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Alrighty, guys!  Since I have way too many WIPs right now, I’m letting ya’ll choose which one I work on releasing next!  I have more, but these are the 3 I’m giving you for now. 

I can’t make a promise when they’ll be finished, but which ever ya’ll pick will be the next CC I release!  Probably by the weekend, but again, no promises!


I’ll look at the results about Noon EST tomorrow.  Also, I’ll queue it to reblog throughout the day.  If you want to block it, block the tag leeleewippick.

Update:  The Swimsuit Set won!  It’s gonna be the next CC I release!  Thanks for all the help guys!


hey awesome followers! I know I’ve been gone for a loooong time. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around - it’s been hectic and crazy for me!

So what’s new?
- I’m transitioning to becoming a full time model!
- I have tons of ongoing projects, including cosplays
- I moved
- I got a cat who’s besties with my puppy
- I started a Patreon (patreon.com/mashamodels)
- and finally I decided to get back to Tumblr!

Reasons I Love Clawen: 19/∞

When Claire went swim suit shopping for the first time, Owen foolishly thought they’d be done and on the sand in no time. But when enough time had passed and she still hadn’t emerged from the changing room, he figured something was wrong. As it turns out, something was wrong, just not what he thought. He’d never seen Claire Dearing self-conscious once a day in her life. Not during those swanky gala events where she’d wear those slinky dresses with the slit down the side. Not even the first night they’d spent together, their bodies covered in dirt and sweat and everything they had to wash away, before beating their tired bodies together for some release from their lived nightmare. But now, standing before him in a two piece bikini, Claire was nervously adjusting herself in no less than the tenth suit she’d tried on.

Owen had his board shorts in his hand already, set to pay and leave and hit the beach. That was what they were there for, wasn’t it? But he couldn’t leave Claire like this. His attempts to make suggestions went to waste as Claire was nearing giving up, picking the one she hated the least and vowing to find a suitable cover up. That was when an idea struck him. Or rather, a suit hanging on the opposite wall of the store.

When Claire emerged from the change room dressed and defeated, Owen was back inside trying something new on.

“What do you think?” He said, exiting the room with a dramatic pose. Claire turned, but once she saw what he had on, she yelped and moved to cover him with the shawl she was considering.

“What are you wearing?” She asked, blushing and looking over her shoulder to see who was watching.

“Pretty sure it’s called a Speedo.” Owen said, taking the shawl away to show her the logo on the side.

Claire tried to argue with him, even going as far as saying she would never go to the beach with him dressed like that. But he said if she was going to be uncomfortable then he was too. And at least this way no one would be staring at her.

In the end they did end up going to the beach and Owen found out just what it was like to constantly be on alert for body parts falling out of his suit. He hated it. He wanted to just throw his shorts on and enjoy the sun. It wasn’t like he didn’t look good in it either, but he couldn’t help but feel every eye on him. It was Claire who caved first, practically begging him to put his board shorts on. (This was a comical change from their first date, one which Owen did not miss out on the opportunity to bring her attention to.) But it had worked. Owen had been enough of a distraction that she forgot about what she looked like and in the end they were able to enjoy themselves.

These days Claire has taken to wearing rash guards and other swim tops with sleeves that protect her from sunburn. Owen’s top priority for her is comfort, and if Claire is happy and not lobster red then he’s happy. And she doesn’t need to worry as much over how she looks at the beach.

Owen, however, has not gotten rid of the Speedo, and brings it out on special occasions.

Toddler Swimsuit UPDATED

Hello I was informed the toddler file wasn’t working so I redid it and it should be working fine now.  Please just delete the other toddler recolor and download this one.  The toddler file is located in socks since toddlers do not have a swim option.  Still remember to download the mesh.

my recolor

Sorry for the inconvenience.