swine time

The Losers x stuff I’ve done & said

Ben: *magically trips on air and falls in front of class*

Richie: *accidentally hits the German volunteer with basketball*

Bev: “Stop wasting my time you swines”

Stan: “I hate all of you don’t touch me”


Bill: *plays Christmas music at 12 am when it’s officially November 1st*

Mike: *trips and tries to keep his balance but falls* “I fucking fell….”

( Mike’s didn’t happen to me it happened to my friend but its hilarious )

Hoshi: *blinks* yall: oMG hE’s RudE, uNstAN, nEVeR liKeD hiM ANyWAys, LeAVe tHE grOUp, DiE
10 Norwegian Words That Are...Kinda Odd

So @fuckyeahnorwegian​‘s Word of the Day post and its literal translation (Blekksprut -> Ink Squirt) made me chuckle— and simultaneously inspired me to make a tiny list of some other Norwegian words that, if translated literally, sound pretty weird. 

(If anyone wants to add to the list– please do! c: )


Potetgull -> Potato Gold | Potato chips  

Tanntråd -> Tooth Thread | Dental floss

Flodhest -> Flood Horse | Hippo

Sugerør -> Sucking Pipe | Straw (for drinks)

Sommerfugl -> Summer Bird | Butterfly

Lommebok -> Pocket Book | Wallet

Piggsvin -> Spike Swine | Hedgehog

Løpetid -> Running Time | In heat (dogs)

Flaggermus -> Flutter Mouse | Bat (animal)

Barnehage -> Child Garden | Kindergarten


someone asked how Coran knows memes

Lance suddenly with spectacles: My favorite space uncle,,, I forgive you, because you’re an alien and I don’t think space memes exist


Hunk: it is time

Coran: !!! For what? (*^▽^*)

Hunk, Pidge and Lance simultaneously: MEMEDUCATION

- an hour later -

Lance, wiping a lone tear: We’ve done it, boys

Pidge: boy and girl you little shit

Hunk: he’s,,,, memeducated

Lance: my uncle, all grown up

Coran, a halo of light surrounding him, the angels singing: here comes dat boi

here’s a little hug montage requested here by anonymous

Umm sorry hunny ://

So @some-villainous-imagines and @villainous-love are fighting over their waifus but uh sorry but 505 is obviously the best waifu in villainous like, the boyo is a big blue bear who’s p much a puppo he can cook and clean he can draw he’s a fluffy boy he’s a supportive pure boy who wants to hug people like he’s way better then ur waifus jus sayin ://


@imperialfire asked:  Choose Between: Grunkle Stan or Ford

make me choose between 2 characters/ships/shows and i’ll make a gifset of the one i prefer

anonymous asked:

Do you suppose when the lightening strikes its just N getting carried away on the drums?


same with thunder

when the swaingels first decided they should collectively be a band, a lot of people thought it might be the end of times. volcanoes probably erupted too shit it was a mess

Anonymous said:

My friend was on my spotify and she pronounced ‘Louden Swain’ as ‘Looden Swan’ and long story short I’m still crying with laughter

my sister would pronounce it “london swine” for the longest time until i commented that shatner did that too so honestly your friend still has the one-up in this scenario

Anonymous said:

Do you know if the kid on the cover of Louden Swain’s Overachiever is young Rob Benedict?


Anonymous said:

What happened to Tim omundson?

this post covers it!

long story short: he had a stroke in an airport 4 weeks ago, but he received immediate treatment, and he’s on a strong road to complete recovery!

Anonymous said:

So since your characters only have 4 fingers, which finger do they use to flip someone off??

other than the thumbs, their hands have the three primary fingers. i always use the middle one for bird flipping, but it serves multiple functions, as it is also their ring finger