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name. Alix/Alixandra
nicknames. Boo or Boohbear
sexuality. Heterosexual.
pronouns. She / Her
are you a morning person? I am neither a morning nor night person, I’m not a day person, sleep does not exist my world
when swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake? I would fucking DIE to go to the ocean at least once, but to swim in ?? Definitely a lake, cuz fuck swimming in open water lmao


anyone you would like to meet in real life? wHY are you asking me this ?? I wanna meet everyone. Def @asgardianhammer, @sinnhelmingr, @fatherofmachine/ @contriveroffraud, @stvrvcined & I need an autograph from hubby & wifey @alldaddy & @allmom & evERYONE
anyone you have met in real life? -sobs- no.
when did you first join? how old is your current account? If I’m correct, I think I joined somewhere in 2011 or 2012 w/ my Marvel OC. This account I think is a year or year in a half years old, but Thrud is actually 3 or 4 years old. Fuck me. I didn’t realize it had been that long.
any peeves? I mean, I’m pretty chill with most things, of course I have a bunch of pet peeves but I guess… not anything that’s the not the norm?? Like, assuming things about a character.


do you easily get jealous? Nooo ??? Not really, I mean, I try & get along w/ everybody. I like being in groups, that way no one feels left out. But if there are no groups, I’m cool w/ that too.
do you easily get angry? Pfffft, no. Not at all. At least I don’t think so, I usually try and rationalize in my head before getting pissed off. If anything, there are very, very few things that can make me fly off the handle.
are you easy to cheer up? Hell yeah! I’m incredibly easy to please when it comes to cheering up, buy me a coffee?? Or a salad?? I’M ON CLOUD 10 FOR THE NEXT MONTH.
what’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you? Use my kindness against me
are you good at hiding your emotions? HA. NOPE. I can’t help it, my face is an open book. If I’m irritated or happy, it shows like a fuckin neon sign.
what’s the very best way to cheer you up? Food, games, passing ideas back & forth, just all around a nice distraction. Oh, & coffee.


are you currently in a relationship? HAHAHAHA THAT’S FUNNY. RELATIONSHIP. HILARIOUS -gross sobbing-
do you currently have a crush on someone? Does celebrities count??? I’m the definition of lonely
do you kiss on the first date? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been on a date.
do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates? Definitely going out. Let’s go to the museum, nerd out at any and every thing and stuff our faces at a nice restaurant.


favorite drink. Green Tea
favorite food. ALL
most calming place? The woods tbh
most stressful place? Anywhere that’s incredibly crowded
most prized possession? My desktop, lord my desktop is my life.


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This swimming eel-robot was made by a Norwegian company called Eelume. The idea is that they’ll develop these robots to live on the seafloor, cleaning and keeping check on undersea equipment and performing simple tasks like tightening loose valves with their clamp-like mouths. (Source)

Free! -Timeless Medley-

The winner of the Second Annual Kyoto Animation Awards honorable mention award, “High Speed” served as the foundation for the TV anime series “Free!”

It was the story of young boys enthusiasm and delicate feelings towards swimming, but it is now being reconstructed into two movies, and will appear on screen along with new scenes added in!

Having once stood at a standstill, Haruka spends an irreplaceable time with his friends Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei in Free! -Timeless Medley- Bonds.

Rin who has decided to keep swimming to pursue his dream, remembers the past with Sousuke in Free! -Timeless Medley- Promise.

and finally, there will be a story where Haruka and the rest will set off towards the future. In the movie Free! -Take Your Marks- they’ll move towards a brand new starting block!

Nanase Haruka, a young boy with a special relationship with water, quit swimming because of a certain circumstance.

Haruka wanted to be free and not tied down to anything, but Makoto was with him no matter what, and he reunited with his underclassman Nagisa at Iwatobi High School, and then he met Rei who reminded him of the importance of friends, and so he begins swimming again.

Then comes his final summer of high school where he wants spend it with the best of friends. Even though Haruka says he wants to swim for his friends in the moment, he couldn’t concentrate to do it.

Haruka couldn’t see himself in a future after this and was lost. This puts him at odds with Makoto and the rest who are worried about him.

This is the story of Haruka being able to form strong ‘bonds’ with his irreplaceable friends, leading him to see a new sight standing on a new starting block.

Matsuoka Rin is a young boy who has decided to pursue his dead father’s dream of swimming competitively on the world stage. Rin, who holds special feelings towards the medley relay that his father also swam in, has a fight with his best friend Sousuke over their difference in opinion after swimming together in a relay. In the end, Rin decides to go find new teammates in order to swim in the best medley relay.

Determined to go to an even higher place Rin heads off for Australia. There he learns the true level of swimming on the world stage, and suffers a bitter setback. After returning home, in order to obtain his true strength at Samezuka Academy, he needs a team.

In the spring of his third year of high school, he is suddenly reunited with Sousuke. Rin is happy to be able to swim on the same team as him again, but Sousuke has a reason he’s decided to spend his final year of high school at Samezuka Academy that he won’t tell anyone…

Rin is swimming straight forward to pursue his dream, but this is the story of him facing his 'promise’ to his one and only best friend.

A more accurate representation 

I’m glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology. … I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to — from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics. I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school!

A young whale calf swims over its mother in the warm waters around Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. The young marine mammal, which could be as young as four days old, was spotted playing and swimming to the surface of the ocean carefully guarded by its mother

Photograph: Fabrice Guerin/Barcroft Media