swimtl replied to your postWhy don’t you dance in your vlogs anymore? Old age?

Obviously, it doesn’t befit a prince to go cavorting about merely for the sake of entertainment like the common peasant. His Majesty shall dance as and when he so pleases. Honestly, peasants ask such ridiculous questions nowadays.

swimtl replied to your postdafuq!! how come your stuff doesnt get more views?? how are you not famous??

Obviously, it’s because he’s weeding out the peasants, such as yourself. You won’t believe what His Majesty has in store, once the peasants are all gone. I cannot believe the stupidity you face, milord. I sincerely apologize on behalf of the peasants

I could run away with this girl, marry her, buy her a house and let her sit on my throne whilst we watch Dr Who re-runs and eat ice cream.