swimming up waterfalls

How to spawn the three dragons: Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh

Recommended gear:

  • Flamebreaker Armor Set**
  • Snowquill Armor Set**
  • Zora Armor Set**
  • Thunder Helm or Rubber Armor Set**

** indicates the armor has been upgraded twice by the Great Fairy to gain the set bonuses Fireproof, Unfreezable, Swim Dash Stamina, and Electric proof.

PLEASE NOTE: No matter which of the dragons and armor sets you are wearing to get the immunity to the projectiles they spawn around them for, if you glide into the dragon’s body you will catch fire, freeze, or get zapped.

The dragons spawn shards that have various effects when mixed with elixirs and are used to upgrade several armor sets and can also be sold for high amounts of Rupees/Mon.

The item you get from the dragons depends on the area you shoot them with an arrow. You can only get ONE item per encounter so if you miss or need multiples you will need to start the cycle again.

Item                       Body Part to Shoot

Shard of ( ) Scale  Body

Shard of ( ) Claw   Foot

Shard of ( ) Fang   Mouth

Shard of ( ) Horn   Horn/Crest (above the eyes at the top of the head)


There is a stable next to the Tabantha Great Bridge.

Sleep/wait there until night.

Throw on the full Flamebreaker armor set and run up the side of the canyon on the same side as the stable is on.

Between 9PM and Midnight the dragon Dinraal can be found flying through the canyon.

Glide down and shoot him with an arrow in the region specified in the table above.


After getting the item that Dinraal drops in the canyon immediately swap to your Snowquill armor set and warp to the Spring of Wisdom (Jitan Sa'mi Shrine) at the Top of Mt. Lanayru.

Run out of the door and to the left, climbing over a boulder or two to get to the trail that leads up the mountain.

Follow the trail up (noted by white line in the screenshot) until you see the second cluster of ice spires on your right.

First cluster:

Second cluster:

Climb this and jump off to glide down the mountain.

About 1/3 of the way down the mountain you will see a large ice spire sticking up as you descend (light green line).

Land on this and turn around to look at the top of the mountain.

The music will change and you should see the giant blue dragon flying up the left side of the screen to the top of the mountain.

Climb as far back up (following the dark green line) as you can, the dragon will circle the top of the mountain once before descending down the right (towards the Lanayru Road to the west) side, so you have a little time.

Then glide off the side of the mountain towards Naydra’s flight path on the south side of the mountain.

This is the hardest dragon to farm as the shards fly very far away and you must glide to the location to gather them.

The good news is if you glide near the dragon you can drop and glide again to catch her updraft multiple times to fly further.

Once you catch up to the item that spawns from Naydra swap to the Zora armor set and warp to the Shai Utoh Shrine directly behind the Lakeside Stable in the Faron region.


Run past the stable and up the path to the right.

Before the bridge you should see a small cliff outcrop.

Dive/glide from here and to the bottom of the waterfall directly in front of you.

Swim up the waterfall and glide to the ground on the right.

You should see Farosh on the far side of this and may even get caught in his updraft while gliding.

Pause and equip the Thunder Helm or Rubber armor set and then get closer to the dragon.

(Maybe not this close)

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Hyrule isn’t stuck in a medieval stasis, guys. Think about it.

Unlike our world, the Goddesses and Gods are confirmed real, the monarchy really ARE the most fit to rule by divine right, they have magic, seers, and fairy healing. 

They have abundance without the environmental issues that mass production and capitalism causes. They have convenience without slave labour. They have their own problems, but those problems are generally ones foreign to us like “Demon keeps reincarnating and threatening to end the world” or “army from another realm took over, send man in green with sword to fix problem immediately please” and stuff.

They had/currently have robots. The goron mines use electro magnetism. They have clothing that lets you swim up waterfalls, erasing the need to damage the environment and build dams and buildings. 

We have guns? They have lasers. We have tractors? They have Gorons. We have airplanes? They have wings. We have iPhones? They have a robot that can lift several tons and fly into the sky with it. Also, they have iPhones. 

Hyrule is what a modern day world would look like in their universe.

The Huntress and the koi.

Feelings (SidLink Fanfic)

Rating: General

Genre: Romance

Ship: Prince Sidon x Link

Words: 2,536

Chapters: 1

Sidon has some feelings he wants to share with Link and tonight’s going to be the night.

Written and edited in six hours. Was four pages on Google docs.


Late nights had become a safe haven for the two of them, a time when they could spend any quality time together. For both Prince Sidon and for Link, it was a time when nothing else mattered except the fact that the two of them were together. It didn’t matter necessarily what they were doing because they found a certain joy in it either way.

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Wings (Pt. 3) - M

For it was he who dared lay with a mortal, be cast down from the heavens and forever marked as a sinner

Originally posted by taehvnqs

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3.8K

Genre: Fantasy, AU, 18+ (for cursing and future smut)

Part: One, Two, Three

A/N:  FINALLY!! Okay I need to apologise for how long this took lol I’m a disgrace. I promise I won’t  take as long for the next chapter. I originally had a different plan for this, but thankfully that changed and I managed to finish it, otherwise it would’ve been another 5 months before I published :))) anyway ENJOY~

Recap: He held out his hand and showed me a huge white feather.

“A bird feather. Did you see what it was? It must have been huge,” Jimin said.

I shook my head at him, not saying what I was thinking.

“Well to be honest a pink elephant could’ve walked through here in the last hour and I wouldn’t have noticed.”

I could only imagine the questions I’d get if I said that. Jimin just shrugged his shoulders and pocketed the feather.

The three of us then began our trek back to the campsite. I couldn’t keep the smile from creeping onto my face as we walked. I was still on a high from what had just happened, and I couldn’t wait to how thing would go later tonight.

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skyward-sheik  asked:

yo i assume you have played botw so pls do tell me, whos ur fave of the sheikah villagers? personally, im fond of paya hehe (bonus if u have some hcs about link and zelda visiting them!!)


seriously i love paya so much. paya is my thing. i love this girl. paya is the best thing to ever grace kakariko village. i just love everything about her and can’t stop teasing her whenever i visit. she’s so relatable too, in love with link and shipping him with zeldo anyway


  • they visit impa for a reunion and zelda gets all emotional and shit and it’s very lovely and nice
  • paya and zelda get along really well despite the………. link……. between them……….. and spend the day chatting and having tea and talking about girl stuff 
  • paya and impa get zelda some sheikah clothing for her to wear and she looks g o r g e o u s in it
  • they end up playing with the kids and link shows off his cooking skills to zelda when he helps cottla with her food. (zelda instantly thinks ‘husband’)
  • one day link just shows up with his zora armor and tells zelda to follow him because he has something to show her. he jumps into the river behind impa’s house and she’s like ‘?????????????????????’ until he swims up the waterfall like a salmon and zelda is confused and impressed at the same time and he glides back with the biggest grin on his face. not sure why this has to be in kakariko village but i couldn’t stop thinking of it.

K o i: Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Some of the major colors are white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream.

Koi Symbolism is also very prevalent in Japanese culture. It is said that a Koi swims up rivers and climbs waterfalls with bravery not unlike a Samurai warrior. As well, it is said that if a Koi is caught, it will lie still beneath the knife, facing its death bravely like a Samurai facing a sword.”

tetris-nation  asked:

I was curious, do you often find yourself having art anxiety or a feeling of being inadequate compared to other artists? I am a developing artist and feel it is a challenge.

yeah right, of course i do. (long post ahead, be warned.)

first, the part about anxiety.

let’s go with the second one. 

do i have a strong desire to draw? yep. 

do i have a strong desire to draw better? yep.

it seems like a nicer definition overall, doesn’t it.

if you meant the first; hakuna matata. what’s there to worry about? if it’s good, it’s good*. if it isn’t, learn from your mistakes and try again. 

*sometimes, only up until the next morning.

unless someone you know is looking over your shoulder or at your blog and commenting on it. if that’s the case (especially if it’s family) i’d say it’s time to start worrying really hard.

the second: fuck me, is there a single person who doesn’t?

of course i do.

what’s important is what you do with those feelings of inadequacy. submit to them and give up? rationalize about why it’s ‘not my style’ and that ‘that’s not what i was going for anyway’ and all that tosh about how you shouldn’t be feeling inadequate?

no. doing that is the equivalent of rationalizing a loss by saying ‘i was just letting them win’. plain, simple, and terrible dishonesty.

envy would probably be a better word for it. it’s more honest. 

but it’s not just inadequacy or envy. it’s everything at once.

trying to improve is like trying to swim up an endless waterfall of negativity. 

depression when I try my best but it still didn’t turn out well. 

anger when what I thought was good turned out to be crap.

embarrassment when I look at my old work and cringe.

emptiness when I practice a whole night and realize I got it all wrong to start with. 

every single one hits me when i see someone better than i am. twice over if i see them improving. thrice over if i see their popularity spiking*.

*yes, i am a spiteful, jealous bastard. ever heard people say you should be happy for your friends when they do well? i can’t say i ever did. at least, not without a healthy serving of envy to go with it.

oh, how wonderful it would be if i could just throw them all away! 

but they show the way forward.

if i feel inadequate or envious of someone, it’s because they can do something that i can’t. it means there’s something i can learn from them. after all, something about their work made me feel this way. it just means another goal to aim for. another target to hit. another skill, another technique to pick up.

and the same goes for everything else.

so what if i’m depressed? it makes the joy sweeter when i do get it right.

so what if i’m angry? nothing can shake me when it is actually good.

so what if i’m embarrassed? it just means i’m more proud of what i’ve done since then.

so what if i feel empty inside? it’s nothing compared to the fulfillment of a successful practice session.

and so what if i feel envious? when i finally catch up, vindication awaits.

ever heard the phrase, “no pain, no gain”? it’s the same thing, really. all the same arguments apply.

this is for me. i can’t say if anyone else feels the same way i do about these things. i’m pretty sure most people don’t.

ask yourself: why do you feel inadequate? think about it. properly.

good luck.

She lifted her eyes;
Blank, lovely eyes

The rough smack of water droplets against the lake was all Peter could hear; and he loved it. It was boiling on Neverland and Peter decided to be adventurous and try to swim in Mermaid Lagoon. Yes, he was going against his own word to never swim with the mermaids, but he was the king of Neverland. There was no way any mermaid would try to drown him, he decided with an eye roll.

Wearing simple green board shorts that matched his eyes, Peter kicked his sandals off and immediately splashed into the water. The coldness of the water created shivers through his body, tiny goosebumps popping on his arms. He trudged the rest of the way in, swimming up past the waterfall to the vacant rocks the mermaids usually lounge on. He heaved himself upwards and climbed into a sitting position.

Peter ran his hands through his wet hair. He instantly felt better from the swim and briefly questioned why he didn’t do this more often. The crystal clear blue water was beautiful. Peering into the water was like looking in a mirror, it was so refreshing. What did make Peter jump, was a face looking back at him from the other side.

The face was one of a woman.; no, a girl. Her curious eyes met Peter’s and her hand reached out of the water, as one would reach out to pet a strange dog.

It was a mermaid. Peter didn’t flinch or scramble as anyone else would. Instead he stayed there, transfixed over her aquatic features. Her enlarged eyes, the scales imprinted on her skin. And her tail. Such a lovely shade of maroon, so eye catching in the translucent water. She emerged out from the water blinking her large doe eyes.

“There’s no point in trying to drown me,” Peter started with a quiet yet smug voice. “You won’t get too far.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Peter Pan.”

He gave her his most charming smile, leaning back against his elbows on the rock. With a mighty push of her tail she sits next to him, pushing wet hair strands behind her ears.

“Where’s the rest of you?” He questioned.

“Too boring up here for them. Not for me though.” Where’s the rest of you?“ She replied mockingly.

“The Lost Boys are back at camp. They’re not allowed to come down here.”

“Not allowed?” She smiled suggestively. “Why is that?”

“You’ve drowned dozens of them before. I don’t want to lose anymore because they’re too stupid to see past your beauty.”

“They are stupid,” The girl agreed. “That’s why they’re so easy to drown.”

Peter gives her a pointed look before looking down.

“Want to go for a swim?” She said excitedly.

“No funny business.” Peter mumbles, sliding back into the water with her behind him. He pumps his legs, keeping himself a float. Going back into the water after drying off the first time brought back another round of goosebumps to his skin.

He twirled around, looking for the maroon mermaid who seemed to disappear. Peter was alone again. He swam out to the middle of the lake, enjoying the slight breeze.

He felt hands grab his ankles. Peter was yanked under the water, a short gasp leaving his lips. He hastily looked down to be meet with the laughing face of the mermaid, who was using her strong tail to drag them both further under. He kicked furiously, clawing at the water around him. Bubbles escaped all around him and it was just only then he actually noticed that oxygen was indeed leaving his lung.

He struggled for a few more moments, not weakening the strength of his kicks. Through the water though, his legs moan in pain and suddenly her ice cold grip seemed more inviting than not. Peter had no problem living under the water with a beautiful siren. What man would?

As quick as it happened, Peter kicked free and scrambled to the surface. He greedily took huge gulps of air, coughing out water. Peter all but clambered to the surface and on the sand, continuing to breathe heavy. The mermaid floated a few feet away, covering her mouth with loud laughs.

“What’s so funny!” Peter shouted. It was not funny Peter was mere seconds away from drowning.

“You should’ve seen your face! It was all — ” She dramatically reenacted the face he made and it made him mad. So mad, that he marched back in the water to her, leaned over to cup her face and pressed his mouth to hers, hard. Her laughing was silenced instantly, and she was too stunned to kiss back. Peter pulled back, breathing angrily. Her eyes widened and her webbed hand came up to touch her buzzing lips.

“What was that?”

“A kiss! Don’t you know what a kiss is?” The mermaid looked down, pursing her lips. She looked back up at Peter, not really knowing what to say. Her innocent fun turned serious when the silly human decided to kiss her. A blank look covered her face.

Peter groaned and turned around to stomp back up the hill, leaving the mermaid by herself. Her eyebrows furrowed as she watched the boy with golden hair leave and go back to his camp, or wherever he lived.

Ironically enough, the mermaids warned each other about the group of boys who lived above the surface, and could pull you out with just a touch of their lips to yours. For the rest of the day, the mermaid could not stop thinking about Peter Pan.

I Kinda Want to Write A Childrens Book

Where a young girl takes a dying goldfish stuck in a bowl and releases it into a pond thanks to some mindless kid’s logic

And years later, when the girl is in danger somehow, the same goldfish swims up a waterfall and as a result, turns into a dragon and saves the girl

And its basically just cute and has an important message that goldfish should never be kept in bowls, they need ponds

*Edit*: And it would definitely have make very clear you shouldn’t release goldfish into natural water! It’s not just bad for the ecosystem but very illegal where I live. Kids: Ask your parents to make you a pond or ask around for one.

1. take really hot or really cold showers. both can refresh you in different ways.
2. keep a bag of your favorite candy in a drawer. bust out the bag if you’re having a good day. bust out the bag if you’re having a bad day. bust out the bag if you just want candy. the bag is yours to wield.
3. take naps on couches and chairs. something about the feeling is different and i think it’s a good different.
4. crack your back.
5. always set two alarms in the morning. the first alarm wakes you up. the second alarm lets you wake up a little longer.
6. take off your shirt around the house sometimes, just for the hell of it. if you have roommates, offer no explanation.
7. fall in love casually. fall in love with that piece of art you just saw. the story you just read. the person you passed in the street the other day. love more things than you hate.
8. take dance breaks while studying or working. if you hear a song, get up and dance. if you think of a song, put it on and get up and dance. dancing will make your heart happier.
9. give yourself saucy winks in the mirror and make double chins in pictures and duck faces at friends and don’t take life too seriously. there are birds that can’t fly and fish that swim up waterfalls and pink trees and a flag on the moon. at this point, just roll with it.
—  nine

Kimono from the TV series Oh-oku

The top is something the blog authors thought would need explaining even to a Japanese audience. At first glance, it appears to be an uchikake, but the underarm portion of the sleeve is sewn shut like a man’s kimono. Apparently this is called a kaidori and can only be worn by noble women.

The lower one depicts carp swimming up a waterfall. According to legend, a carp that reaches the top of a waterfall becomes a dragon.

What girls look for in guys:

Brown hair, blue eyes, sexy stubble beard, likes purple pants, can knock down trees with his bear hands, can swim up waterfalls, can jump from mountains and land in water and survive, can punch through stone, can carry 44.519 million kilograms at once, sexy name (Steve)