swimsuit update

Toddler Swimsuit UPDATED

Hello I was informed the toddler file wasn’t working so I redid it and it should be working fine now.  Please just delete the other toddler recolor and download this one.  The toddler file is located in socks since toddlers do not have a swim option.  Still remember to download the mesh.

my recolor

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Great swim today!!
As you can see, my wonderful boyfriend got a load of my post-swim endorphins.

Despite having to change my workout last minute, I feel awesome!

Also, I have a present set for myself! There is this bathbomb that I got from Lush (Lord of Misrule💚😭💚) and if I do well during swim try outs on October 24th, my treat will be taking a nice, long, soothing bath in that magical thing.

Insert now, my post swim selfie. Cuz I’m basic and there’s nothing wrong with that. Except. What even is that face??

Bye for now!

Here’s what I swam, if it interest you!

-200m free, easy
-8x25m free sprints, 30” rest
-2x200 free moderate (count strokes, keep dps about the same)**
-8x25 free sprints, 30” rest
2x200 back moderate (track dps)**
200 back easy cool down

**dps means distance per stroke:
Essentially, for each 25 (or 50) meters you swim, count the amount of strokes you’re taking.
An example would be:
From one wall to the other, you take 20 strokes.
So the next leg (meaning, the next time you go from one wall to the other), you wanna try to do 20 strokes or less.
This goes on until you finish the full 200m.

If you’re advanced enough to do flip turns and what not, you’ll start counting on the first stroke you take.
Do not count the underwater dolphin kick from your push off.