Pieter van den Hoogenband has drastic plans for the future of swimming! Whether anyone will listen to him or not remains to be seen.

My 2p:
- Scrap the 1500m and have 800m as the Olympic event for men and women
- Although the poly world records are obviously daft, I quite like having them there when dudes like Sun and Ryan *do* break them, as it proves just how even more immensely awesome an achievement it is. So have the Textile Records kept officially and have e.g. three times to beat at the bottom of the clock (Championship Record, Textile Record, World Record).
- I agree that speeding up the medal ceremonies is a good idea, but if that means we get rid of the amazing fluffy toy dogs then I will be very sad.


It has truly been a momentus week in the swimming world:

- The world rankings are back!
- Swimnews has relaunched and changed its name to SWIM VORTEX (!!)
- Katinka Hosszu finally breaks Krisztina Egerszegi’s 100 back national record (set in 1991!)
- Most importantly, Barcelona mascot XOP has made an astounding music video, which won’t embed for some reason but you MUST WATCH it here: http://www.btv.cat/btvnoticies/2013/04/25/la-mascota-dels-mundials-de-natacio-en-xop-ja-te-canco-i-ball/

Seriously, you guys - I am going to be humming the following ALL DAY:

Come with me to Planet Water
Swimming, jumping, we’re all singing
Your blue gills are your best banner
Dance with XOP the drop of water