1212+ Followers Giveaway!

Boy, oh boy~ We’ve managed to reach over 1,212 followers here on Daily-Yams! You know what that means? That we gotta have a GIVEAWAY!!

Alright, we’re starting small, because this is only our first big milestone (of many, we’re sure) so we’re gonna give away some Yamaguchi keychains!

The winner of this awesome merchandise giveaway will receive the following:

  • Season 1 Middle Blocker keychain of Yamaguchi (that’s the green and black one up there)
  • Season 1 Microfiber keychain clip (for your phone or tablet) with Yamaguchi, Kageyama, and Tsukishima as adorable lil crows with cleaning supplies
  • Season 1 Summer Festival keychain of Yamaguchi in his cute swimwear
  • Season 1 phone clip keychain of a tiny Yamaguchi in a shoe
  • Season 1 Tomy Deformed Clip of Yamaguchi holding a lil volleyball
  • Season 2 mini-keychain of Yamaguchi training hard and doing crunches
  • Season 2 large keychain of Yamaguchi rummaging through his duffel bag
  • Season 2 Haikyuu Festival cloth tapestry featuring all your favorite Karasuno players as cute little crows (look at Yams down there with his itty bitty snowcone)

Everything will be delivered in their original packaging, some were just opened for photography purposes!!

Now, the rules to win are simple:

1) Follow daily-yams if you aren’t already, and

2) Reblog this post!

You can reblog as many times as you want, just be mindful of your own followers!

On July 1st (around noon, central time), we’ll hold a drawing for the winner! We’ll be contacting you here on tumblr, so be sure to have your inbox, submissions, or messenger open and available! You’ll have 24 hours to claim your prize!

To win, you’ll have to be willing to give us your shipping address so that the items can be mailed to you! (International shipping is fine, too, don’t worry!!)

We’ll also be doing a second drawing for an honorable mention of sorts! The second place winner will be promo’d on the daily-yams blog! You’ll be contacted via tumblr, as well, and we’ll be interviewing a bit about your love for Yamaguchi, so keep an eye out!

We love having you here and we love sharing our love of Yamaguchi with the world! Have fun, everyone, and good luck!

Boyfriend Aesthetics

If there’s someone you definitely want to see in this series, let us know. Enjoy! ☆ ~(‘▽^人) This was also requested by an anon, thank you and sorry for the long wait! ~Admin Anna

Kuroo Tetsurou.

- Hiking along the lake-and seasides to find private beaches

- Making countless flowerclowns made of wildflowers found during the hikes

- Small adventures that start in the morning and finish late at night

- Always going outside during heavy rainfall

- Hot weather calls for beach dates

- Lots of beach dates..

- Matching swimwear

Season: End of summer

Weather: Very hot

Flower: White Jasmine

Meaning: symbol of affection, of eternal love and sensuality