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*whispers* fenhawke fic where she pampers and spoils fenris and he likes it/is kinda smug about it

She pulls the blanket around his shoulders, and he feels gentle fingers brush away his hair. She kisses the space she’s created, then gives him another, and another – a kiss for each dot on his forehead. Brushing thumbs against his cheekbones, giving him a smile as she straightens. He crosses his arms on the table, leans forward and watches her as she goes. Humming as she works, moving to the counter, and carefully chops carrots. The celery is already diced, and the oil is beginning to boil. Fenris rests his head in his arms, listening to the pop and hum of cooking vegetables.

Behind his eyelids, the world swims, and he only barely feels her hand slip through his hair. She pulls up a chair as she rubs circles on his back, her other hand on his arm as she leans forward. She rests her cheek against his shoulder, and yet still he wants more. “You should be in bed,” she tells him, “I can bring the soup to you as soon as it’s done.”

“No,” he grumbles. He listens to Hawke’s soft laughter, and she peppers his shoulder in kisses before she’s off to check on the soup. He lifts his head only slightly, peering through bangs to see her stir in tomatoes, salt and pepper. She tucks hair behind her ear as she takes a wet rag to the counter, cleaning knives and the chopping block, cleaning as she waits for the soup. She smiles when she catches him watching, when he lets his head drop yet again.

She presents a warm bowl, a handful of crackers. Resting an elbow on the table and her chin in her hand, watching as he eats. He swallows as much of it as he can stomach, before it rumbles its displeasure. “Best not to push it,” she says as he lets the spoon rest in the bowl. “You can always have more later.” She stands and he stands with her, following her around the kitchen. He lets his head rest on her back, and she reaches back to scratch his head lightly.

He follows her like this to the study, curls up beside her on the couch. Resting his head on her lap as she runs her fingers through his hair, brushes them against his cheek. Making sure the blanket covers all of him, giving the tip of his ear an affectionate tweak. The sickness… well, perhaps it’s not that bad. It’s not that bad and yet – he snuggles in even further, closing his eyes as she opens the book. The sound of her voice is soothing, the warmth of her even more so.

This is not the first time he’s been sick since he came to Kirkwall. It is the first time someone else has known. She had insisted he stay with her, telling him “let me look after you.” He could have suffered this himself, on his own, without any great trouble. But she tells him to rest, brings him water and reads to him – makes him soup. He forces himself to sit up, her arm still draped around his shoulders, buries his face in the crook of his neck.

She puts the book down, holds him completely. He smiles, relaxes into her embrace. She’s murmuring quiet things, whispers of love, and kisses the crown of his head. No, it’s definitely not that bad, not bad at all.

I haven’t been drawing as much as I want recently, so to get back into it here’s a mashup of all my favorite shows I’ve been watching lately. Huge shout out to friends and everyone working on these- you guys are kicking so much butt and inspire me every time!!! Keep it up!

Here’s the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] schedule for Monday 11 September to Sunday 17 September.

ADVENTURE TIME IS BACK WITH NEW EPISODES AND A NEW (and final) SEASON!! It’s so good to see the show on the schedule again since July!

Next week’s Ben 10: Alien of the Week will be Four Arms. It doesn’t say it on Zap2it, yet. But it did say it on TV Guide.

It looks like they’ll be airing Over the Garden Wall again (but only 8 of the 10 episodes will be shown, so it won’t be very consistent.) Why, you may ask? Because Autumn is coming right up, of course!

So, The Powerpuff Girls (2016) will have a 5-episode special called Power of Four. There will be a 5th 4th Powerpuff Girl. (definitely NOT Bunny) And she looks like a self-insert from some grown man’s creepy fanfiction! (see promo images and a screencap, taken from CN RSEE highlight reel, below)

UPDATE: Her name is “Bliss” and the special already aired in Africa months ago in the Summer.

It looks like they might be airing Classic Tom and Jerry at 10am weekdays after Tom and Jerry Tales. All swimming under the “Sea of Yellow.”

Infomercials are back, while 2 extra Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Stroker & Hoop, The Venture Brothers, and Tom Goes to the Mayor are next week’s 16th Anniversary [adult swim] shows.

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Here’s what’s NEW NEW NEW NEW! on this week:

  • Ben 10: Alien of the Week: Four Arms - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four Special - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Adventure Time - Sunday at 7:00p
  • Toonami - Every Saturday night from 11:30p-4:00a
  • Rick and Morty - Sunday at 11:30p
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories - Sunday at 12:00a
  • Decker: Unsealed - Sunday at 12:30a

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 152 - 49.4%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 45 - 14.6%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 41 - 13.3%

A more accurate representation