My mating call, a winter ghost. I am the lazy summer goddess, in a lazy summer garden, soaking in the sun, bathing in solitude, succumbing to the moonlight.

I wrote about Venus, because only rare breeds like me could appreciate love and its strength. War native, I admired the goddess of love and her good dick game, too. In the upcoming tragedy, you will find that sometimes you don’t end up with your soul mate, you just guard, guide and gaze. In this lifetime, we didn’t stand a chance. In this lifetime, we drench ourselves in misery. We cannot blame time. Timing is always right. Someone else needs our love this time. Just please forgive me when I put you first. Forgive me when I don’t consider what will happen to me. You’re reading about how I love you. I will always defend. I will always be on your side, palm to palm. I will always laugh with you, even if it’s from across the room. This is love from Mars. #swinegypsy (at venus in the wild 🌿🍃🌲🌱🐜)

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When people you love begin to limit you, you get creative. You grow to be rebellious, loving and spiritual. Your wrath and rage greet the world. You look at them with grave disappointment. How dare they not love you enough to let your freak flag wave.

Falling faster than the towers. Wasn’t prepared for these disasters. I aimed so high and I was shot back down. I claimed the sky and so I lost my crown. Let’s be real, it was never mine. Let’s be real, I am just a swine. I’m from Mars, not planet Mercury. Didn’t aim for the stars, it was my destiny. I was on my way, in a vehicle from Venus. I fell from the caves, was picked up by Jesus. Sometimes I’m alright, but tonight, I’m not okay. I know I’m a freak but I was born this way. I cried to myself “I was designed this way, I was born to slay, I survived to decay, climbed so high to be dazed, I arrived to be the amaze… ”

I am from Mars, in a spaceship from Venus. Bride of the stars, crawling from hell, guided by Jesus.