It’s a swindle!! Last Gang in Town, the trade paper back collection will be out on October 12th from DC Vertigo comics. Order it at your local comic book emporium or online. I’ve done this new cover, and designed chapter pages, and there’s character designs and sketches in the collection. Celebrate Punk’s 40th anniversary in style with a Molotov cocktail and set fire to Donald Trump. #lastgangintown #punk #punkrock #dccomics #dcvertigo #rufusdayglo #simonoliver #comics #tankgirl #slits #clash #sexpistols #seditionaries #fuckthegop #setDonaldTrumponfire

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It wasn’t uncommon to go out for a walk around Stormwind only to come back with a handful of pamphlets and the occasional free sample. Somebody was always handing out something. Lately, the Doomsayers were becoming a downright menace - if they weren’t littering the streets with their garbage, people were outright killing themselves at their feet. Vandrysse did not like this at all. Sure, crazy shit happened all the time here, but the Doomsayers always had impeccable timing when it came to Genuinely Bad News.

The pamphlets were good practice for her limited magic abilities; it was fun setting them on fire. The ad for “Azeroth’s Most Comfortable Boots!” was saved for later. And this next flyer …

It wasn’t trying to swindle her out of gold or instill fear. At the bottom of the message, someone had signed it: “The Grinning Puppy.”

Walk away was excellent advice. She could certainly think of a person or two who fit this bill.

Instead of throwing the paper away, Vandrysse tacked up the flyer in a inconspicuous place near the shop counter. It wouldn’t hurt to be reminded every now and then.

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no but for real a lando movie has so much more going for it than a han solo movie. 

Young Han Movie pitch: Han is a smuggler who just cares about money. We see him meet Chewy and I guess he dumps his cargo at some point because we know that happened to him. We can’t really give him an arc because his “thief with a heart of gold” storyline happens in A New Hope.

Young Lando Movie pitch: A gambling smuggler lives a life of crime and swindling, but after he loses his best ship to some guy his pal Chewie knows (han cameo!) he has to figure out another source of income. Lando soon finds himself in charge of a mining colony on Bespin, but after seeing that it’s a diverse community of hard-working and honest people, Cloud City becomes more than just a moneymaking scheme. The city is struggling, and Lando can only save it by learning to go legit with the help of a put-upon cyborg straight man. Our hero’s secret weapon is that a thief knows how to con the system and he outsmarts Imperial officials and greedy crime-lords. Lando learns to put other people first and becomes beloved by his community, so we understand why he would do anything to protect it by the time Empire happens.



hellmaster-bean  asked:

Please imagine officer Prowl getting called to the park by the beach because there's a chubby little mer in the fountain hoarding all the coins and refusing to leave. He might have to call Ratchet on this one...

He just standing there, watching this mer glare at him from the water.

Maybe he gets Swindles tail and tries to yank him out but Swindle holds on for dear life. 

Ratchet comes and they BOTH try to yank swindle out from his tail but still it doesn’t work and Ratchet is impressed with Swindles upper body strength.

I imagine the two of them are there for most of the night before Ratchet suggest getting a dollar bill on the end of a fishing line and tossing it to Swindle.

Prowl thinks thats the worse idea possible, but when they try and and reel the line in a bit, Swindle chases after it.

Now imagine Prowl driving down the road at like 5MPH with Ratchet in the passenger seat and his arm out the window holding the fishing line. 

Swindle is scooting along behind them grabbing the the dollar. When they get to the beach and down to the water, Swindle is super tired and panting, but Ratchet gives him the dollar and gets some fish for him and leaves him be. 

In two days Swindle is back in the fountain. 

Haha now all I can think about is Swindle sinking in the fountain when people walk by, but quietly peeping at them in hopes they toss a coin in. 

When he sinks all you can see is the top of his head and his eyes, and when people walk by without tossing something in he glares at them and splashes at them. 


Want a Combiner Wars Brawn, Here’s how to do it!

Twitter user @more_jetpacks figured out that you can remove the Titan Master’s small robot head and use the rest of the titan master to replace Combiner Wars Swindle or Hound’s head. Some minor repainting or parts swapping and you’ve got the makings of a nice custom CW Brawn.

So I designed the head-connector shown in the first image above (click here to see it on shapeways) .

This connector is designed to allow you to put a Titan Master faceplate of your choice on a Combiner Wars figure that uses the small 4mm ball joint in the neck (Swindle, Hound, possibly others) without the need for the titan master’s small robot parts, allowing those bits to be reused with a spare faceplate (might I suggest any of these?) so you can have your Brawn and your Titanmaster too.

This connector is being offered without markup pending testing.

Semi-Related: If anyone knows which CW characters use the same sized neck ball joints as one another, I can attempt to make similar add-ons for those as well.

Ghost as **mythical** creatures.

Papa I: Demon

the presence of demons and their lore seems to have been around since the dawn of time. it’s one of the oldest and most ancient of unholy figures. possessing both the most frail and vulnerable. that being, nonbelievers and skeptics. they’re known to deceive, taunt, swindle, and kill. their presence is can be both physical and illusionary. they never have to truly show themselves to wreak havoc.

Papa II: Necromancer/Warlock

Papa II always struck me as someone who practiced a lot with the elements in their spare time. as if he had taken a few notes from the previous Papa. in dealing with the world around him and using physical means to manipulate and summon. of course, with his very apparent demonic look, I could see him practicing things late at night. carrying around a book of shadows with little baggies and vials of various sorts. Papa II may have the appeal of a bitter old man, but I could see him using his power for good. like reviving a pet that someone is devastated of having lost. but he’s careful in the aspect of his craft.  because, we all know what happened with Victor Frankenstein…

Papa III: Incubus

does this one really need an explanation? well, alright, just to be fair I’ll give him a bit of writing. we all know Papa III as a sexual deviant. a sort of campaign leader in the fight against shaming sexual promiscuity- and the act of enjoying it. in his mind sex is nothing to be ashamed of and neither are female orgasms. it’s a part of life, and it’s what creates life. not only that, but he believes that it’s essential (for most people anyway) for humans to experience the pleasure. again…and again…and again…*cough* anyway. like most succubi, he shows up in people’s dreams. he doesn’t have a sexual preference. whether it be male, female, anything in between, or none at all. Papa III aims to please. his aim is never off, and he pleases well.

Omega: Werewolf

To me, Omega gives a werewolf vibe. Simply because you never know who is one. In interviews, he’s very soft spoken. Soft, kind, and has a gentle approach. But his “no bullshit” response course is just festering under the surface. That and along with when he goes full fledged on stage. If you were attend a Ghost show for the first time, you would have never guessed his moves. It’s sort of the beast that lies within. Even active concert goers and avid fans of Ghost are still blown away by his coordination with the other members. how he just unleashes on stage, and never stops until the very end.

Air: Skin Walker

A Skin Walker is simply someone who has the ability to shape shift. Air is one of the more mysterious ones of the group. You never really know what he’s thinking or what he might do. I feel like he would enjoy changing his form a lot. To surprise of course, but to also provide that constant feeling of allure and mystery to people.

Alpha: Vampire

Alpha can be known for being just as sexually illustrious as our Papa. ***see videos of him humping his guitar while mercilessly fingering away at it*** he can be just as distant as Air, but can also make his presence known loud and clear. he feeds off energy from the crowd. playing harder, louder, and faster as he takes in more of human essence. because not all vampires feed off blood. psychic vampires are a thing too. but, if you’re willing to supply the life, you won’t see him denying himself.

Water: Elf

Human in appearance; despite the pointed ears. they carry a kind and welcoming nature (well, some of them anyway). Water has a charming and loving personality on stage **see his weeble wobble shtick**. he seemingly has an abundance of charisma and energy that certainly brings life to the other string Ghouls’ performances. a lot of people underestimate bassist’s contributions to bands. as Elves aren’t really too striking in terms of appearance- so they’re overlooked. but you’d be surprised at how much a foundation that bassists’ lay for a song. Elves’ powers are just as underestimated.

Earth: Thunderbird

These enormous mythical birds are known for creating devastating weather. Each flap of their wings creates claps of thunder that shake the foundations of the Earth. <<< speaking of that little ball of fury, Earth’s abilities present themselves in the same way. His skill will have your ribcage reverberating like a ping pong ball inside a machine. This Ghoul’s sound can either create a moderate rainfall, or a violently whirling and clashing storm. making Zeus blush a pretty pink.