swing 815


Some of my ootds for 2015! There’s so many outfits I wish I could have gotten pictures of but I don’t like getting others to take pictures for me.

I kind of went somewhere, yesterday, but then decided not to ha. It was probably a better idea, I might be really sick, and it was rainy outside all around here, but anyhow if you are interested in that tail I am wearing, then check out my shop [KYRONIX] I am currently prepping the listing for the tail since all of my listings are usually custom. The tail will be my most expensive item though, you can expect nearly $80 considering most of that would go to replacing all the materials used so in comparison to what I actually keep from it that is actually really cheap. Its about 4ft long which is nearly the size of me ha [I am 4ft 11] and it uses about an entire yard of faux fur, so quantities you can buy for this will be very limited, which means some days it will be there some days it won’t.

~Kyronin Velkysen [08/03/14]

Work was a drag today but here’s yesterday’s outfit feat. the skirt my mother made me. It’s lovely, it falls quite nicely :)