out of ‘the big house’ when I was fifteen and settled in here, so…”

“You mean there’s a house bigger than this?”

“Yeah. Down the left fork.”

The brothers shared a look before darting out of the kitchen, exploring every nook and cranny of the house they could find (though they were wary of getting lost). They found the parlor, the billiards room, the in-home theater, the six different bedrooms, the library, the office, the art studio, the wine cellar, the walk-in pantry (that was as large as the bunker’s kitchen). Outside they saw a tennis court, a swimming pool, a fire pit, a basketball court, a croquet field, and what looked like a horse stable in the distance.

They managed to weave their way back to the parlor, where you sat, flipping through a magazine.

“There’s a bigger house?” Dean asked.

“Yes, but I’d rather not go there. Bad memories, if you know what I mean.”

The brothers sat on the couch across from you (the plushest, softest leather either of them had ever felt). “When were you going to tell us about this?” Sam asked.

“About what?”

“The fact that you’re loaded!” Dean said.

“I’m not. I mean, I have money, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t–”

“You’ve seen our lifestyle,” Dean said. “You know you’re loaded.”

You sighed. “If it helps, I shared the wealth.”

The brothers shared a confused look. “Is that how our accounts suddenly had four times the amount we thought they had?” Sam asked.

You nodded. “I made monthly deposits. I wanted to feel like I was contributing.”

The brothers said nothing for a while.

“Look, I know this is kind of lame,” you said. “But Dean mentioned a staycation and I figured it would be nice for you two to get away from the bunker. We can still order in food and watch crappy TV, but now you also have access to…” You waved your hand vaguely around.

“This is too much,” Sam said.

“Please. Let me give this to you. You deserve it.”

“Yeah,” Dean said, elbowing his brother. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  


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prompt: Clarke is blind and meets Bellamy and they fall in love.

It starts with a dog. 

Aurora had died three months earlier and Bellamy, just barely nineteen, was struggling to take care of thirteen-year-old Octavia and balance working two jobs. He did not have time to clean up after a dog, no matter how cute it was. 

But then Octavia brings home a flyer for the Guide Dog Foundation, and a few dozens “Please, Bell, it’s only for 15 months and then we give them back” and they are driving home with Ophelia one month later. The yellow lab is the sweetest little thing Bellamy has ever seen, and he’s smitten immediately. The only drawback is that because they are training the puppy to be a guide dog, they can’t treat it the way they would a normal pet. They have to be super diligent with her training so she doesn’t fall into bad habits.

Octavia is surprisingly the best one. Bellamy finds himself often tempted to toss Ophelia extra treats or let her snuggle in bed with him. Octavia is the one who is always making sure they’re being the best trainers they can be. It’s by training Ophelia that he watches his baby sister transform into a confident, assured adult.

When the fifteen months are up, they both feel sick at the thought of the puppy- now a dog, really- leaving their home. 

“Maybe she’ll be a puppy failure,” Octavia muses one morning over breakfast.

“There is not a puppy in this world that has ever been a failure; they all try their very best,” Bellamy says vehemently. [AO3]

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You're My Mission (2/2)

Co-written with thexlostxgirlx

Summary: John Smith, better known as the Doctor, was given a mission: assassinate the Vitex Heiress, Rose Tyler, in order to take revenge on her father who was responsible for the destruction of London. [Nine/Rose AU]

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3112

Note: This project grew out of a prompt that thexlostxgirlx recieved (x). I then wrote a part two to it which shares the title of this fic (x). Then Sam and I decided to join forces and write the fic that is now in front of you based on our ideas. Knowledge of those is not necessary for this fic, they were simply inspiration. There’s also a graphic in the mix made by Sam.

Part One

The end of the week brought with it a flurry of activity as the day of the Christmas gala arrived. John watched the mansion for the day, knowing there was no way Rose would be sneaking out tonight – to many eyes. Still he watched, just to be on the safe side. Big parties like this always brought danger with them.

Although he really hoped he was wrong.

Night fell and the party went into full swing, with guests arriving and limos pulling up the long drive and the guests ate more food in one hour than most of London got in a week.

It was sick.

John was contemplating leaving when his phone went off. He pulled it out, surprised, to find a text waiting for him from a contact named Bad Wolf.

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