And so it is DONE.
My new prized possession, battle, stage, and war jacket named Rosaleen.

Named after the ever stunning Rosaleen “Roie“ Norton. Really proud of this one, pulled it together with fabric fusion and hand sewing all summer. Glitters and unzips to reveal Kanto Gym badges.

You can see more HQ pics of it on my Flickr.

Click here to see a full catalog of what’s on my jacket.

Please fire me. Today I brought in a ham sandwich (I work in a hospital as a receptionist) and a man came up to me saying (exact quote) “Hey lady, could you not eat that disgusting peace of cr#p in here, my kid doesn’t like pork.” My sudden response was “If your kid doesn’t like it then he shouldn’t look then, should he?” After that the guy waited outside the hospital and slapped me when I came out after my shift.