During the Great War, Swindle operated under General Onslaught in the Decepticon Experimental Weapons Research and Development division. Whereas Onslaught was obsessed with devising the most horrific bioweapons and torture devices imaginable, Swindle was content in developing ordnance that merely broke the laws of physics or possessed an especially potent explosive yield. Following Galvatron’s disappearance, the Decepticon army lay in disarray, giving the Autobots opportunity to raze Onslaught’s lab and capture the madman (who would later be judged as one of history’s greatest monsters). Swindle, fearing similar reprisal, collected his research and deserted the Decepticons, taking to the stars.

Today, Swindle is the captain and de facto leader of the Darksyde, a ship crewed by former Decepticon con-men and thieves who frequent the Outer Colonies, taking advantage of their residents. Motivated not by vengeance or justice, but pure greed, Swindle has styled himself a weapons dealer, peddling his specialized designs to mercenaries, bounty hunters, and anyone else willing to pay his steep prices. Though unscrupulous in his business dealings, Swindle has become a persuasive salesman and quite the smooth-talker; even Autobots admit that it’s hard not to like him. Though he’s never been a Decepticon loyalist, he has decided to align himself with Megatron’s group in hopes of igniting another war he can cash out on.

True to his nature, Swindle has a vast array of weaponry at his disposal, both on his person and off. His personal favorite - which he is never seen without - is his massive R-Infinity Accelerator cannon, which creates a short-lived singularity at the point of impact, sucking in an crushing anything near enough to it. The remainder of his immediately visible weaponry includes his relatively mundane shoulder-mounted scatter blaster and a bank of stinger missiles in either shoulderpad. It is believed he may hide even more ordnance in hidden compartments throughout his body, but the full extent of his loadout is unknown.

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Christmas is in the air everyone! Have you thought about what to give to your loved ones already? :D

While the sharpshooters are busy wasting their money on possibly fake swords, the two weebs continue being the best of friends–speaking japanese and singing anime songs.

Featuring Sweendle who is definitely not Swindle and Rung the tired babysitter.

So now that Windblade’s been out for a few days, I kinda wanted to share my favorite panel in the whole comic. I had a TON of fun with this whole scene, picking out different types of drinks and glasses for the bots. I delight in things like this so THANK YOU Mairghread for letting me draw drunk bots.