swimsuit and skirt

This summer, I really wanted to make use of the gorgeous forest I live in as a backdrop for my photos.  Unfortunately, the ticks are pretty bad this year, so sitting on a rock just off the well-beaten path is probably about as adventurous as I think I’m gonna get.  Also I’m gallivanting off to live with my college friends after about a week at home with my family, and I have no idea where I’ll take photos then but it probably won’t be in the woods.

[Image description: one photo of a young woman (me) sitting on part of a falling-down stone wall with some trees and greenery in the background.  I have hair that’s pink on the ends but has long brown roots.  It’s parted on the side opposite from the usual, and the shorter chunk of hair is pinned back.  I’m wearing a sheer, pleated yellow skirt like it’s a loose, strapless top.  I have mild tan lines going up from the shirt where the straps of my swimsuit would go.  Under the skirt/shirt, I have on a vaguely “nude” colored strapless bra.  I’m wearing cropped pants that are vertically striped in light and dark orange.  I have on cork wedge heeled sandals with off-white straps that have flower shapes going down the front.  I’m wearing bright red earrings and lipstick.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]

Birthday Visit

It was a simple thing, really. On the 4th, I was off from work, but my poor CR was stuck in that hellhole. So I told him I’d bring him some of the fireworks I’d smuggled in from Wyoming. I had plenty of extras, so why not? 

When I went to meet him, I was dressed much skimpier than normal; normally, he sees me in several layers, even in the dead of summer, because I have to work inside the cooler and freezer (which is kept at an intolerable -20 degrees). But because I was off and heading to the Wet Parade, the biggest community water fight in the country, I was wearing a swimsuit and a Swahili wrap skirt that left a slit going up the length of my thigh. I may not have a perfect body, friends, but I have great legs (and nice boobs) that kind of beg to be shown off. Thank you, Kung Fu and good family genetics! 

So I stepped out of my car to meet him as he approached, and he did a double-take. I think he was surprised how different I looked compared to how he usually sees me. With wide eyes, he said, “Well, hel-lo!” He looked me up and down, blushed and quickly looked away, then said, “You’re going to the parade, right?” 

“Yeah,” I told him. 

“That’s cool,” he replied. Then he pulled some assorted chocolate from his bag and gave it to me. “I got this for you,” he said. “For your birthday. I hope you have a good day.” 


So we sat and talked for the duration of his break, and then I left to start the day’s festivities. I wish he didn’t have to work. He could’ve come with us otherwise. He said next year, he’ll have to ask for the 4th and the 5th off so he can celebrate too. 

I had a great birthday and Independence Day, friends, but that twenty minutes with him was definitely one of the highlights.