Ignoring the fact that it’s a world inhabited by animals, plot-wise I think Zootopia would be a fucking amazing Eremika AU.

Mikasa is a cop that is being racially profiled by the force for being half Japanese and is being given small jobs that leave her frustrated. Her first day on the job, she meets a charming conman named Eren that plays her like a fucking sucker and royally pisses her off so much that she forces him to help her in the first big case of her career that her entire job is riding on.

Bonus scene: Levi is the mafia leader that Eren swindled in the past and sold the rug made of skunk ass hair to.

Eren laughed nervously as he looked up at the piercing blue eyes of his former client. “Oh, hey, Levi. That was a crazy misunderstanding, wasn’t it?” He laughed again.

Levi just glared at him.

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Please imagine officer Prowl getting called to the park by the beach because there's a chubby little mer in the fountain hoarding all the coins and refusing to leave. He might have to call Ratchet on this one...

He just standing there, watching this mer glare at him from the water.

Maybe he gets Swindles tail and tries to yank him out but Swindle holds on for dear life. 

Ratchet comes and they BOTH try to yank swindle out from his tail but still it doesn’t work and Ratchet is impressed with Swindles upper body strength.

I imagine the two of them are there for most of the night before Ratchet suggest getting a dollar bill on the end of a fishing line and tossing it to Swindle.

Prowl thinks thats the worse idea possible, but when they try and and reel the line in a bit, Swindle chases after it.

Now imagine Prowl driving down the road at like 5MPH with Ratchet in the passenger seat and his arm out the window holding the fishing line. 

Swindle is scooting along behind them grabbing the the dollar. When they get to the beach and down to the water, Swindle is super tired and panting, but Ratchet gives him the dollar and gets some fish for him and leaves him be. 

In two days Swindle is back in the fountain. 

Who sent that message? For what reason did they send the message?

There is no way around it, but the Combaticons are being led by powers unknown, and it is very possible that whoever that’s sending them the message is not doing it for Onslaught’s benefit.

Swindle’s body has disappeared. No one seems to know where it ended up. It is making Starscream nervous as Swindle, rightfully so, has a lot of secrets that can bury a lot of people.

He knows enough to be dangerous. Even if he hadn’t had any proof there would be still those who listen. And as long as someone can be pointed in the right direction, proof could be found as long as sheer determination got them through, or at least riled up the public opinion enough that Starscream would end up standing on very shaky foundation that would only require a light breeze to topple over.

But therein lies the problem, proof.

Swindle would not be the kind of person to destroy the evidence. He is a broker. Whatever he gathers, be it material or information, he could then eventually sell. If he had gotten out of this without being arrested or without being shot he would have eventually figured out a way to sell the information to be it Windblade or Ironhide.

And it wouldn’t be the only thing he would have. He would have a lot of evidence for a lot of deals and crimes.

Which brings us to the datapad given to Onslaught from “Peace Through Tyranny DC-357″. This is not about giving Onslaught and the Combaticons a hope or at least a closure regarding Swindle. This is a play to make them find what the sender is looking for. The proof. The message is worded that they would be seeking Swindle, but it seems more likely that given that they were close associates of Swindle, at least those who Swindle was closest to, they would perhaps know where Swindle keeps his secret stash.

However that turned out to be a dead end. With Onslaught just combing the city for Swindle, not knowing where Swindle kept his secrets, there is another way to look for the information needed.

So there are other venues to explore. Other people that Swindle would have known or at least had dealings with. Decepticons are obvious, given that Swindle himself was one of them. Here the key point is that the latest victim was a supplier, and Swindle would have most likely known him as well given that the paths of a supplier and a smuggler would have crossed from time to time.

So memories were taken from Decepticons trying to locate the proof that they’re seeking, be it the proof needed to sink Starscream or any other proof that they’re looking for which could be wholly unrelated to Starscream.

And then something changes. The previous dead end becomes a tool for something. The message is changed the moment it’s Blast Off holding it. He’s also wanting to do something for Swindle, to do something about Starscream who betrayed them. But while Onslaught searches he’s the one with the spraypaint agitating Starscream with an open message asking about Swindle.

So who better would it be to cause trouble?

This change did not come out of the blue. The message for Blast Off came actually after it was clear that the Council of Worlds was getting into the matter, and appointed Ironhide as a special prosecutor in the case, someone, given his current job, that could not only be impartial, but be also good at figuring out what was going on.

The change in the message was not to help finding Swindle or his stash. It was for covering tracks by stirring up more trouble that would further muddle the water for Ironhide and his investigation into the matter. Someone doesn’t want to be found out and is making it harder to be found.

Haha now all I can think about is Swindle sinking in the fountain when people walk by, but quietly peeping at them in hopes they toss a coin in. 

When he sinks all you can see is the top of his head and his eyes, and when people walk by without tossing something in he glares at them and splashes at them. 

to rotorstorm, from swindle // a mixtape

1. the mountain goats | cry for judas 2. damien rice | delicate 3.  the metasciences | four-color love story 4. the wombats | here comes the anxiety 5. bon iver | holocene 6. bastille | laughter lines 7. the decemberists | make you better 8. yeah yeah yeahs | maps 9. regina spektor | blue lips 10. sufjan stevens | to be alone with you  11. daughter | youth 12. bat for lashes | glass


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How about modern au for everyone's favorite balancer, nemesis?

Nemesis, the calm girl, the quiet one, smiling gently as she goes about her work as an accountant for a large bank. Tallying figures, keeping count, never forgetting to note a sum, an action, however small it may be. Always making sure nobody oversteps their bounds.

Day after day, she deals with cocky men, bankers, full of themselves, bragging loudly of their accomplishments, telling each other about all the people they have taken money from and swindled, of all the people they have ruined. Nemesis smiles, listens to their demands, makes loans, notes down the numbers. 

And lo and behold, the favor which has so far smiled upon these men begins to fade. Their luck is swiftly reversed, they start losing money. Hoping for more luck, they borrow more. Nemesis smiles, listens, notes down the numbers. 

Her vengeance is swift and sure: These self-assured men are reduced to rubble as she demands the money, as they find themselves in the position of their former victims, unable to pay. They spread rumors, say this young woman, so innocent-looking with her calculator in one hand and her pen in the other, treads the corpses of men she has ruined and driven to despair underfoot when she walks. But Nemesis is not bothered. She knows it is their own fault - trampling on other people, feeling themselves to be so powerful - such hubris is surely unforgivable. They deserve their own destruction. 

But she never tells anyone this, how the mightiest are powerless before her, how she can ruin men with the twitch of her little finger. She is just the accountant, after all. 

So you guys I’m rewatching Princess and the Frog

And the “I’ve Got Friends on the Other Side” started and I remembered that he tells their futures with tarot cards.

Nearly all the cards he shows are actual tarot cards, with meanings similar to what he talks about. So, that’s cool. :D

Fun fact: The last card for both of the readings are The Fool. ;) ‘Cause they’re fools for letting him swindle them hehehehehehe~