Everything starts with an idea. This is my idea that became true, a Peridot swimsuit and cool photos with it, I even painted the beach wrap.

The swimsuit was made by my trustworthy seamstress who accepted the challenge to make something she doesn’t usually do.

Thanks for this Show, that brings inspiration in many ways. Thank you @rebeccasugar @laurenzuke, Shelby Rabara and all the crewniverse <3 

More pics to come


I’ve dealt with body image issues and a lack of self confidence. I don’t really remember a time where I wasn’t self conscious. And over time I’ve learned that if I don’t accept myself for who I am, then nobody else will. Which is something that I still often remind myself to this day. So when I was contacted by @Swimclassy to promote their bathing suits and body positivity, I was really hesitant at first. (I was still hesitant about even posting this today) But after reading the email and their mission statement, (like 3547 times lol) I decided to contact them and accept. Lack of body positivity and self image issues, are a big thing in today’s culture especially among woman. So to be a part of something that promotes the very thing I struggle with, (self confidence/body positivity) is a great feeling.
I will have a coupon code for you guys soon! (Im In the process of creating it)
I’m wearing the “Cleopatra” Pool Side Multi Way"
*ill have better pics for you guys soon*
Also the top makes a really cute top to wear with high waisted jeans!


Debbie Reynolds - c.1953 by thetag1